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Five Nights at Freddy's Teen Freddy Costume
Creep out some security guards using this Five Nights at Freddy's Teen Freddy Costume. The video game series has been around for a couple of years and its popularity has been high from the start. This particular outfit comes as a character top. It has a fuzzy brown body with a tan belly patch. There is a black bowtie centered on the chest along with taped sections of the arms to show off a deteriorated appearance. Included with the item are a pair of brown mitts to complete the upper body. Then, finish off the entire look using full head covering showing Freddy's face and top hat. This Freddy costume is an easy item to wear and for Halloween or video game conventions. Take a look at some of our other Five Nights products to add to the fun.
T-Rex Teen Inflatable Costume
Reign as the king of the dinosaurs when you put on our T-Rex Teen Inflatable Costume! When your friends see you in school with this teen T-Rex costume on, theyre going to want to run for coverthough itd serve them better if they stayed absolutely still! You can hit up a party in this costume for some props from all your classmates, or you could take your younger sibs trick-or-treating and get silly with them by showing off your best T-Rex roar!
Hildagaard Girl's Costume
Any pre-teen who sees the days of trick-or-treating as a fairytale princess as long gone deserve an alternative ensemble. This Hildagaard Girl's Costume is that alternative. It comes with a kick butt dress, fake fur cape, and shaggy leg/arm warmers to boot. Add a Viking shield, some war-styled face paint, and a foam sword and she's the warrior princess now. Maybe leave out the princess part just to be safe.
Five Nights at Freddy's Teen Foxy Costume
If you're obsessed with wild animals, then you would probably love a good fox costume. Well, we assure you that this little fox costume will not be one would will be cuddling, and being in love with. Based on the poplar video game, "Five Night's at Freddy's," Foxy is one scare son-of-a-gun. After all, Costume SuperCenter has only the creepiest of costumes perfect for Halloween. Don't allow his decrepit faade fool you into thinking he's weak. Foxy is one of the scariest characters from the game. I mean, he has a hook for a hand for Pete's sake! His bulgy eyes show his true character. He's so violent, you would have to keep remind yourself that it's only a costume. Or, is it?
Snow White Teen Costume
Dress as a classic Disney character loved by millions all over the world, and known by many others. Introducing the Snow White Teen Costume! Turn yourself into the princess and create your very own fairy tale adventure on Halloween, or any other day for that matter! Great for plays, theater productions, or any other performances, this costume is certain to bring the character closer to life and turn imagination into reality. Have others dress as the dwarfs and put a smile on everyone's face! Costume comes with a dress, brooch, and headband.
DC Comics Batgirl Teen Costume
Emerge from the dark dusty bat cave in this dazzling Teen Batgirl Costume. The outfit comes complete with a black pleather sleeveless mini dress with a reverse scalloped hemline. A bright yellow utility belt is included with the shape of the Bat symbol carved into the buckle. Attractive black pleather spiked gauntlets are included with knee high boot tops to match. a black eye mask with attached bat ears is also included. This costume is perfect not just for Halloween but for costume parties and comic book conventions. In this costume, that's mom-friendly and not too revealing, you can fight crime all year long and look good while doing so! But most importantly, dressed as this DC Comics original character you can show the boys that girls can be superheroes too!
Teen Disappearing Man Orange Costume
Girls Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Catching Fire Costume
If you want the perfect costume for Halloween this year then get the Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Mockingjay Girl's Costume. The item Does not include shoes. Includes jumpsuit and knee pads. This is an officially licensed costume.
Assassins Creed Ezio Classic Teen Costume
Bring to life your favorite video game character in this Assassin's Creed Ezio Classic Teen Costume. As one of the main protagonists of the series, you will need uphold your creed while taking down corrupt leaders. Ezio Auditore has been one of the most popular characters from this franchise. This particular outfit comes as a black version of Ezio's robes. There are vertical red lines along the front with white designs along the hem. It has white sleeves and piece of shoulder armor to wear. Complete the look with a red sash around the waist which depicts the Assassin's symbol. The attached hood over your head allows you to go unnoticed in this Ezio costume. Check out some toy weapons and other accessories in order to include more to your arsenal.
Boys Maximum Security Costume Costume
Suicide Squad: Deadshot Teen Costume Kit
Turn into the famed marksmen from Suicide Squad this year as Overkill! Take out the bad guys and save the Earth in fashion and attitude. Everyone will be a target... Of enjoyment this year at the next costume party. You ain't living if you ain't shooting this year for Halloween
Five Nights at Freddy's Teen Bonnie Costume
This bunny is no Peter Cottontail; not for a second! Although bunnies are supposed to be cute, fluffy creatures, Bonnie is the exception. "Five Nights at Freddy's" video game shows one of the creepiest rabbits ever to walk to earth, and guess what?! You know have the costume! Here at Costume Supercenter, we have the most horrific Bonnie costumes, ready to scare the wits out of your family and friends. Bonnie is a part-time security guard stuffer by night, pizzeria employee and musician by day. If you are thinking of being the eccentric bunny for Halloween, then you have to know how to play the part. Practice sneaking around your friends, making sure you have what it takes. After all, putting on a red bowtie, and looking snazzy as ever is not all what being Bonnie for Halloween is about. So, make sure you have his character down packed, and enjoy the night scaring everyone in sight with this horrific costume!
Beetlejuice Teen Costume
Shake, shake, shake; shake your body line. Work, work, work; work it all the time while dressed in the Beetlejuice Teen Costume. The outfit includes a black and white striped jacket, striped pants and a dickie. At almost 30 years old, the classic Tim Burton, tells the tale of a troublesome spirit who tries to help a couple break the curse of being stuck in their home. Say it once, twice or three times; this costume is ghostly fun.
Toga Teen Costume
You know you're the king of the party--why don't you let the rest of your friends know too? Wear a Toga Teen Costume on Halloween and you'll call the shots! This light and breathable tunic is sewn from white polyester material that will drape elegantly around you. It falls to the ankles and has a sleeveless design to keep you cool in hot basements. The sewn-in drape will add a regal touch to the outfit, making you look as good as Caesar himself. Your subjects should be able to recognize you when you're out and about. Slip on the included headband and you'll have a crown of golden laurels helping you stand out in the crowd! Any celebration can bring the house down when you have the right people there. Show up in a Toga Teen Costume and you're guaranteed a great night! Pair it with Roman sandals, a sword, and shield, sold here.
Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume
Jamming to pop singer Bandit Bieber, reading teen magazine "Raccoon Beat," and digging for candy in trash cans are some of the best messes a teen raccoon can get into on a Halloween night. In the Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume, you don't have to scour a trash can to find candy - you'll have buckets handed to you. The sassy-yet-sweet costume features a hooded black velvet dress with gray faux fur trim around the skirt bottom, sleeves, and hood, perfect for a chilly fall night. The stylish but cuddly costume also comes with black and gray striped tights, furry pom poms, a tail, and ears on the hood. Instead of piling on the eyeliner, an eye mask is included, in case you do want to shop the trash can. You'll be so irresistibly cute in this Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume, so dare your friends to say raccoons are suburban pests to your face one more time.
Teen Foxy Costume
Teen Deluxe Arrow Costume
The Green Arrow may not be as well known in the DC Comics universe, but he is certainly important. Secret hero identity of billionaire businessman Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow emulates characteristics of Robin Hood to keep others safe in his hometown of Star City. The Teen Deluxe green Arrow Costume includes a zip up hoodie and gloves. The jacket is made of black polyester with crushed forest green shoulder pieces and a hood of the same material. The gloves are made of black faux leather. This simple disguise completes the outfit of a modest hero. Be sure to also purchase the Green Arrow Bow and Arrow Set available separately in our store to show off the Arrow's signature weaponry. The Green Arrow has also been known to team up with Justice Friend alliance Green Lantern. Together the emerald-clad heroes can save the world.
Batman Tween Classic Costume
Whether your child is taking on the Joker, the Penguin, or the Riddler this Halloween, he'll be more than prepared when you pick up our Batman Tween Classic Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your child into his favorite Dark Knight hero. Complete with a black jumpsuit with boot tops, a black cowl mask, a black cape, and a golden belt, your child will be protecting Gotham in no time. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for Batarangs and more fun Batman accessories!
Teen Disappearing Man Leopard Costume
Teen Bear Mascot Costume
Cheer and roar the team on from the sidelines in this Teen Bear Mascot Costume. You may not be able to scare anyone, but you'll certainly look cute and cuddly wearing this soft light brown suit with a white belly. The headpiece looks just like a teddy bear's with big eyes, little round ears, a snout with its tongue sticking out. This bear suit measures 55 inches from the neckline to ankle and is 22 inches across the midsection. Shoe covers are also included. Be sure to pick up a Kold Kollar or Kold Vest sold separately in our store to wear under the suit on those hotter days. This is sure to be a roaring hit at sporting events as well as on Halloween!
Teen Boy Robot Costume
If your teen is all about science fiction, our Teen Boy Robot Costume will let him live out his favorite stories! He'll love acting out scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Wars when he's wearing this metallic robot costume. Whether he's taking siblings trick-or-treating or going out with friends, this robot costume is a cool statement to make on Halloween!
Justice League DC Comics Wonder Woman Teen Costume
This year choose to dress as the most famous superheroine out there. The Teen Wonder Woman Costume includes a dress with a red boned bodice printed with the Wonder Woman logo, and straps that attached to a shiny red collar that has a red cape attached. The dress has a gold belt at the waist where the skirt flares out, metallic blue and printed with white stars. Sleek silver gauntlets are also included as well as knee high red and white boot tops. To top it off, a gold headpiece printed with a red star is included. You're already on your way to becoming a strong independent woman, so why not be a warrior princess? This officially licensed costume is not too skimpy or revealing so you can run around comfortably all day and night on Halloween.
Female Minion Teen Costume
Metal Skull Biker Teen Costume
Take a walk on the wild side this year wearing this Metal Skull Biker Teen Costume. This edgy costume comes with a black faux leather jacket complete with side zipper and silver metal studs and spikes on the shoulders. The jacket is printed with a logo that says Dead City Choppers in silver letters on the breast. The costume also includes a chilling metal skull mask with razor shaped teeth, and black beanie hat patched with the image of a flaming skull to top it off. Black pleather fingerless gloves are also included as well as a metal studded wristband. This warm layered costume is the perfect remedy for trick or treating on cold Halloween nights, or for going out with rolls of toilet paper to cause some night time mischief!
Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn Teen Costume Kit
Mischief becomes you when you decide to be Harley Quinn this Halloween. The Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn Teen Costume Kit comes with all you need to be ?Daddy's Little Monster.? In this ensemble, join forces with the Joker as you rob banks and try to take on the Batman. It comes with a jacket with shirt. Look super bad this Halloween in the licensed Harley Quinn Teen Costume.