If Halloween is Over, Why do You Need More Costumes?

By November 5, 2009 In the News No Comments


Oh, where do I begin?  Halloween is over and the candy is mostly eaten but that’s no reason to put the costumes away or to stop buying more.

Here are some great reasons to continue to shop for costumes:

  • Take advantage of big price reductions and buy your costume for next year now when you can get it for a really low price.
  • Add your kids’ costumes to their toy chest so they can play dress up and pretend. Purchase a few more at after season prices. Children really love to create adventures with costumes. Princesses, superheroes and firemen are some favorites.
  • Spice things up behind closed doors. The weather is getting colder and costumes are a great way to heat things up in the bedroom.  There are many sexy role play costumes that will turn any day into a special occasion. A sexy French Maid, nurse or harem girl never gets old. Even something as simple as a sexy wig can add some excitement to your love life.
  • School plays and Thanksgiving pagents are coming up. There is a large assortment of pilgram and indian costumes that parents and teachers can use to add life and excitement to a history lesson.
  • Get a jump on Christmas. Santa, elf and sexy Christmas costumes are on sale now. It’s not too early to think about Christmas, just look at your local supermarkets and department stores. The isles are already lined with Christmas trimmings.

Costumes are fun for young and old all year long. No matter what the holiday, occasion, or event, you will be able to find and wear the perfect costume.