The Mad Hatter is the Hot New Halloween Costume

By February 2, 2010 In the News No Comments
mad hatter

The Mad Hatter is Johnny Depp’s newest re-creation. Tim Burton has employed the talents of his good friend once again to portray the Mad Hatter in his remake of Alice In Wonderland, due in theaters March 5, 2010.  Come this fall there will be many Mad Hatter Halloween Costumes and for good reason. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have created an insane Wonderland with spectacular costumes and imaginative sets. The Mad Hatter is over the top just what you have come to expect from these two creative geniuses.

As of this writing, the Mad Hatter Hat is the only item for which I have any details. The Mad Hatter costume is still in production but the hat I’ve seen and it is very true to the one in the movie trailer. Disney has stringent guidelines with their licensed products so this hat is a quality accessory.

The Mad Hatter hat manufactured by Elope comes in three styles. Two are men’s styles, one with build in curly red hair and one without hair. They feature a tied sash band with a peacock feather on one side and the 10/6 tag on the other. The third is a women’s hat featuring a smaller version of the hat affixed to a headband and with a long satin band that trains down one’s back.

I love Johnny Depp and cannot wait for Alice in Wonderland so I can experience his characterization of The Mad Hatter. His has that sexy yet odd, super talented and quirky thing going I that I find extremely appealing. I look forward to seeing him bring something completely unique and understatedly sexy to the character while still being distinctively “Johnny Depp.” If the character has as much quirky charm as the Mad Hatter Hat then we are in for one crazy trip down the rabbit hole.