Resorts Casino Brings 20s Costumes & Theme to Atlantic City

By October 14, 2010 In the News No Comments

Get your flapper 20s costumes and zoot suits ready. The popularity of the new hit HBO series Boardwalk Empire has sparked a rebirth of the Roaring 20s. Resorts Atlantic City is turning the hotel and casino into a 20s theme effective this December.  Everything from the décor to the wardrobe of the staff will be 1920s style. According the Associated Press article, dealers, cocktail waitresses, bell hops and other employees will dress in 20s costumes. You’ll be seeing flappers and gangsters all over making you feel like you’ve stepped back to 1920s Atlantic City when the city was the prime destination for sin; gambling, drinking and sex were the hot commodities and business was booming.

Resorts Hotel and Casino will play music from the era and the shows will have a roaring 20s theme. Patrons should even expect to see a strolling violinist in a zoot suit. The theme will further extend to the drink menu featuring several cocktails with whiskey because that was the most plentiful alcohol during prohibition. The 20s costume and theme is a major renovation. The cost of the 20s costumes alone will be around $1Million.

Resorts will no doubt encourage their patrons to partake in the hotel and casino’s ambiance and dress in 20s costumes too. Imagine women in their flapper costumes and Gatsby Girl costumes and men dressed as gangsters (minus the Tommy gun). Thanks to Boardwalk Empire and Resorts Atlantic City, now the 1920s theme can be appreciated for more than just Halloween costumes

The new owners of Resorts wanted to go as far as to name part of the street after “Nucky” Johnson, the real life crooked official played by Steve Buscemi in Boardwalk Empire, but the City Council voted against it because he was not the most law abiding citizen. Despite his well documented generosity, Johnson was the boss of Atlantic City’s illegal bootlegging operations during prohibition and spent 10 years in prison after a 1941 conviction for tax evasion. For a city that wants to clean up its image Enoch “Nucky” Johnson Avenue is not the best idea. The 20s Boardwalk Empire theme however, might help breathe some life back into this beat up old casino and Atlantic City’s struggling economy.

If you happen to find yourself in Atlantic City after December, head over to Resorts and check it out. And don’t forget your 20s flapper costumes and gangster costumes sold year round at Costume