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Pirate Costumes

Ahoy, Matey! Costume SuperCenter is the place to be to buy pirate costumes for men, women, kids, babies and even pets. We have a wide collection of swashbuckler costumes for everyone. Whether you are looking for Classic or Sexy, we've got hundreds of pirate costume styles to choose from! Buy a pirate costume for kids and adults for Halloween today!

Men's Pirate Costumes

Whether you're more like Blackbeard or Captain Hook, Men's Pirate Costumes are a surefire hit at your costume party this Halloween. With an eyepatch, cap and parrot, you'll have everyone saying Arrghh right along with you.

Women's Pirate Costumes

Steal the buried treasure and the hearts of every buccaneer you come across when dressed in a Women's Pirate Costume this October. From Sirens to Wenches to Deckhands, there are so many dashing styles from which you can choose!

Kids Pirate Costumes

Girls and Boys Pirate Costumes are staples of every October, and your sons and daughters can sport the classic, swashbuckling look while trick-or-treating. A black and red color palette with timeless pirate accessories will have them looking great while collecting their candy treasure!

Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

Aye, be ye ready to take command of the Black Pearl, the fastest ship on the seas? With these Pirates of the Caribbean costumes, you can dress like the famous Captain Jack Sparrow or any of the sea dogs from the franchise!

Adult Pirate Costume
This pirate will slash your throat before you have the chance to walk the plank! This Cutthroat Pirate Adult Costume includes a black tunic with a lace up neckline and attached cream colored collar and fringed long sleeves. Black leather lace up cuffs attach at the wrist, Large black leather belt with buckle is also included. Red and black striped pants are included with a head scarf to match. Authentic leather pirate boot covers also come with the costume. Wear this outfit at your next costume party to represent a classic Halloween favorite, and impress the kids with your nautical getup. All you'll need is an eyepatch and sword to complete the look, which you can get in our Pirate Costume Kit package, sold separately.
Tall Pirate Boots Adult
Yo ho ho! Complete your pirate outfit with the Tall Pirate Boots Adult. The boots are black with matching black boot cuffs on the top. These go well with any pirate costume, so don't hesitate to buy yours!
Adult Pirate Kit
Gear up for adventure on the seven seas this Halloween with the Men's Adult Pirate kit. The ensemble comes with everything you need to turn a regular dress shirt and slacks in to a swashbuckling costume right for any themed event. Get your tri-corner hat, sword, belt, compass, coin pouch, coins, and eye patch. The only thing missing is a smart aleck parrot. Impress all of your landlubber friends in this tribute to Jolly Rogers or go raiding with your wee-one for a little pillaging of sweets. Whatever you decide, the best way to not walk the plank this Halloween season is with the Men's Adult Pirate kit.
Women's Vixen Pirate Coat
No pirate costume is complete without this Women's Vixen Pirate Coat. It's a sexy rendition meant to turn a few heads. Build your best pirate costume with this piece front and center. Add a tricorner hat, stuffed parrot, and a swashbuckling sword for effect. You and your friends can go out dressed up as a group in search of booty, or you can take the kids trick-or-treating for the sweetest treasure there is: candy! Either way, you'll be ready for adventure.
Adult Black Pirate Boots
Womens Sexy Sw Pirate Captain Costume
Womens Sexy Pirate Queen Costume
Pirate Cutlass
What's a pirate without a sword? Don't let your child go out looting and pillaging without this silver and gold pirate cutlass! It features a silver blade and a wraparound gold handle to protect your little one's sword hand.
Womens Sexy Treasure Chest Costume
Buccaneer Boot Adult
You have to be comfortable to sail the seven seas, so buy the Buccaneer Boot Adult for your Halloween costume! The black boots feature a covering of fabric on the top of each that can be tied shut in the back.
Men's Brown Pirate Boots
Keep your pirate costume looking rough and rugged with these men's brown pirate boots! These leather looking costume boots are made of 100% polyurethane and man-made materials and gives you the Aged, realistic and stylish look you want with your costume this Halloween! Add and eye patch and plastic shoulder parrot to give your pirate costume a comedic twist that will catch people off guard! Have fun finding more buried treasure in or full selection of pirate costumes and accessories for Halloween and year round! Beat the Halloween rush when you order your men's brown pirate boots online today!
Pirate Cutlass Deluxe Sword
If you are sailing the seas you must be ready for an attack at all times. A pirate is only as good as their weapon and you can believe that the Pirate Cutlass Deluxe Sword will not let you down. This authentic swashbuckling sword will make every pirate costume more fun and exciting. Get one of your own and be prepared for whatever the sea throws at you.
Toddler Santiago of the Seas Costume
Your little one will be sailing the ocean blue in style this year when you dress them up in our Toddler Santiago of the Seas Costume. With this adorable set, you will receive everything you need to transform your rambunctious tyke into the cutest buccaneer to ever swashbuckle with a fellow pirate. Featuring a cute red top and blue pant pirate jumpsuit, a brown and golden belt, as well as a blue pirate hat with a skull accent, your kid is going to love this special pirate look.
Adult Pirate Boots
Womens Sexy Buccaneer Babe Costume
Swashbuckling Pirate Sword
Equip this Swashbuckling Pirate Sword to fend off anyone coming for your gold. Pirates need a trusty weapon whenever they are out and about on the sea. Military forces, rival pirates, sharks, and maybe even krakens are all threats! You need to be able to defend against them and others which makes this item very handy. You receive a toy sword made to look as authentic as possible. The blade portion has a bit of decoration carved along its side. There are two protective braces attached to the handle. Straps of leather are also tied along the handle just to give it a bit of flair. You will be able to slice and stab with no problems now! Embark on a voyage to track down untold amounts of riches, new lands, and legendary treasures without any need to worry. Take a look at other pirate products to include as part of your swashbuckling attire.
Pirate Boot Cover
There's no need to go out and buy new shoes for your pirate costume because these Pirate Boot Covers will do the trick. These tall black faux leather boot covers come with lace-up, fold-over pieces and gold buckles for an authentic look.
Kids Pirate Costume
Our Kids Pirate Costume is the perfect choice for a little boy who dreams of firing on enemy ships and going on adventures in the Caribbean! This pirate outfit comes with colorful pirate coat, pants, and shirt, that will make him fit in with any of the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean. He?ll look like he?s off to Tortuga when you dress him up in these bright and roguish colors on Halloween night, so he?ll be sure to have a rollicking time trick-or-treating! You can be sure he?ll bring home plenty of booty when he?s dressed up as a legendary thief, so get ready for your neighbors to raise the alarm about bands of marauders going around the neighborhood! He?ll be robbing people of their candy on Halloween with his crew of friends, so don?t be surprised if he?s getting up to some tricks as well as treats. This pirate outfit will make him want to re-enact his favorite scenes from his favorite pirate movies, so if he ends up wanting to dress up in this costume during regular make-bel
Pirate Patch and Earring
Get ready to show your battle scars with this Pirate Earring and Eye Patch Set. You'll get a life-like patch that's sure to add to your pirate costume, but don't forget about our chic golden earring that will make your outfit pop like never before.
Adult Female Pirate Kit
Argh! Don't walk the plank this year because you forgot a costume. The Adult Female Pirate Kit is the perfect way to get any outfit ready for Halloween. This nautical kit includes everything you need to become a pirate. Great for dressing up at work, this simple costume will get you in the Halloween spirit. Order your pirate kit today!
Lusty Womens Pirate Costume
This Halloween, jump aboard your wooden ship and get ready to steal all the treasure when you put on the Lusty Women's Pirate Costume. This gorgeous sea raider get-up is truly one of a kind. Show up to the party in this sexy costume, and you'll have all the boys turning their heads and asking to join your crew. After all, who said girls can't be pirates? Just look at Elizabeth Swann and Caryna Smyth from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They were fighting and adventuring right alongside Captain Jack Sparrow, with all kinds of fire and fervor as they sought out the Trident of Poseidon and the other treasures of the Caribbean. This Halloween, lead your own crew as the queen of all pirates, and show the world the true beauty and majesty of a girl who understands the allure of the pirate lifestyle. After all, who wouldn't want to live on the water, hang out on the beaches, and party with their friends all day while sailing on a giant ship? Just be sure you defend yourself while out th
Mens Buccaneer Baron Costume
Red Pirate Costume
Pour your next drink, because you are setting sail for some Halloween adventure when you are wearing this Red Pirate Costume! Fun-loving and exciting, you are going to enjoy embodying this symbol of seafaring debauchery and edge-of-your-seat thrills! Comfortable and made of high-quality materials for a costume that feels as good as it looks! Check out all of our pirate accessories to find your perfect battle sword and more! Don't wait! Your fun begins when you order online today!
Adult Pirate Costume
We would be wary if we ran into this guy in a dark alley. Put on this Men's Cutthroat Pirate Adult plus Costume and you will look like a formidable outlaw. This set includes a top, pants, black wrist cuffs, boot covers, black belt and head tie. The black shirt features long white sleeves, a white collar and black lace up details in front, giving the appearing of a pirate shirt with a black vest. Vertical black and red stripes are featured on the pants, while the head tie has matching colors. Pirates attack other ships and rob them while at sea. Some just take the cargo, while others are more bloodthirsty and will slaughter everyone on the ship. This costume is based on 18th century dress. Pirates still exist today, but most are not near countries with powerful navies, and they have wear contemporary clothes.
Deluxe Pirate Hat Adult
Set a path for your own ship to sail while wearing the Deluxe Pirate Hat Adult. Use one of the oldest pirating accessories around to complete your look. The hat is made to fit most sizes. It has a dark brown coloring and a tricorne design. It has an authentic appearance to it which makes it a great prop for various purposes. Top off any pirating ensemble using this Pirate hat! Pick out some of our other items and costumes to use as well.
Boys Seven Seas Pirate Costume
You can see that they love the open seas and all kinds of sea faring movies. It's a pirates life for your little guy this year and we've got you covered with our Boy's Seven Seas Pirate Costume. It's an amazing attire that's sure to blow your kid's expectations away. Comes with everything that they'll need to command the seas that they roam. Includes a bold black jacket with an attached shirt front that has an attached scarf that's sure to make your kid look tougher than ever. It even comes with a belt, pants, and boot toppers that's sure to give your kid that daunting aura that he wants so much. He'll love the way he looks, but stop by our accessory store and add on a few items like a faux sword, eye patch, or even a hat to seal the deal! He'll love taking on the seven seas in our Boy's Seven Seas Pirate Costume.
Womens Sexy Pirate Queen Costume
Buccaneer Eye Patch
Pirates experienced danger every day on the Seven Seas. Complete your pirate costume by showing the world that you're a pirate and a survivor. Purchase the Buccaneer Eye Patch today! Accessorize with this eye patch to make your costume the envy of the party. Add more accessories like a fake shoulder parrot too!
Adult Pirate Wig With Beads
If you still think your pirate costume needs a little something extra, buy the Caribbean Pirate Wig! The straight brown hair has thin beaded braids in the front. The wig also comes with a brown faux suede bandana attached to the top.
Female Brown Tricorn Pirate Hat
Looking for a pirate hat you can treasure? Well you can with this Tricorner Pirate Hat! Made from polyester, this Tricorner Pirate Hat has an elegant gold stitch around the front flap. A gold colored decorative bow in the front adds life and detail to the piece. A veil-like black lacing is stitched around the edges of the hat for that authentic Halloween feel. If you're looking to become a lovely pirate, you can't steer your ship wrong with this Tricorner Pirate Hat!