The 2010 Brady Bunch Costumes Make Retro Groovy

By March 24, 2010 In the News No Comments

The new costume line for 2010 is rolling in with plenty of time for Halloween. Some of our favorites are based on TV classics like the Brady Bunch.

The Brady Bunch was America’s perfect modern family where step siblings loved each other and everyone loved each other and 8 people coexisted with relative peace in a 3 bedroom house. Carol and Mike Brady kept the Brady house running smoothly thanks to the assistance of their live-in housekeeper, Alice.

The Brady kids lived together and sang together. Our new Brady Bunch costumes are based on two distinct styles: their regular crazy 70s clothes that we love to make fun of when we watch the reruns and their occasional wacky matching musical group costumes.

Those Brady kids were known to rock out in a way you’d only find in the 70s.

The everyday wardrobe styles that make up the Brady Bunch costumes for the boys, Greg, Peter and Bobby, have bold stripes and color combinations while the Brady Bunch costumes for the girls, Marcia, Jan and Cindy featured All American Mod Girl styles that were so popular at the time.

The other Brady Bunch costumes are replicas of the costumes worn in one of those musical numbers – the fringed jumpsuits from the Brady Movie when the kids sing “Keep On” for the talent competition.

Brady costumes are retro fun all by themselves but you can make them even more by wearing them with your friends or siblings as a group costume. A 70’s style wig will also add to the style of your Brady Bunch costume.

Rounding out the Brady Bunch costumes are the costumes for Mike Brady, Carol Brady and Alice the housekeeper. Costume SuperCenter has them all and they’ll be ready for sale in plenty of time for Halloween.