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Alien Commander Kids Glow in the Dark Costume
Your child will be leading the pack of extraterrestrials this Halloween when you pick up our Alien Commander Kids Glow in the Dark Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a fun black and navy blue cloak, a pair of matching black gloves, and a glow in the dark green alien mask. Your child will have a blast trick-or-treating as this luminous extraterrestrial! Buy your costume today, and go make this Halloween a night as fun as outer space!
Uhura Deluxe Star Trek Dress Costume for Girls
The 1960s brought us a lot of great things, like the fashionable mini skirt and great sci fi shows like Star Trek. And, of courses, the chic mini dress uniform worn by Nichelle Nichols as Uhura in the original series and later by Zoey Saldana in the movie franchise. Now that style is available in the Uhura Deluxe Star Trek Dress Costume. This dress has a fun 1960s flair, but it is not too short, so your little girl can wear it. It looks especially nice with a pair of black stockings or leggings. On the chest is the iconic Starfleet emblem. When she puts it on, she will be ready to boldly go where no one has gone before, seek out strange new worlds and even go trick or treating with her friends. But first you have to order it. We can't ship at warp speed, but our shipping is quick and our prices are low, so order now.
Alien Costume For Kids
An intergalactic costume is just what your little one needs! With the Alien Costume For Kids, you can be sure that they're the cutest little galaxy dweller that the world has even seen. People of Earth won't understand that this exactly what your child needs to stand out. Astronauts are so last year but this year it's the ETs that are in! This is a classic costume that they can wear over and over again - it won't go out of style.
Captain Kirk Star Trek Costume for Kids
There's no such thing as the unknown?only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood. That is the wise philosophy of the most famous starship captain of all time ? James Tiberius Kirk. Your child can be him for a day with help from the Captain Kirk Star Trek Costume for Kids. When William Shatner first burst on the scene as Kirk, no one knew that he would be a worldwide phenomenon more than 50 years later. Now Christopher Pine has taken over the role. But your kid will be the best Kirk ever. The two-piece outfit includes a pair of black pants and a top. The long sleeve shirt is a golden yellow with silver gray stripes at the sleeve cuts. The iconic Starfleet insignia is featured on the sleeve cuffs. Explore new worlds with your child, or just go trick or treating on Halloween. Order today.
Deluxe Cpt. Kirk Star Trek Costume for Kids
Space, the final frontier. Are you ready to explore that frontier with your child? Then you must order the Deluxe Cpt. Kirk Star Trek Costume for Kids, which includes a top and pants. The long-sleeve top features a Starfleet insignia on the chest and silver gray accents on the sleeve cuffs. The black pants have attached boot cuffs so you do not need to buy special footwear for the costume. What a value! At our everyday low prices, you won't need to spend much to transform your kid into the most famous Starfleet captain of all time. Kirk, who was first played by William Shatner and more recently has been played by Chris Pine, is the quintessential captain and space explorer. Sometimes a feeling is all we humans have to go on, and you will be feeling good when you see how happy your child is when dressed in this officially licensed outfit. It is a must have for any Star Trek fan.
Baby/Toddler Star Trek Captain Kirk Costume
Boldly go trick-or-treating where no man has gone before with your young captain. The Captain Kirk Star Trek Costume for Babies features a romper with long black pants and a yellow-gold top with Star Trek insignia on the front. Kirk is the most famous of the Federation captains and he is the one who steered the audience into the galaxy to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life. Dress your tot in this outfit and he can be a starship captain before he ever starts school. You're a fan too so you'll be dressed in your Starfleet best. Make sure you get photos of your captain and all the crew the Halloween. You will treasure the memories for years to come, just like your treasure all the fun times you've had ? and will have ? watching Star Trek series and films. Whether you are a William Shatner Fan or a Chris Pine fan, it no longer matters; you are now a fan of your own little captain.
Star Trek Beyond Boys Kirk Costume
Jot down in your Captain's log that you just picked up a Star Trek Beyond Kirk Costume. Kirk has always been a strong leader, often delving into situations and places no man has gone before. He is a spearheading figure for the franchise and well-known amongst great fictional characters. This particular outfit comes as a golden colored long sleeved patterned shirt. Silver cuff rings indicate Kirk works under the commander division as a captain. You also receive a pair of black pants making the ensemble comfortable and warm to wear. Young fans will love turning into a captain with this Kirk costume. It is an excellent choice for sci-fi conventions and Halloween. Complete the entire uniform by equipping yourself with a phaser and various other Star Trek accessories.
Mr. Spock Star Trek Costume for Boys
Young boys are rarely logical. They act and speak before they think and they tell knock-knock jokes all day. This Halloween, your child will be the only logical one on the block when you dress him in the Mr. Spock Star Trek Costume for Boys. Included in this dashing two-piece set are pants and a top. The long-sleeved blue shirt features silver-gray accents on the sleeve cuffs and a Star Trek insignia on the chest. Leonard Nimoy or Zachary Quinto? You probably have your favorite, but that no longer matters. Your favorite Mr. Spock is now in your home and ready for trick or treating! Mr. Spock is a Vulcan, which means logic is important above all else, but he is also human. Sometimes the two parts of his psyche conflicted, making some interesting episodes of the original series. Live Long and Prosper.
Baby/Toddler Star Trek Spock Costume
It's only logical that you want your little boy to have a costume that is just like yours. Transform him into a Star Trekker when you dress him in the Spock Star Trek Costume for Toddlers. He might not be ready to seek out new worlds and new civilizations, but we bet he can seek out some candy while trick or treating. This set includes a headpiece and a romper. The adorable headpiece features the classic Vulcan ears. The romper features long black pants and a long-sleeve blue top with the Star Trek insignia on the chest. Now your kid can go where no tot has gone before ? a Star Trek convention. Whether you started watching classic Star Trek, The Next Generation or the more recent movies, you are a fan. Now share that fandom with your child. Order today. We ship out at warp speed so you will get it quickly.
Star Trek Beyond Boys Scotty Costume
We have the most incredible costume in the galaxy! This wonderful Scotty costume from Star Trek: Beyond. This amazing costume comes with a long sleeve red shirt with the classic Star Trek symbol in the top left corner alone with silver lines on the wrists. Montgomery Scott or ?Scotty? was played by James Doohan and is currently played by English actor, Simon Pegg, who was a huge fan of the series growing up. Scotty is a well-rounded team member and helps Captain Kirk and the rest of the crew complete various missions and bring the Enterprise to success every day.
Child Classic Spock Costume - Star Trek Boys Beyond
If your child loves Star Trek, then don't forget to pick up the Child Classic Spock Costume - Star Trek Boys Beyond for Halloween this year! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little one into the highly logical Vulcan Officer we have all come to know and love. Complete with a blue starship shirt as well as a pair of matching black pants, you can't go wrong with this one. Buy your Spock costume today!