Five Facts: Toy Story [Infographic]

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What does your G.I. Joe do when you go to school, and are you sure that your Barbie was wearing that blouse this morning?

In 1995, Disney introduced moviegoers to a whole new type of film with the first-ever fully computer-animated motion picture, Toy Story. All the while, the studio created a phenomenon of children needing to take double takes when they leave the room – just to be sure that their favorite toys aren’t coming to life when they’re not looking. Now, more than 20 years later, Woody and Buzz Lightyear are household names. With this new infographic from the team at Costume SuperCenter, you’ll learn five numbers that you may not have been aware of about the first in this franchise, including how many frames are in the finished product, and how long the movie is, in spite of being the shortest of the three Toy Story adventures.

5 Toy Story Facts Infographic


  • In their most productive week during production, Pixar completed 3.5 minutes of actual animation.
  • The film was ranked 6th by the American Film Institute on its list of 10 greatest animated films/The film was ranked 99th by the American Film Institute on its list of greatest films of all time.
  • A staff of 110 employees needed $30 million to complete “Toy Story.” In comparison, “The Lion King” needed nearly eight times the staff, and $15 million more.
  • Toy Story is the most recent, and one of three, Disney movies have taken home a Golden Globe for “Best Picture.” Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King came before it.
  • 114,240 frames are in the animation of the finished product. Toy Story required 800,000 machine hours to render at 1-15 hours per frame.
  • At 81 minutes of runtime, Toy Story shortest film in the Toy Story franchise.

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