The Oscar Nominations for Best Costume 2013

By January 11, 2013 In the News No Comments

Our favorite time of year is here again. It is award season. The Oscar Nominations for Best Costume Design 2013 features some movies that have come and gone and others that are currently playing in theaters. If you ask me, I think a few movies got snubbed but we’ll get to that.

Here is the list of nominees:

1. Anna Karenina

2. Les Misérables

3. Lincoln

4. Mirror Mirror

5. Snow White and the Huntsman

First of all, weren’t Mirror Mirror and Snow White from last year? In the Halloween costume world, Snow White costumes were the big feature last year. I’m sure, if one should win an Oscar, we will continue to see high sales figures. However,  for now I look to Les Mis and French Revolution inspired costumes to be in favor for next fall.

Abraham Lincoln and Civil War costumes always do well in the costume industry for Halloween as well as for patriotic holidays. I’m thinking that this movie has a very good chance of winning, not just for the men’s costumes but for Mary Todd Lincoln’s costumes which were so perfectly suited to the character as well as the actress (Sally Field) who portrayed her.

As for Anna Karenina, 18th Century Russian fashion doesn’t have much place in the Halloween costume world but for movies, it think the wardrobe is exquisite.

While these are all worthy candidates, what about The Avengers? Which movie do you think had the best costumes?