Barney Rubble Costumes

Yabba dabba do us a favor and check out these Barney Rubble costumes. Barney Rubbles is the longtime friend of Fred Flintstone in the modern stone age family cartoon The Flintstones. He is known to have an affectionate laugh and is a real pal at times. He is a main character in the classic cartoon series and certainly recognizable to anybody! Take a look at some of our Barney Rubble or Flintstone costumes to find the right pick for you.

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Along with best friend Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble is a member of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes. They enjoy spending time together whether it’s golfing, playing pool, or most notably, going bowling. Barney is married to Betty and they have a son named Bamm-Bamm who is the strongest toddler in the whole land. There have been many incarnations and portrayals of Barney over the years and the character still makes appearances in new cartoons or movies from time to time.

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There are all kinds of accessories and items to include as part of this prehistoric purchase. Barney Rubble and other characters from the show have larger feet, ragged clothing, and possibly tools of stone or wood. They could also have a little dinosaur pal which means you need one too. Browse around to find more to include with your Barney Rubble costume.

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