X-Men Height Chart Infographic

X-Men Height Chart Infographic

The X-Men are one of the bigger superhero groups out there. They consist of almost the entire student body of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters – and don’t even get us started about how much the franchise’s number of characters goes up when you include Magneto and his bunch. With such a wide range of mutants of all shapes and sizes, it got Costume SuperCenter motivated to put them all in a lineup and see just who’s the biggest around! But remember, the biggest guy in the lineup doesn’t necessarily pack the biggest punch!

If you’re ready to insert yourself into this mutated lineup, make sure you look like you fit in! Check out Costume SuperCenter for all your X-Men and Marvel costume needs! All who want to learn are welcome at Xavier’s school. Now let’s look at that lineup.

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X-Men Height Chart Infographic

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