Patriotic Costumes are Symbols of our Freedom


It’s time to write my costume blog. As I sit here with my family on a rainy Sunday afternoon watching a DVD of The Patriot, I cannot help but choose patriotic costumes as my subject.

The Patriot is about the Revolutionary war.  The patriots were forming troops of Continental Army and militia to fight the British Redcoats for political freedom.

With regard to this movie, patriotic costume would encompass US and British military costumes for boys and men but with regard to patriotic costumes in general there are some many from which to choose. For this particular period in history I really like the Ben Franklin costume and George Washington costume. As our founding fathers the helped shape the nation as we know it today. The efforts and sacrifices of those brave men did not go in vain.

With Memorial Day a week away and Fourth of July right around the corner you will be seeing more Patriotic Costumes at public events, be it parades, fairs or other celebrations.  This includes costumes such as Uncle Sam costumes, Betsy Ross Costumes and of course, the Statue of Liberty Costume.

It all comes back to the events depicted in this great movie. As a country, we continue to fight for our freedom. That gives these costumes even more importance.

As I always say, costumes are not just for Halloween. Many have true significance, symbolize our beliefs, and pay tribute to important figures in history. Patriotic costumes from Costume SuperCenter are quality costumes with authentic detailing. Wearing a patriotic costume will send you back in time and remind you how great it is to be an American.