Popular Couples Costume Ideas for 2013

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Costume varieties continue to grow in order to accommodate all types of couples, and this year offers the best selection (until next year). These couples 2013 Halloween costumes feature themes and characters that are recognizable and will be instant hits at any Halloween party. You and your significant other are guaranteed a memorable evening you two will be reminiscing over for years.

1) Peanut Butter and Jelly Costumes

If anyone's ever said that you and your significant other are like peanut butter and jelly, they'd be 100% correct in this scenario. These costumes are over-the-head tunics in the shape of toast, each with a smooth covering of peanut butter and jelly respectively. Arm and head holes make it no problem to maneuver in these costumes, and they offer you the quickest option to change and head out the door. These couples costumes are procrastinators' allies.

2) Superman/Supergirl Zentai Bodysuit

You'll need to find a phone booth large enough to accommodate both you and your significant other, or any phone booth at all. The Superman/Supergirl Zentai Bodysuit is a one-piece costume and cape that will fit both of you. Designed after the Superman costume from the comics, this costume zips up in the back and conforms to your body. The large "S" on the chest will have everyone staring, as if the tight costume wasn't enough. It may be October, but you and your significant other can still show off those beach bodies.

3) Dr. Seuss Thing1/2 Costume

The daring antics you and your significant other can get into when wearing the Dr. Seuss Thing 1/2 Costumes will be legendary. This costume comes with a red jumpsuit, blue wig, and a velcro sticker that allows you to choose which thing to be. When you have both costumes, you can mess with other party guests on Halloween by both being a 1, or a 2, or simply switching between the two. This Halloween idea is an ideal choice for a couple with lots of energy and acrobatics experience.

4)Batman and Batgirl Zentai Bodysuits

A couple of night owls like you two can run around rooftops and take out crime in Gotham City. The Batman and Batgirl Zentai Bodysuits are skin-tight and come with attached masks to hide your identities. Both costumes are officially licensed and will definitively put you two at the head of the Justice League. All your hard work for those rocking bodies will pay off immensely when both of you put on your tights. Justice will never look better.

5) Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully Costumes

When other party guests ask you where you two met, say that it was at work. Monster Inc. employs the finest monsters to graduate from Monsters University and you and your significant other will be some of best. The Mike costume is a round tunic with Mike's face on it and the Sulley costume is designed as a blue dress with purple polka dots. These costumes would be ideal for any Halloween event, be it a party at your friend's home or out trick-or-treating with your children.

6) Men's Roman Gladiator and Cleopatra Costumes

Here's a love story that's far more interesting than Romeo and Juliet and also written about by Shakespeare. The Men's Roman Gladiator and Cleopatra costumes will allow you and your significant other to become Marc Antony and Cleopatra, lovers who challenged the ancient world's most powerful empire. The gladiator costume features realistic-looking body armor and the Cleopatra costume comes with a headdress that appears majestically royal. Even if another couple arrives dressed as the president and first lady, you two will look far more official by comparison.

7)Men's Beast and Women's Belle Costumes 

Halloween may not be the most glamorous event but you and your significant other can bring enough glamour for the whole party by dressing up in the Men's Beast and Women's Belle costumes. These officially licensed outfits are expertly cut and stitched to be near-identical replicas of the lavish clothes worn by the characters in the Disney classic. The beast costume even includes a character hood to make the presentation of you two more charming. Your costumes will look nothing short of magical.

8)Men's Army Ranger and Women's General Officer Costumes 

As a tough couple who knows the importance of following orders and carrying out missions to completion, you two will fit those roles in no better way than when wearing the Men's Army Ranger and Women's General Officer Costumes. These military outfits are civilian friendly and look professional. The two of you can have lots of fun getting into the spirit of war exercises.

9) Men's Prince Charming and Women's Cinderella Costumes

You and your significant other will look like a celebrity couple when you arrive in these lavish costumes. The Men's Prince Charming and Women's Cinderella costumes look like outfits out of a period piece film. The materials used in these costumes are designed to be durable and strong, making the outfits appear far better than some other flimsy, one-time costumes. If you two always felt deserving of a royal treatment, then there's no better way to look and feel like a king and queen.

10) Men's Fever Gangster and Machine Gun Greta Costumes

Illegal bootlegging is easier to keep hidden from the coppers when you've got a partner who knows how to do the dance with you. The Men's Fever Gangster and Women's Machine Gun Greta Gangster Costumes will transform you two into the most powerful crime lords in the city. Having so much power also rewards you with excellent clothes. The white suit of the men's costume will make any man look as if he's made of ivory and the women's costume is a sleek and flattering outfit that will make robbing banks a romantic affair. Together, you two will run Halloween night like a speakeasy at Jay Gatsby's place.

Your heart must be racing thinking about the possibilities to be found in these tempting costume choices. No matter your aims, be they to win a costume contest, playing pretend, or just enjoying a good night out with friends, these outfits will make Halloween your favorite time of the year.

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