St. Patrick’s Day Costumes are for Partygoers Everywhere.

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What is more fun than drinking beer and eating a Rubin with your best friends and family? Doing it in costume – a St. Patrick’s Day costume.

St. Patrick’s Day has one purpose, to party. Most pubs are standing room only, there are parades in every major city and every Irish grandma is baking soda bread and cooking up the corned beef and cabbage. They greatest part of St. Patrick’s Day is that it doesn’t matter if you’re Irish or not. Everyone can celebrate and be a no holds barred party animal.

Ladies have the best choices for St. Patrick’s Day costumes. I especially love the corseted beer girl costumes. They are very appropriate for the day.  For men’s St. Patrick’s Day costumes the choices are not as sexy but instead, humorous. The Lucky Charms costume is a winner.

Accessories are the alternative to dressing up in full costume. St. Patrick’s Day buttons, green carnation boutonnieres, glittery green bow ties, Leprechaun hats and clover necklaces.

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