Lord of the Dead: Hades Quotegraphic

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Hades Quote Graphic

When the baby of Hera and Zeus mysteriously disappeared from his crib on Mt. Olympus, there was only ever really one suspect: Hades. The younger brother of Zeus and overlord of the underworld, Hades wanted nothing more than to overthrow his brother as King of the Gods.

Hades uses his minions, Pain and Panic, along with his quick wits and sharp tongue, to aid him in his attempts to take over Mt. Olmypus. Because of his slick mouth, Costume SuperCenter decided to show off some of his best quips and quotes from 1997’s Hercules!

Hades Quotes

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Can’t get enough of gods and mortals and Olympians? Or maybe Hades’ sharp tongue got you in the mood to get your classic Disney fix on. Either way, check out the Disney and ancient Greek costumes from Costume SuperCenter!

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