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Disco Costumes

We believe that Disco never dies. While this may not be true for all people it is most certainly true when it comes to disco Halloween costumes. These outfits have it all. It has flash, style, and the type of retro chic you can only find in a costume. They just don't make fashions like this anymore. The only place to find awesome styles from cheesy to sexy is at a Halloween Costume website or store. As long as our Halloween exists, 70's Disco costumes will remain alive and well.

Disco Costume Ideas and Tips

Who says disco is dead? You can bring it back when you step out in one of our flashy and fashionable disco outfits. You can channel John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever, or create a funky costume all your own, with our wide variety of disco clothes and accessories! Whatever your favorite disco movie or four-to-the-floor song is, you can find the perfect outfit for you right here on our website, so you can get out onto the dancefloor faster.

Check out our shiny shirts and pants, our huge medallions and platform shoes, or even our crazy wigs! You’ll be sure to get everyone dancing when you walk into a party wearing these psychedelic costume pieces. You can even get a whole group of disco clubbers together by dressing your friends up to look almost as groovy as you! Get jiving this Halloween, by picking out your perfect disco costume!

Saturday Night Fever Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’ve got ants in your pants and need to dance them out, then you’ve probably got a bad case of Saturday night fever. Luckily for you, we carry a large assortment of just what the doctor ordered! These costumes are fit to cut a rug, and the best part is you don’t even need a sword to do it. We’ve got dresses for the ladies, suits for the kids, and flared bell bottom pant suits for the men.

So, take the whole family back to the 70s for Halloween or go out stag and stay alive long enough to use your walk you lady’s man. Either way, when it’s time to disco, you’ll find no better wingman than a pair of wingtips and one of these suits. Accessorize with some flashy jewelry, a head of slicked back hair, and a technicolored overcoat to sell the look. If you’re going to come down with Saturday night fever, may as well look sick doing it!