Halloween Costumes Have Come a Long Way


The funny thing is that my friends and I preferred these cheap excuses for Halloween costumes over the homemade costumes that were worn by other kids on the block. I for one preferred the store bought Halloween costume because anything would have looked better than what my mother could make; not a crafty lady by any means. So every year it was the same story. I couldn’t see or breathe in the mask and the rubber band broke before I reached the 3rd house.  No wonder my brother took the easy way out and alternated each year between his Little League uniform and his Pop Warner uniform.

The Old Ugly Scooby Doo Costume and the Modern Day Scooby Costume

The Vintage Batman and Costume SuperCenter’s Brave and Bold Batman

I was able to do some research and found the best of the worst of vintage costumes, courtesy of the old-time costume company, Ben Cooper.  You can see them below, next to their modern day counterparts:

Icky old Mork and Awesome New Mork

Now that you’ve had a chance to see the awful old Halloween costumes aren’t you glad you live in a time when you can get amazing costumes from Costume SuperCenter.