Poor, Unfortunate Costumes: Disney Villain Looks for 2015

Poor, Unfortunate Costumes: Disney Villain Looks for 2015

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Disney Villain

So you want to showcase your inner Disney aficionado this Halloween, but you don’t want to look like every other Snow White or Cinderella on the block?

Let’s face it — the villains are what make Disney movies exciting, so why not get in touch with your bad self and go as a Disney villain for your next costume party?

Whether you’re 4, 14, or 40 years old, there’s something a little bit villainous in all of us — and there’s a perfect Disney villain costume for you this October 31st.

Captain Hook; Peter Pan

captain hook

What little boy doesn’t like pirates? Instead of dressing your son up in every mom’s go-to Peter Pan costume, consider letting him go trick-or-treating as the cunning Captain Hook. Choose from a classic Captain Hook costume complete with the red jacket and authentic costume detailing from the original animated film (and, of course, the hook), or opt for a costume inspired by Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Ursula; The Little Mermaid


Okay, now on to the adult costumes. For women, you can’t go wrong in this unique costume inspired by The Little Mermaid’s sea witch. The women’s Ursula costume features a fabulous little black and purple dress, but it’s the attached fabric pieces with sequin accents that are twisting every which way—your tentacles, of course—that truly complete the look. The costume is also available in plus sizes.

Maleficent; Sleeping Beauty


There’s no Disney villain who’s quite as mysterious as Maleficient. You’ll be the life of the party the moment you show up wearing this iconic villain’s headpiece. And there are several looks to choose from, including the gown she wears when she crashes Princess Aurora’s christening, a glammed-up shorter dress inspired by the new live-action film, or her traditional black and purple look from the original animated film.

Cruella DeVil; 101 Dalmatians


Among the more glamorous Disney villains, Cruella DeVil is both fabulous and devious with its slinky little black dress and a fancy wrap and bolero. A more basic Cruella costume is also available. If you want to get really authentic, be sure to invest in her signature fur coat — and don’t forget that two-toned black and white wig!

Evil Queen; Snow White & the Seven Dwarves

evil queen

Another iconic Disney villain, Snow White’s evil queen dons a truly stunning gown, especially once you slip into the regal collar and gold crown. The Evil Queen costume features a slinky fitted dress with a slit down the skirt, with lacy sleeves and other accents that will make you look both wicked and beautiful at the same time. A more sultry Evil Queen costume is also available. Don’t forget your poisoned apple.