Tis the Luck O’ the Irish Celebration Day

By March 17, 2009 In the News 3 Comments

Today is a special day whether you are Irish or if you just enjoy the color green (like the Chicago River dyed green each year) and celebrations. You planned your costume for weeks, or possibly months.   If you are as serious about planning your celebrations as I am, you have planned this year’s costume since last year.

Parades of people will fill the streets around the nation all clamoring to be dressed in Ireland’s most memorable costume. Get ready early this morning for the day is here. Will your costume measure up to your hopes?

Chicago River

Photo Credit: Mathprog 777 – Wikipedia Commons

Now you might be wondering what the “Luck O’ the Irish” has to do with any of this, especially since I posted it in my title.   Let me explain.   This phrase came about in the latter 19th century and it has nothing to do with the Irish being lucky per their nationality. No indeed.   It is a phrase given to some lucky Irish prospectors in the gold and silver mining heyday. It’s still a nice thing to celebrate, so don those shamrocks and think about that pot of gold. I made the gold part of my costume. Did you think of it?

As you know if you read my earlier post, I chose to wear the sexy leprechaun suit. It’s a bit chilly in some parts of the country today, so parades might be out of the question for me. But I can watch the parades on TV and wait for the evening cocktail hour to start celebrating at the pubs. Will you join me for a little television and then go to the downtown Irish pub for dancing and making merry? I’ll be sure to bring my cloak so I don’t catch a chill.

If you are a fan of Saint Patrick’s Day, then you know that the long ago established tradition of attending mass on the morning of March 17th began in America. Now I couldn’t exactly wear my winning costume to mass. It was a little too risqué. So I faced two choices. Either go out of costume or say my prayers at home. The choice that I made will remain my little secret, okay?

The parade is probably the most exciting part of the day, if you’re in it for the costumes.   I have seen every type of costume imaginable in Saint Patrick’s Day parades. And I mean everything imaginable. Take a look at some of today’s line ups in the show.

It wouldn’t be Irish without the fairies and I saw some interesting ones in the parade. This wholesome foliage fairy caught my eye as she stood next to a group of various other fairies.


The only thing she was missing was a magic wand. I guess casting spells was not on her mind today.  I couldn’t say the same for her friend, the Midnight Fairy. Her wand was definitely posed for action.


As the parade made it’s way down the main street of my town, I watched floats decked in the most Gaelic designs. The themes were mostly fun and colorful.   I looked past the marching band and the minute men firing their muskets, past the leprechauns and the fairies. I enjoyed the fire trucks and the bagpipe players and those adorable little girl Celtic dancers.   My favorite part of the whole parade was the children being pulled in red and green wagons. Their joy and excitement warmed my heart.

I’m glad you joined me for a very special Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Now I need to get ready for the next big celebration, the Texas Renaissance Festivals and then Easter.  You know my Easter plans. Have you decided which costume you’ll be wearing for that Easter egg hunt?