Top 25 Props You’ll See On Porches This Halloween

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Trick-or-Treaters, beware! October 31st might brings treats for some, but tricks for others.

Always think twice when you approach a porch on your hunt for candy. You might have the spooky misfortune of coming across one of Costume SuperCenter‘s top 25 props this Halloween!

1. The Shaking Cocoon

This mummy is all tied up and he isn’t too happy about it. Watch him shake and shiver as he tries to escape and get all who cross his path! Get this prop – Click Here

2. The Open Mouth Tree

This isn’t a tree from your average forest. He’s from a place that most do not dare travel and the mystery of why he is here disturbs us all. Get this prop – Click Here

3. Gaseous Zombie Animated Fogger

Try not to scream as this zombie shakes his head back-and-forth with eyes disapproving of the living who pass him. Get this prop – Click Here

4. RIP Tombstone

As you celebrate All Hallows Eve, keep an eye open for broken tombstones and those below them who might try to escape. Get this prop – Click Here

5. Zombie Arms

This zombie is trying to get out, or maybe he just wants to grab a hold of a trick-or-treater’s foot. Get this prop – Click Here

6. Killer Garden Gnome

Where… or who… did the blood on this garden gnome’s mouth come from? You’d rather not know. Get this prop – Click Here

7. Surprising Arm

Make them scream with this arm that makes it look like someone played victim to your car. Add fake blood for a more realistic touch. Get this prop – Click Here

8. Bones To The Dog

Here’s one pup that you might not want to share pictures of on Instagram! Get this prop – Click Here

9. Dummy

Dress this dummy up in your favorite spooky look, and change his outfit to keep the trick-or-treaters guessing. Get this prop – Click Here

10. Lazy Bones Reaper

This reaper has seemed to catch a case of the lazy bones. He’s decided to take a little snooze in your hammock. Get this prop – Click Here

11. Skull On Jaws

Biting his way through Halloween, this undead being will do anything to cure its hunger. Get this prop – Click Here

12. Black  Spider

Ugh. Spiders. Get this prop – Click Here

13. Hanging Skull Reaper

The Reaper has warned you: Enter at your own risk. Do you dare? Get this prop – Click Here

14. Zombie Flamingo

There aren’t too many cheery or tropical traits about this flamingo! Get this prop – Click Here

15. Crawling Zombie

He is pulling himself closer and closer. Though he might not be able to run, that doesn’t mean he won’t get you. Get this prop – Click Here

16. Skull Posts

Keep the unwanted out with these frightening posts, because it’s best to keep the party small. Get this prop – Click Here

17. Black Cauldron

The witches are at it again and the cauldron is brewing. What do you think they’re mixing up tonight? Get this prop – Click Here

18. Wicked Witch of The East

One down, and a few more to go. Keep your bucket of water handy, as you won’t always have house to drop. Get this prop – Click Here

19. Laughing Hag

Why is she laughing? A mystery that will haunt you in your dreams. Get this prop – Click Here

20. Haunted Motion Sensored Hedge

They’re always watching. Their eyes might be all you can see, but they can see all of you. Get this prop – Click Here

21. Cemetery Fence

Create your own cemetery with the hopes of keeping the departed from the trick-or-treaters. Get this prop – Click Here

22. Hanging Bloody Skull

It looks like someone lost their head. Just hope you don’t find the body. Get this prop – Click Here

23. Welcome Zombie

Not all zombies are evil, this zombie says Welcome with a bloody smile and hair of straw! Get this prop – Click Here

24. Caged Crow

As it flies through the night sky, it sees and hears all. Watch out, or it might just tell the witches about you. Get this prop – Click Here

25. Banjo Playing Skeleton

He takes requests. How about Bad to the Bone? Get this prop – Click Here

top props

It’s never too early to start decorating for Halloween 2016! Check out the props and decorations at Costume SuperCenter, and leave some comments below, telling everybody which of these you saw on somebody’s porch, and which were your favorites.

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