See What the Olympics and Costumes Have in Common

By August 9, 2012 In the News No Comments
The 2012 Summer Olympics has certainly made history. From the opening ceremony (‘Isles of Wonder’) to the closing ceremony (where the Spice Girls will be performing)–fans, family, and athletes will be decorated in their countries colors and in styles that represent their ethnic diversity.  In light of the epic occasion, we have put together some of our finest international costumes and accessories!  Wear them on Halloween or to an Olympics theme party to embrace the international spirit of the Olympic Games.
Go USA!  From Michael Phelps – the Olympic swimmer and world class party animal – who has broken the world record by finishing his career with 22 Olympic medals to the little powerhouse gymnast Gabby Douglas who also brought home the gold, both have helped make us a very proud nation. But we give props to all of our athletes. Represent team USA with our fun patriotic costumes! The men can dress like Patriotic Uncle Sam and the ladies can welcome home the winners in a Women’s Miss Sexy Liberty Costume!
Stand proud of earning a Gold medal in Rowing by rocking your favorite South African colors! You can certainly show your African pride by dressing in our Dashiki’s! Made for both men and women, it would make a great couples outfit!  You can also race as fast as Usain Bolt while representing Jamaica in a Rastafarian costume accessories.
If you are a table tennis expert, then representing China during an international olympics party is certainly the way to go! They swept away the competition, earning all four gold medals! Our Men’s China Man Costume is a festive way to honor their accomplishments.   Or, for the women show your best table tennis swing in our Geisha wig!
The 2012 Summer Olympics are taking place in London. With Great Britain being the host of this grand competition, it’s only appropriate that we pay homage to their nation! They are currently holding the third most gold medals–taking the prize in sports such as Equestrian and Sailing! Make sure you sound like you are from London when you dress in our Women’s Sexy British Flag Sequin Dress Costume! If you want a more subtle and fun vibe, our Union Jack Glamarama Wig is a perfect accessory!
This feature on international costumes is meant in good fun and means not ill will toward any nation or nationality. We embrace diversity, and the Olympic spirit of competition, culture, talent and determination. Congratulations to all of the winners and competitors from all around the world!