Five Facts About Harry Potter: Infographic

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J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world has captivated the Muggle world for almost 20 years now. With an incredible amount of literature and now multiple motion picture series under her belt, Rowling has developed a fanbase that’s as loyal as any out there. But the fanbase isn’t just loyal, it’s knowledgeable. There’s an undeniable truth that Harry Potter fans know almost everything there is to know about the films and the books.

With now another movie – Fantastic Beasts – in theaters, taking audiences back to the wizarding world of the 1920s, Costume SuperCenter wanted to test the knowledge of the fans out there with this infographic that features five little-known, interesting facts about the series. How many did you know?

Harry Potter

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  • Alan Rickman, who protrayed Professor SNape, was the only other person besides J.K. Rowling to know the fate of Severus and his love for Lil Potter. The knowledge allowed Rickman to better portray Snape as a secret tragic hero.
  • Dementors were based on J.K. Rowling’s struggle with depression in her 20s. They were meant to be a physical manifestation of all that depsression does to people, which is why they ultimately suck out people’s souls.
  • Harry’s parents, James and Lily, were proven soulmates because their patronous charms were also a match: James’ a stage, Lily’s a doe. Patronouses are the physical representation of one’s soul.
  • The final Battle of Hogwarts took place in 1998, the same year the first Harry Potter Book was published. This is part of the meaning behind Rowling’s cryptic saying, “I open at the close.”
  • Both Arthur and Ron Weasley were almost killed off at one point. Arthur was orignally meant to die after being bit by Nagini, Voldemort’s snake, in Book Three, while Rowling once debated killing off Ron later in the series.

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