Staging a Medieval Wedding in Full Costume

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Weddings are historically events for families. Throughout history, weddings remain a meaningful way to bring people together. Many people looking for a unique way to celebrate their vows choose a Medieval or Renaissance wedding theme. This is popular among Renaissance Fair enthusiasts but anyone can do it if they know a few basics about Medieval Wedding Traditions and Medieval costumes.


During Medieval times, marriages were usually arranged by the parents of the intended couple – Today, we can be thankful that men and women can fall in love freely and marry whomever they choose.

Instead of our modern day invitations, it was customary in Medieval times to select someone to do your Bidding. Bidding is the custom of going to the homes of all your guests to announce the ceremony and let them know the date and locations. Keep in mind that modern etiquette is to send a formal invitation so you may opt for the Bidder to hand deliver the invitation.

Medieval wedding ceremonies were similar to modern religious weddings. One thing they did that was unique as called handfasting, or the joining of the hands to signify commitment. Typical handfasting involved the couple joining opposite hands of each other. Their wrists were then tied together loosely with a scarf to signify the union they were declaring. This would make a great addition to your ceremony.

Medieval Wedding Costumes
Medieval Brides did not wear white. They wore their best dress. The most popular color for brides back then was blue which symbolized purity. A bride usually wore her hair down, and she sometimes wore flowers in her hair instead of carrying a bouquet.  Costume SuperCenter has many Medieval Maiden costumes to choose from.

Men wore their best clothes, typically what they might wear to church or to court. For the wedding, the groom may choose a knight costume or a nobleman costume.

Invite your guests to dress the part as well. Parents of the bride and groom might wear King and Queen Costumes while guests can wears peasant costumes, knight costumes or what medieval or Renaissance costumes they choose.

Don’t forget about the medieval wedding feast which includes plentiful amounts of food, drink and music.

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