The Green Lantern Costume was the Big Deal at Comic-Con 2010

Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern ETW

Anything goes when it comes to Comic-Con. Most people dress as their favorite comic or movie heroes while others promote new movies. This year’s San Diego Comic-Con was no exception.  Two of the most publicized movies were Tron and Green Lantern. While Tron does not have any officially licensed costume available yet, Green Lantern does.

There has been a lot of talk about this Green Lantern Costume. One of Comic-Cons disappointments was that Ryan Reynolds‘ didn’t appear as the Green Lantern to the press conference. There was a very good explanation for this. The reason was that is was technologically impossible. Reynolds doesn’t actually wear the costume; it is entirely created using CGI. Plus they apparently are putting the post production finishing touches on it.  Fans did however get a glimpse of the it via video.

For comic aficionados who were disappointed that they didn’t get to see an official Green Lantern Costume, you need not worry. There is a real-life officially licensed Green Lantern costume and it is available now at Costume Comic enthusiasts will have the opportunity to wear the outfit this Halloween as well as the upcoming Comic-Con New York in October and Wonder Con San Francisco in April.  It may not have the CGI effects from the movie but it is still the official costume.

And just so the ladies don’t feel left out there is also the Sexy Green Lantern Costume. With all the hype the movie is getting, women should be able to get in on the action too. This sexy version features the white gloves which are notably absent from the new men’s costume. This was another great debate at Comic-Con. Die hard fans who are true to the comic miss the gloves on the men’s costume but they still work well for the sexy look.

Comic-Con helps to set the trends for new costumes. The Green Lantern costume got a lot of press and is going to be red hot this Halloween. Comic-Con New York and Halloween are right around the corner so all you Green Lantern fans need to get your official costumes now.