Which Oz Character Are You?

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I remember my mom getting so excited when the Wizard of Oz was going to be the movie of the week on TV. She would always make a big deal about it. It was one of her favorite movies too.

As a little girl Dorothy wasn’t my favorite character, although, Toto was a cool little dog so I’m a little surprised I didn’t want to be Dorothy instead of the good witch on Halloween. This tomboy thought Glinda the Good Witch was beautiful and sparkly. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and she had magical powers. It must have been the magical powers that intrigued me; I was hooked on Bewitched at the time too… lol… I would only dress up like Glinda though, never Dorothy.

Glinda Adult Costume

It could be I didn’t favor Dorothy because she looked so bland and was a “goody two shoes” and had no powers. She was actually rather whiny and needy… ha ha

Wizard of Oz (tm) Dorothy Adult

Of course if she had looked like this one and I could have seen her get a little more attention from not being a whiny girl, I may have seen her as a stronger female figure and thought her worthy of my admiration.

Glittering Dorothy (tm) Adult

I know I’ve said I don’t like whimps or people who whine a lot, but Cowardly Lion, this guy is different. I loved him! I think it’s the animal magnetism…lol…no. He tried to be brave and I was so happy when he finally got his bravery from the wizard!

Poor Tin Man, he just wanted a heart. It was so wonderful when he finally got one, but really he didn’t need one. He already knew what it felt like to have a heart.

Tin Man Child

Scarecrow, this is the one I always have the hardest time remember what it was he wanted but I loved him just the same. Oh yeah, now I remember! He wanted a brain. I don’t remember him being on the dumb side. Ok…maybe a little. lol

Scarecrow Adult Costume

The “Wicked Witch of the West”, ooooo, this woman was scary! All green and dressed in black. Her voice was scary even without the green skin! “My little pretty!” She was a mean old witch. And, those flying monkey things; for a young girl, tomboy or not, S-C-A-R-Y! I was so happy when she got wet and melted! I never did understand how she could be related to Glinda.

Wicked Witch "Elite" Adult Costume

What was your favorite character to dress up as? Are you the ruby red slipper type or more glam and glitter?