Top 10 Boys’ Costumes for 2018

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Top 10 Boy's Costumes for 2018

As Halloween quickly approaches, another crop of bold and intriguing characters are vying to be your costume this year. Whether you are looking for the next popular trend to represent, or you are in the market for a classic costume to light up the trick-or-treat route, navigating the endless expanse of costuming options can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. We have compiled a list of what is expected to be some of the most popular costumes for boys this year. Have a look and figure out which is the best for you.

No matter your choice, you can find many different ways to personalize your outfit with our Halloween costume accessories for every genre and interest. Featuring officially licensed selections from some of your favorite movie and television characters, there is an exciting choice for anyone with a sense of wonder and fantasy.

Top 10 Boy's Costumes for 2018

Black Panther & Incredibles Dash

1. Black Panther

King T’Challa and his alter-ego the Black Panther are well poised to make a strong Halloween showing this year. With its sleek style and immediate recognizability, the classic Black Panther costume is a hit from comic book conventions and trick-or-treat routes nationwide. Choose a complete costume for an action-packed look everyone will love, or just go with a mask or other costume accessory to put a little Wakandan pride into any existing outfit for a costume. Intriguing and dynamic, this instant cinematic classic is full of bold characters and designs that will celebrate Marvel’s tradition of awesome and awe-inspiring heroes.

2. Incredibles 2 – Dash

The Incredibles are back, and the mischievous Speedster in Disney’s first family of superheroes is more popular than ever! Whether solo or as part of a family theme, the super suit worn by Dash is a fun and exciting way to show your love of this amazing animated tale. Building on the classic design from the first movie, this updated costume is a terrific choice for any Disney fan or wannabe superhero. Stand out at any movie screening or cosplay event with this fan-favorite look from one of this year’s most popular movies! Check out all of our officially licensed Incredibles 2 costumes and accessories to find more ways to put some more power into your family’s Halloween!

Jurassic World Inflatable & Five Nights At Freddy's

3. Jurassic World – Inflatable

Everything changes when a Tyrannosaurus Rex shows up for a Halloween party! This popular new costume makes you one of the scariest predators in history while keeping the same Jurassic World design style that has been keeping people on the edge of their seats for years. Powered by concealed fans, this clever costume is taking the nation by storm and in some cases becoming a viral sensation. Dominate any costume contest with this irresistible and jaw-dropping costume choice. It’s durable and versatile enough for Halloween, movie screenings and cosplay events. Everybody loves dinosaurs and this incredibly fun depiction is guaranteed to delight the young and old alike! Welcome to Jurassic World!

4. Five Nights At Freddy’s

If you are to survive five nights in the world’s most haunted pizzeria, you have to be well prepared. Suit up as your favorite possessed animatronic with an officially licensed Foxy costume from the worldwide hit game Five Nights at Freddy’s. You will be dishing out jump-scares all Halloween long in a high-quality replica of a character design that has the internet jumping out of its seat. Get a group together to hit the trick-or-treat route as the entire group of Freddy Fazbear’s fiendish friends, or go as a solo Foxy for some Halloween adventures all your own. Ghoulishly fun, take your celebration to the next level with a crowd-pleasing look that will have everyone afraid of the dark.

Harry Potter & The Flash

5. Harry Potter

Take a leap into the Wizarding World of Hogwarts with a high-quality costume replica of everyone’s favorite mischievous mystic. The classic Harry Potter costume is a consistent yearly hit, with its broad appeal and schoolboy charm. Everything about this outfit is iconic, from Harry’s signature eyeglasses to his Gryffindor scarf and Hogwarts uniform. You do not have to be a die-hard fan to see that look and appreciate it as one of the most popular literary characters in modern history. Boasting a wide range of officially licensed accessories, you have the freedom to cultivate a unique Hogwarts student uniform no one has ever seen before. Explore our entire selection and put a little more magic into this year’s Halloween.

6. The Flash

Becoming a breakout star on both TV and the silver screen, DC Comic’s Scarlet Speedster is racing to the top of everyone’s must-have costume list! Having changed the basic costume design very little since the character’s epic rebranding in the 70s, Wally West has a super suit that is fan-proven to be a hit. Choose from the look that is lighting up the CW Network, or goes with a costume depiction of the one worn by Ezra Miller in the Justice League movie. Both are downright awesome and a great way to make a powerful presence at any comic book convention. Start your Halloween off on the right foot in a high-quality Flash costume that technically makes you faster than Superman!

Ghostbusters and Spider-Man

7. Ghostbusters

Any partygoer on the scariest night of the year will feel better knowing they’re several experienced paranormal exterminators peppered in the crowd. Celebrate your love of the classic 1980s movie, or bring the classic jumpsuit and proton pack into the next generation with a replica of the Ghostbusters uniform worn in the latest reboot. Trick-or-treating has never been more fun than when you and your friends dress up like the entire Ghostbusters team! Officially licensed inflatable proton packs are also available for an even easier and more hassle-free costuming experience. Show everyone you ain’t afraid of no ghosts in a tough and stylish costume that brilliantly demonstrates the power of brains over brawn. So, when picking this year’s Halloween costume, who ya gonna call?

8. Spider-Man

When Peter Parker first graced the pages of Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1963, no one had any idea what a phenomenon the character of Spider-Man and his classic blue and red suit would become. Ever since some depiction of this super suit or another has been on every trick-or-treat route from coast to coast. Throughout the years, the options of spider suits have exponentially increased with all of his various comic book styles, as well as a number of hugely popular cinematic outings. Find the Spider-Man costume perfect for you, and you will feel like you are swinging through the streets of New York City in no time. Remember to add web shooters for even more costume excitement. Just as fun to look at as it is to wear, you are going to love the response you get when you drop on the scene in the new iron spider costume from Avengers Infinity War!

Darth Vader and Ninja

9. Darth Vader

With a cool and exciting look, epic backstory and super fun voice to imitate, the character of Darth Vader has been a favorite Halloween costume for three generations now, and it shows no sign of stopping. There is no quicker way to feel powerful and ready to take on the world than when you put on the classic armor, unforgettable helmet and mask of one of the greatest villains in cinematic history. Choose a style that celebrates Anakin Skywalker’s younger Jedi days, or go full-on Dark Side with a complete head to toe Darth Vader costume that is ready to leave the Empire to intergalactic dominance. Remember to choose your perfect lightsaber so that your Darth Vader is ready for battle!

10. Ninja

Ironically, for a group that spends most of their time in the shadows, a good ninja costume is a great way to get noticed on Halloween. With countless numbers of costume styles and accessory combinations, being a ninja for Halloween is a fun and awesome way to exercise some creativity in your celebration. Do you want to be a ninja in all white that fights for good with his trusty katana, or are you a ninja who lives in the darkness waiting for your time to strike? Choose the right prop weapons to show that your ninja character is ready for anything. This classic costume is always one of the most popular for one very simple reason: everyone wants to be a ninja. That’s just a fact.

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