The Cosplayer’s Top 10 Guide to NYCC Artists


At Costume SuperCenter, few things are more appreciated than good superhero duds. Over the last few years, comic book readers have been treated to one great costume after another, as new superheroes join the scene and existing heroes change up their looks.

Here’s a list with some new designs that could quickly turn into your favorites. Each of the artists who designed a look on the list is slated to attend New York Comic Con this year, so it’s recommended that you swing by their table if you get a chance.

Batgirl – Babs Tarr


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Yellow Doc Martens don’t typically scream scourge of the night, but when you’re protecting Burnside, Gotham’s hottest neighborhood, you have to look the part. Babs Tarr’s design generated buzz all across the internet when it debuted, and for good reason. This costume just screams COSPLAY ME!

Batman – Greg Capullo

biker batman

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As anyone who’s strolled through the toy aisle can attest, Batman has a lot of looks. Since starting his run on Batman in 2011, Greg Capullo has added a bunch of new outfits to the Caped Crusader’s closet. You might be hard-pressed to find something that beats Biker Batman.

Black Canary – Annie Wu

black canary

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The only thing cooler than being a superhero is being a rock star. So, with Black Canary now headlining her own band in addition to fighting crime, artist Annie Wu has designed a rockin’ new superhero costume that combines the best of worlds.

Captain Marvel – Jamie McKelvie

Captain Marvel

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It’s hard to remember a time when a costume became so instantly iconic. Sure, there were some muffled roars from those who missed the unitard and thigh-highs, but those were silenced by the overwhelming shouts of approval and celebration that accompanied Carol Danvers’ promotion from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel.

Harley Quinn – Amanda Conner

harley quinn

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Harley’s looked like a clown for most of her existence. But with the DC comics reboot came a more… adult look which wasn’t for everyone. Amanda Conner’s roller derby costume brought the two worlds together, and it’s hard not to notice the similarities to Margot Robbie’s costume in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

Iron Man – Adi Granov

Iron Man

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Sometimes, it all comes down to an iconic pose like Iron Man’s. While that pose became popular with the release of the first Iron Man film, Adi Granov is the guy who came up with it in the first place for the cover of The Invincible Iron Man #421. In fact, it was Granov’s work that Director Jon Favreau singled out as his inspiration for the cinematic Iron Man armor, eventually hiring the artist as a conceptual designer for the film.

Moon Knight – Declan Shalvey

Moon Knight

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With his six-issue run on Moon Knight, Declan Shalvey gave us not one, but three excellent new costumes: a great cape and tights getup, a suit and tie outfit for cosplayers looking to fancy it up, and the “bone costume” for anyone looking for a true challenge.

Spider-Gwen – Robbi Rodriguez


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A hoodie on a Spider-character hasn’t been seen since the 90s. But with the return of Peter Parker’s long-deceased girlfriend (albeit from another earth), the hoodie returns as well.

Thor – Esad Ribic


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A female take on Thor is nothing new for cosplayers, but never has it been done so artfully in the comics as this newest getup. Designed by Esad Ribic, it’s a fierce, mythic look, and one we think we’ll be seeing a lot of on the convention floor this year.

Ultimate Spider-Man – Sara Pichelli


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Apparently, part of the job requirement for Marvel’s web slingers is to have an impeccable fashion sense. The Ultimate Spider-Man costume worn by Miles Morales is a great twist on the classic Spider-Man look, and one of our personal favorites.

If you’re going to New York Comic-Con, there’s no better place to shop for your cosplay than the superheroes section at Costume SuperCenter. If you’re already at New York Comic-Con, there’s no better place to see these newly-iconic looks than at the tables of the artists who designed them!