10 Fun Mother-Son Costume Ideas


Some would argue that there’s no greater bond than that between a mother and a son, and Costume SuperCenter sees every reason to promote that strong relationship year-round, but especially at Halloween. Is your little slugger pressed for time and costume ideas this year? No worries! Here are 10 awesome costume ideas to turn any mother and son into the hit of any Halloween party.

1. Super Mario Bros. Costumes


Boys Video Games Costumes – Click Here | Women’s Super Mario Costumes – Click Here

Is it impossible to get your son away from his video games some days? Sometimes, it’s better to find alternative ideas than to fight it, and what better option than bringing his games to life? This Halloween, let your son pick between everybody’s favorite plumbers, Mario and Luigi, while you dress as the oft-distressed damsel Princess Peach. For even more fun, find some wheels and your Super Mario costumes turn into Mario Kart costumes!

2. Batman Costumes


Boys Batman Costumes – Click Here | Women’s Batman Costumes – Click Here

Your neighborhood will feel a little safer if fellow trick-or-treaters know that the Dark Knight is joining them. Buy into your son’s love of superheroes by letting him don Batman’s cape and cowl and accompanying him as either his foe Catwoman, or his sidekick Batgirl.

3. Military Costumes


Boys Military Costumes – Click Here | Women’s Military Costumes – Click Here

Take building forts on rainy days to the next level when mom and son dress as members of the United States Military for Halloween. With options for the Army, Navy and Air Force, among others, all you’ll need is a few walkie-talkies and a tank or two to put this look over the top. Just avoid branches, as you may lose each other thanks to the excessive camouflage.

4. Power Rangers Costumes

Boys Power Rangers Costumes – Click Here | Women’s Power Rangers Costumes – Click Here

It’s morphin’ time! Celebrate two completely different generations of superheroes when mom and son dress up as their favorite Power Rangers. Mom can sport Kimberly’s famous look with our Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Pink Ranger costume, and kids can choose from their favorite members of the Super Megaforce squad or the Dino Charge team.

5. Frozen Costumes

Boys Olaf Costumes – Click Here | Women’s Frozen Costumes – Click Here

If you’re holding onto the notion that Frozen costumes are just for girls – Let it go! Boys and girls alike both adore the huggable snowman Olaf, and with good reason. His charming sense of humor and adorable naivety might perfectly match the personality of your little boy, and moms have the option of either the Snow Queen Elsa, or her lovable sister Anna (Coming Soon!).

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes


Boys TMNT Costumes – Click Here | Women’s TMNT Costumes – Click Here

If you want to stay true to the Turtles, mom can dress up in a yellow jumpsuit like April O’Neill, who, often times, acted as a guardian for the group. But, with four rad reptiles to choose from, why not join in on the fun? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes and accessories from CSC will have the whole family saying “Cowabunga, dude!” Swords sold separately. Pizza not included.

7. Avengers Costumes


Boys Avengers Costumes – Click Here | Women’s Avengers Costumes – Click Here

There’s no cooler superhero group this year than the Avengers. After a blockbuster summer for the Marvel Comics heroes, mother and son can team up to take on Loki and Ultron in a variety of costumes, including Hawkeye and Black Widow.

8. Pirate Costumes


Boys Pirate Costumes – Click Here | Women’s Pirate Costumes – Click Here

Arrgh! Gear up with eye patches and hook hands this Halloween, and find some matching pirate costumes for you and your little guy. Tip for moms: Don’t embarrass him – He might make you walk the plank!

9. Star Wars Costumes


Boys Star Wars Costumes – Click Here | Women’s Star Wars Costumes – Click Here

An SUV might not be the Millennium Falcon, and a minivan can’t really compare to the Death Star, but with coordinating Star Wars costumes, hard-working moms can still transport their sons from galaxy to far, far away galaxy. Choose from Storm Troopers, Jedi and Sith Lords this Halloween with the wide selection at Costume SuperCenter.

10. Ninja Costumes


Boys Ninja Costumes – Click Here | Women’s Ninja Costumes – Click Here

Okay, so we’re not suggesting you surprise your little man with throwing stars or samurai swords, but you two can definitely look the part with ninja costumes from Costume SuperCenter. Boys, no complaining. Moms, no nagging. Ninjas always move in silence!

With more than 800 different costumes in our inventory, Costume SuperCenter has exactly what you’ll need to make your mother-son combo the talk of your trick-or-treating neighborhood this Halloween. Remember – Disney costumes aren’t just for girls, and superheroes aren’t your only option! To view more potential mother-son looks this October, check out our selection of women’s costumes and boys costumes. And if you’ve seen other cool mother-son costume ideas, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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