CSC’s Guide To Watching the NBA Finals

CSC’s Guide To Watching the NBA Finals


The folks in the Costume SuperCenter office are torn when it comes to watching the NBA Finals. Some are pulling for the baby-faced Golden State Warriors to begin what could turn into a dynasty, while others are hoping that King James once again reigns supreme.

Here are three ways to celebrate the climax of the basketball year, with a little help from your friends at CSC.

1. “I’m Just Here for the Dunks and the Dip:”
The Ultimate Party Kit for the Casual Basketball Fan

Are your friends waaay more into basketball than you are? No big deal! The NBA Finals can be a time for you to get together without you even knowing who’s playing. And guess what! Costume SuperCenter has the ideal set of generic basketball party supplies if you’re the one hosting. No favoritism here!

Use some of the supplies from Costume SuperCenter’s Basketball Party Kit (above) to make yourself look like a party-throwing pro.

2. “All In:” For the Cleveland Cavaliers Fan


Let’s be honest – If you didn’t grow up in Ohio, you weren’t a Cavaliers fan until 2003 when LeBron James joined the team, and that’s okay! That’s more than 10 years (And four dark, dark LBJ-less seasons) supporting the wine and gold. Celebrate the return of the King and the chance for Cleveland’s first professional sports title since 1964 in style!

With a King’s crown, a royal robe and scepter, and some medieval party supplies to go with your wine & gold tableware, everyone will be well aware of what you want to witness.

3. “Strength in Numbers:” For the Golden State Warriors Fan


Which NBA player has the coolest nickname aside from LeBron? We’re voting for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, also known as “The Splash Brothers.” CSC doesn’t currently offer any Warriors-themed products, but we do have a ton of items that will let you make a splash as this season’s party host.

After the blue and yellow tableware, you’ll really have to get creative. Give your party a summer luau theme with some umbrella straws and our Preppy Blue Whale party supplies. Then, all that’s left for you to do is celebrate when the nets go SPLASH!

“Gone Fishing:” For the Fans of Teams that Didn’t Make It


Odds are, your favorite team didn’t make the NBA Finals this year. Don’t get down! Somewhere, your favorite players are celebrating the summer just like you would… Hoping for a bright future while they’re gone fishing. (Here’s looking at you, Knicks and Lakers fans!)