Retrace the Titanic Voyage 100 Years Later

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The sinking of the unsinkable Titanic will be commemorated for its 100 anniversary in three very distinct ways.  First is with the re-release of the epic film Titanic, which has been remastered in 3D. Second with memorial cruises, and third, with televised tributes and documentaries.

James Cameron’s Titanic will premiere nationwide on April 14th. This film was stunning the first time around but 3D will surely bring that fateful nigh to life in an eerily chilling way. Since we will never know the true, full color decadence of Titanic, we rely on James Cameron’s recreation of the magnificent ship including the costumes of the passengers.

If you’d rather get the 30 second synopsis then watch this.

But even more astounding is the Titanic Memorial Cruise. One ship, the Azamara Journey sailed to New York on April 10th and continued on to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a memorial cruise that included a visit to a cemetery where 150 victims of the Titanic are buried, lectures and a memorial service. The guests aboard the ship where period Edwardian costumes to enhance the experience. Yet another ship, the Balmoral, will tempt fate by setting sail from Southampton, England and retracing the exact path of the Titanic with the same number of passengers. It will even sail to the same spot where the Titanic met its fate. It is expected to arrive at the precise location on Saturday. This cruise also has guest dressed in period clothing.

A variety of television specials are devoted to Titanic this week. One of particular interest was The Titanic with Len Goodman. The Dancing with the Stars judge was once a welder with Harland and Wolf, the company that built the ship. He shares the stories of survivors and victims as told by their ancestors.

If you want to tie the 100th anniversary in with your Halloween costume this year, consider this ghostly couple:

So there you have it. There are several ways to commemorate the Titanic this week. I think I’ll check out the movie.