It’s #NationalDonaldDuckDay!

It’s #NationalDonaldDuckDay!


Quack up and put a little ruffle in your feathers – It’s National Donald Duck Day! 

Oh, you didn’t know about this VERY important calendar day? Well, brush up on your duck knowledge and get to celebrating Costume Supercenter style!

Not to be confused with Daffy Duck, The Mighty Ducks, Duck Tales, or any other mentionable mallard, Donald Duck was the first feathered friend to waddled on the scene. Thanks to genius Walt Disney – who also created our favorite mouse, Mickey – we first saw Donald in the 1934 Disney cartoon, The Wise Little Hen (below).

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Here are some other interesting facts about DD:

  • His middle name is Fauntleroy, possibly after the 1886 book Little Lord Fauntleroy, which featured a sailor suit clad spoiled rotten protagonist – Sound familiar?
  • Donald’s a sports fan! Namely, the University of Oregon, since they are, of course, the Oregon Ducks. The Oregon Duck was the idea of the then Oregon athletic director, who made a promise to Walt Disney that the school’s mascot would resemble Donald.
  • Even though we mostly see Donald palling around with his good friend Mickey Mouse, he has a family too! The Duck family consists of Donald’s Uncle Scrooge, his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and of course his girlfriend Daisy.
  • He’s a Pekin duck! Just like the Aflac Insurance duck.
  • Who says only humans win awards? Donald quacked his way to an Academy Award with the controversial 1943 short Der Feuhrer’s Face, which was a wartime anti-Hitler film (below).


So, how can you celebrate Donald Duck Day? You’ve got to be quackers not to, right? Here are some tips!

Bake a Donald Duck cake!

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Have a Donald Duck themed party!

Don’t forget about Donald’s pal, Mickey Mouse! His birthday is on November 18!

Remember to hashtag #NationalDonaldDuck day all day when you hashtag #CostumeSupercenter or tag @CostumeSC in a post, and, if you’re really down with Donald, remember to check out the Disney-themed party supplies featuring Donald Duck that Costume Supercenter has waddling through their online store!  We’re sure you can find something to fit the bill for any celebration!