Luau Party

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With summer time coming up on me I’m in the mood to throw some kind of theme party. After coming up with a few different ideas and I think the best choice is a backyard Hawaiian Luau. How much fun would that be!

Hair Flower Clips

So if I’m gonna do this thing, I figure I need to do it right and have it as authentic as possible. I’ll need to plan it down to the smallest detail. I’m thinking creative invitations are in order too. May as well start it off luau style, get people in the mood and excited about it. I want everyone to look forward to coming so maybe something like these with some cleaver and witty little invite.

Fun Invites TM

Of course there will need to be leis and grass skirts for everyone, and I can’t forget the flower headbands for the guys; or maybe I should string up some leafy ones just for them. For the brave girly girls, I think some coconut bikini tops!

Pandan Bikini Top - Adult

I can’t forget about the decorations; tiki lights, a couple or a few table skirts, Hawaiian plates and serving dishes, some coconut cups for serving drinks and maybe some extras to put dips in. I think some tiki torches all around the yard would be a good touch too. Oh and I cannot forget the limbo game! That should make for some good laughs as the night goes on and some great pictures! The more Mai Tai’s “I force” on my guests the worse they’ll do at the game and the more relaxed they’ll get. I foresee blackmail material. Hmmm…I’m inviting my boss! LOL

Limbo Game

I’ll have a traditional luau menu.

Kalua Pig (Really just a pork butt dressed with your favorite BBQ sauce or liquid smoke)
Chicken Luau (got to be a way to cook it with coconut milk or maybe just serve it up in the shells? I’ll figure it out.)
Sweet Potatoes (mixed with some pineapple)
Poi (whatever this is! Lol… I’ll figure this out too!)
Fruit (Tropical of course! Some mango, papaya, and some pineapple)
Mai Tai’s to drink (Oh yeah!)

I figured I’d give you the most important recipe…no need to thank me, but…you’re welcome.

Luau Mai Tai

1 ounce Light Rum (your favorite will do)
1 ounce Red Heart or Coruba Jamaican Rum (or…just choose your favorite Jamaican Rum!)
1/2 ounce French Orgeat (no idea what this one is, but I will soon!)
1/2 ounce Orange Curacao (again…no clue)
1/4 ounce Rock Candy Syrup (what?)
Juice of one fresh lime (very familiar with this one!)
Orange juice (again…expert on OJ!)

Fill a really large glass with rums, Orgeat, Curacao, syrup, and lime juice. Add some crushed ice and slap it with some OJ! Top it with a slice of pineapple and don’t forget the little tropical umbrella! Voila! Instant blackmail material! LOL

I’ll make sure you let me know how the Mai Tai’s work out for me! I’m thinking they’ll either cause some trouble or a party everyone will want to be a yearly tradition!

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