Overwatch D.Va Cosplay Tutorial

D.Va Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial

Overwatch has been one of the most successfully popular video games in the past decade. After it’s release in May 2016, it has only increased in popularity in pop culture circles. With the game’s popularity has come an enormous affinity for its characters. Few characters are as popular as D.Va and her Mech.

Overwatch has become one of the biggest and most well-done cosplay themes for comic conventions, and since there’s such a high demand, Costume SuperCenter teamed up with one of our favorite cosplayers, Uncanny Megan, to help you make your own Overwatch D.Va costume!

Follow along with Megan with this awesome step-by-step guide to creating your own D.Va cosplay. Just follow along and you’ll be good to go for your next comic convention. Happy creating!

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Materials Used:

  • Blue spandex
  • Black spandex
  • Pink double fold quilt binding
  • White Satin
  • Interfacing
  • Long blue zipper
  • Spandex for lining
  • Four black buttons
  • Velcro
  • Hot glue
  • Bunny suit pattern

This tutorial will walk you through how to make a bunny suit inspired by D.Va from Overwatch. For the base of this costume, I used Meredith Placko’s bunny suit pattern, she currently does not have these listed for sale, but you can e-mail her if you’re interested in a digital copy. If you’d rather have a physical pattern right away, McCall’s offers one by Yaya Han as well! I did a lot of altering to this pattern, so have some newspaper ready as well!

Part 1: D.Va’s Bunny Suit Cosplay Tutorial

DVA Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial Step 1

First thing I did was trace our pattern pieces out of newspaper and start plotting the new pieces. D.Va has a lot of sections to her suit, so I drew a line in between every piece and also drew out her hip pieces. Once everything was drawn up, I cut the new pattern pieces out and labeled them accordingly to avoid getting mixed up. I also taped all of the hip pieces together so they would only have horizontal seam lines and not vertical.

DVA Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial Step 2


Once our new pattern was all cut out, I pinned the pieces down and cut two of each piece. I chose to make this suit of spandex to better mimic D.Va’s actual outfit, specifically a matte black for the hips and a matte blue for the main part.

After all the pieces had been cut out, facing each piece right side in, I pinned and sewed all the blue pieces together, leaving the back open, as well as the two sets of black pieces. Then, I took our three new pieces of the suit and pinned them together as well. Pinning square corners can be very tricky, but patience is key. Don’t worry if they end up a little wonky, you’ll be covering up the seam anyway.

Since this costume is being made out of a material with stretch, a zigzag stitch is needed. Most sewing machine will have this setting. It helps make sure the fabric can still stretch without popping threads. I also used a serger on ours, just to be safe.

DVA Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial Step 3

Once I was finished attaching all the pieces, I began to pin on our quilt binding. I did this by lining up our binding on the seam between the blue and the black. For each corner, I cut a new pieces and folded it over the side of the previous one.

Very slowly, I used a medium length straight stitch to sew down the edges of the binding.

Before doing anything else to the outside of the suit, I stopped to make an inside. Using the original bunny suit pattern, I cut out new pieces to line our costume with. Since nobody can see the inside, I chose to use a fun patterned spandex!

Just like before, but with less pieces, I pinned the newly cut pieces together and sewed them into place. Don’t forget to switch back to a zigzag stitch now that you’re working with a stretch material again!

DVA Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial Step 4

The newly made lining was a perfect example of the size our bunny suit should be. I was aware when sewing the main part of the costume, that the way the hips were patterned would cause the suit to sit a little big. Placing the lining and the main piece together, I was able to figure out just how much the hip needed to be taken in and added a seam!

After making the pieces match, I placed the tops together, right side out, and sewed them together just to hold them in place. Once they were attached, I took our quilt binding and folded it over the top of our costume, pinning it down, and then, like with the hip binding, used a straight stitch sew down the edge.

The next thing I did was use pins to match up the rest of the costume. You want to make sure your outer and inner pieces match as best they can, to avoid any wrinkles or unwanted mistakes. Just like with the top, I then sewed the pieces together to prevent them from moving while I finished up the costume.

DVA Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial Step 5

The next step is the zipper! If you don’t know how to attach a zipper, it’s not as hard as it seems! You just place each side face down, pin, and sew! Then, I you flip the zipper over, you have a nice clean line with no showing stitches.

Zippers require a special sewing machine foot called a zipper foot. If you’re sewing machine didn’t come with one of these, they’re very easy to find in stores or online! This foot makes it so you can easily sew right alongside the teeth of the zipper. If you’re using an invisible zipper, they make an invisible zipper foot as well! Sewing a zipper is best done with a straight stitch.

Since the zipper I chose to use was very long, our back was completely closed up by just that. If your zipper does not go all the way to the bottom of the suit, you can take the open part of the costume, underneath the zipper, and sew it shut by placing the pieces right side in.

Once the back of our costume was all closed up, I placed the crotch pieces together and sewed them into place.

The last step of the bunny suit, was sewing the quilt binding along the leg holes! I tried on our costume first, to see how it sat, and cut the holes to match a little better. Once they looked the way I wanted, I folded the quilt binding over the edges and, with a straight stitch, sewed it down.

I ended up not liking how the thick quilt binding looked lining the legs, so I folded it over once more and sewed it down again.

Part 2: D.Va’s Cuffs Cosplay Tutorial

DVA Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial Step 6

After I had finished out bunny suit, it was time for the cuffs and collar! Your pattern should come with pre-made pattern pieces, but I chose to make our own! Using very generic shapes, I cut our pattern pieces out of white satin on the fold. I also cut the same pieces on the fold of some thin interfacing.

If you’d like to skip these next steps, Costume SuperCenter sells a Bunny Rabbit Kit that comes with a collar, ears, and a tail!

Before sewing these pieces together, I took the satin pieces for the cuffs, and sewed down some Velcro on both ends of one half of each piece. This makes it to where the Velcro can be machine sewn on and not show any stitches on the opposite side of the final product. Since you’re no longer working with spandex, it’s safe to swap back to a straight stitch now.

After the Velcro had been sewn on, I took our satin cuff pieces and their matching interfacing and folded them in half with the interfacing on the outside. I sewed together only the sides and flipped the piece back right side out.

To add some flair, I took our leftover quilt binding and lined the bottom of the cuffs, folding the raw edge over the side. After our binding was sewn on, I hand stitched some black buttons down on both sides of each cuff.

Part 3: D.Va’s Bow Tie Collar Tutorial

DVA Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial Step 7

Like with the cuffs, I took our satin collar piece and matching interfacing and folded them in half. Although, this time I sewed together the bottom and left the sides open. Cutting a slit in the center will help the collar sit flat once it’s turned back right side out.

Using some iron on hemming tape, I closed up the sides of the collar. To do this, I folded the sides in slightly, places a piece of tape on the inside, and ironed them down.

Next, I folded our collar piece in half, lengthwise, and ironed a crease into it. Once the crease was in place, I pinned down Velcro pieces, one on the outside and one on the inside, and sewed them down.

The last piece is the bow-tie! I decided to use some a piece of the quilt binding so the color and texture would match the rest of the pink on the costume perfectly. Using the iron, I flattened out our binding and then sewed it into a tube. Once our tube was made, I sewed the ends together.

For the rest of this part, I used hot glue. First, I took our newly made pink piece, and pushed them middle down to make it into a bow-tie shape. Once I found a shape I liked, I used dabs of glue to hold each part into place. Afterwards, I took a scrap of our black spandex and glued it around the bow. After the bow was all finished, I glued it onto the collar and that was it!

Part 4: D.Va’s Bunny Ears and Tail

The rest of the accessories are pretty simple! For the ears, I chose to use some cute pink and white ones from Costume SuperCenter! I also found a matching bunny tail online. As for the shoes and tights, that’s up to you! Be sure to check out Costume SuperCenter for a great assortment of both!

And that’s all you need to know to make a D.Va bunny suit like mine!

D.Va Cosplay Costume

D.Va Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial

D.Va Cosplay Tutorial

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