Go Gothic!

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One of my favorite costume themes is going Gothic. The term Gothic is usually used to refer to a literary style of fiction common in the late 18th and early 19th century. It emphasized the grotesque and especially the mysterious, which is why it is appealing to me. I love anything mysterious.

Flickr photo by Bohemiart/Jillian

Credit: Bohemiart/Jillian (Flickr)

Different people claim different things go along with the term “Gothic”. For instance, some people associate Gothic with death and vampires, which isn’t necessarily the case. There are probably a hundred or more definitions of the term. Still, certain things that you add to a costume would make people think:

That’s Gothic!!!

A Gothic look is dark, morbid, and sometimes erotic. Some recognizable people that have used a Gothic look include Morticia Addams, David Bowie, and Alice Cooper.

Here are some things I associate with the term Gothic:

  • The color black is an integral part of Gothic fashion. Other very dark colors such as navy or dark red are also used, sometimes mingled with brighter colors such as purple.
  • Hair is usually jet black or very dark, sometimes streaked with a lighter color.
  • Pale or very white skin, bordering on a look of deadness is a Gothic look. If you’re striving for a Gothic look, don’t spend time in a tanning salon.
  • Makeup can create a Gothic look pretty quickly. White foundation with black eyeliner and black lipstick will do the trick. Eyebrows should be shaved or very thin. Black fingernail polish is a great finishing touch.
  • Jewelry is silver, often very thick like a dog choker. Chains, spikes, studs, and even leather are great accessories. Crosses or pentacles are often used.
  • Fishnet stockings with high black heels add to an erotic look.
  • Finish off with a leather jacket or black trench coat.

What would you use to create a Gothic look?