Go Viral with Harlem Shake Video Costumes

By February 17, 2013 Costume Trends No Comments

In what seems like a flash, the Harlem Shake has gone viral on the web. This internet phenomenon is in its infancy but it already hotter than Gangnam Style and  flash mobs. This insane craze starts with one person, usually in a mask or in costume, dancing wildly while bystanders seemingly ignore them. Then in a blink, the crowd joins in, dancing with wild abandon. Take a look at the Costume SuperCenter Harlem Shake so you can see how its done:

In order to master this phenomenon, you will need to come up with your own version of Harlem Shake video costumes.   As you will see from the participants in the video montage, any costume will work. It just needs to be outlandish. We have seen everything from motorcycle helmets, Angry Birds masks, chicken suits, Spider-Man costumes, Bruno, Skin Suits and more are worn. Other videos have people in Bunny suits, Power Rangers outfits, and dressed as Super Mario Bros. The idea is the crazier the better. After all, its the most insane versions that get the most play. This viral sensation is believed to have been started by Filthy Frank as seen here (but ours is better):

In just a couple of weeks, countless groups have tried to replicate and top the original. At last count, You Tube returned over 54,000 results for a search of ‘Harlem Shake.’  I think Costume SuperCenter’s version is the craziest Harlem Shake known to mankind, thanks to the awesome costumes. Get on the Harlem Shake bandwagon while you can. Its only a matter of days before it “Jumps the Shark.” Oops, it already did and we have proof!!!