Who Will be Knocking on Your Door Tomorrow?

By October 30, 2009 In the News No Comments

Tomorrow is Halloween. All of our costumes are shipped although some last minute shoppers are still ordering From Noon until 9 the endless parade of ghosts, ghouls, princesses, superheroes and pirates will be going from door to door in search of treats.

Every year I look forward to the new generation of trick or treaters. The babies and toddlers being wheeled in their strollers and red wagons are the cutest.  For them, it’s more fun to play with the candy than eat it. A favorite memory from last year was a family of three kids and a 1 year old in a wagon. The siblings were pouring their treats into the wagon and the baby was in her glory, sitting in a pool of colorfully wrapped candy.

The school aged kids are so enthusiastic, running from house to house.  And their costumes just keep getting better. They are more elaborate, have more props, better makeup and wigs. Long gone are the days of wearing what you had laying around the house. When we were kids we wore old ripped hobo clothes or we covered a large box in aluminum foil and cut out arm holes and said we were a robot. In a pinch, I’d put on my brothers Pop Warner uniform. I don’t think I know of a single kid wearing a homemade or improvised costume this year.

In the past few years I’ve also notice many older trick or treaters. The kids in the 12-16 year old range. There costumes are a bit more grotesque for the boys and a bit sexier for the girls. I know some neighbors who turn them away saying that Halloween is for kids but I happily give them a treat. You are only young once. You need to hang on to that for as long as possible. Besides, do you ever get too old for costumes and candy?

But regardless of what you wear or what your age, the idea remains the same: being out with friends in fresh fall air collecting candy and enjoying an awesome holiday tradition.

Wherever you are, Costume SuperCenter wants you to remember our safety tips, enjoy your costumes and have the greatest Halloween ever!