Two Snow White Movies With Very Different Costumes

By March 28, 2012 In the News No Comments

There are two Snow White movies premiering within two months of each other. Mirror Mirror comes out on March 30 and stars Lily Collins as Snow White and Julia Roberts as The Queen. On June first, Snow White and the Huntsman will premiere starring Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Charlize Theron as Queen Ravena.

Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman

While each has a very different spin on the story, equally different are the costumes for Snow White. Kristen Stewarts’ Snow White costume closely matches the familiar yellow, blue and red dress from the Disney classic. In addition, Snow White is seen like never before…in armor! Taking her queue from the huntsman, Snow White trains to be a warrior, and they form an alliance to overthrow the queen. On the other end of the spectrum, the much lighter and brighter Lilly Collins’ Snow White costume is quite beautiful in blue and white.  I find it refreshing to see Lily Collins’ Snow White in this new costume. In my opinion, she is the most fair of the two.

Lilly Collins in Mirror Mirror

Unfortunately, there are no costume vendors with the license for Mirror Mirror versions of Snow White and the queen as of yet. Such a shame. However, we can still look forward to officially licensed Snow White and The Huntsman costumes for Halloween 2012. Here is your sneak peak. We will also sell the Huntsman costume, coming soon. What do you think of the new Snow White costumes. Which is your favorite?