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Deluxe Colonial Tricorn Hat
The Adult Unisex Airline Pilot Hat is a great accessory for any great aviator. The navy hat features a gold and black band with wings applique, and adjustable snap closures in the back. Pair with a leather bomber jacket for an incredible look perfect for Halloween.
Colonial Shoe Adult
Make history this Halloween with the great Colonial Shoe Adult! The shoes, which are designed in a colonial style, are black with golden buckles on the top. These are perfect for your historical reenactment, colonial Halloween costume, or Thanksgiving pilgrim look.
Womens Native American Maiden Costume
Forget the deer and fish. They'll be hunting for you when you put on a Women's Native American Maiden Costume! This dress is made of a polyester fabric designed to feel plush and soft. It is three-quarter sleeves and high collar will warm you up as you're hanging out in the wigwam. A tan fringe with beading detail runs along the neckline to match the skirt on the detachable belt. The mid-thigh hemline is run through with long fringe to keep you covered as you dance by the bonfire. Fringed boot covers let you turn any pair of flats into plains gear. Tie the included headband around your hair and you'll be ready for the Powwow! You work hard all week long--you deserve a bit of a break. Put on this Women's Native American Maiden Costume and go let off some steam! Add on a black wig and drum, sold here.
Ride-A-Turkey Adult Costume
Whether you're dressing up for the big Halloween party or crashing the Thanksgiving dinner, you definitely don't want to miss out on our Ride-A-Turkey Adult Costume! If you're really looking to get a laugh this year, then you can't go wrong with this fun turkey rider costume. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to look like you've got your very own turkey to ride atop of! Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your autumnal costume needs!
Thanksgiving Roasted Adult Sweater
Looking for a fun and comical sweater to wear to Thanksgiving dinner this year? Then look no further than our Thanksgiving Roasted Adult Sweater! With your purchase, you will receive a comfy black and brown sweater featuring the print of a roasted brown turkey on the front, as well as the word "Roasted" in all red caps printed right above it. Pick up your Thanksgiving sweater today, and go celebrate your gratitude with friends and family all day long.
Felt Bonnet Adult
Dressing like you're from olden days this Halloween? Add an air of authenticity to your costume with the Felt Bonnet Adult! This black bonnet ties with a black ribbon so it will easily stay on all night whether you're going to a costume party or taking your kids trick-or-treating. Wear it with a pilgrim costume and reuse it for Thanksgiving or pair it with a Colonial or Victorian costume. Go back in time when you wear the felt bonnet for adults!
Jabot & Cuffs, Colonial
This Colonial Jabot and Cuff Set is fit for the captain of a pirate ship. Turn any outfit into a puffy shirt! You can also wear these pieces to complete Revolutionary War reenactment costumes. You'll look ready to sign the Declaration of Independence!
Colonial Lady Costume for Adults
Before the United States was its own county, it was just a colony of England. Life was tough but the clothes were fashionable at the time. The Colonial Lady Costume for Adults is the choice outfit for any discerning lady of the times, including Betsy Ross and Martha Washington.
Navy Colonial Woman Adult Costume
Bring some historic flare to your next celebration with this Navy Colonial Woman Adult Costume! This powerful and bold patriotic look is a terrific way to make your costume stand out at any Fourth of July celebration or Memorial Day cookout! Made of high-quality materials. Comfortable and durable for a costume you will love to go back to! Make this a couple's theme no one will forget when your date is a Pioneer man! Check out all of our historic accessories to take this look even further!
Mens Ben Franklin / Colonial Man Costume
The man of a thousand inventions, Ben Franklin was the ultimate colonial celebrity. You'll feel like you're walking the streets of 18th century Philadelphia in this Men's Ben Franklin Colonial Man Costume. The costume includes a blue coat lined with black and white lacey cuffs. A gray vest with a white ruffled shirt front is also included. Red cropped pants are also included as well as white stockings that run up the calf. The wig and shoes are not included, but you can pick up a White Colonial Men's Wig sold separately in our store as well as a pair of Shoe Buckles and you'll have the head-to-toe constitutional look in no time. Wear this costume on Halloween to show your patriotism, or even on Independence Day to celebrate America's birthday!
Heroes in History - Ben Franklin Accessory Kit
This Ben Franklin wig and eyeglasses kit is just what you need to be the First American this Halloween. It includes a bald cap with gray hair on the sides and a pair of wire framed glasses with clear lenses.
Native American Bracelet
Simple and charming, our Native American Bracelet will make you the envy of the tribe. This elastic bracelet has three layers of beading, surrounding your wrist with tan, blue, red, and silver beads. Slip them on with a Native American necklace, earrings, and headdress for the full effect.
Women's Mop Hat
The best way to complement that great olden fashion is with our Women's Mop Hat. You can finish your colonial dress by donning this fun hat and really selling the aura. With a chic white hue and lace trim, this hat is bound to make your getup that much better. Have it be the final piece of your attire.
Pilgrim Lady Costume
Gather to Be Grateful in our Pilgrim Lady Costume. Black and white customary top and bottom get put together in our one piece dress. Cuffs and trim with lace and bountiful white bonnet with chin tie included. Whatever your feast, may it be blessed. Adult, women's sizing.
Colonial Black Wig Mens
America's forefathers were a sprightly group! Heated discussions about politics and the country's welfare were popular! They engaged in the conversations of our land with pride, and a classic colonial style! Revisit colonial America with this marvelous Colonial Black Wig Mens! You'll beam with pride, and your hairdo will gleam, too!
Adult Colonial Woman Costume
Our Adult Colonial Woman Costume transports to you back to the 1700s with an outfit that matches the fashion of the era. This costume is great for historical projects or reenactments and costume parties like Halloween. The costume features a long sleeved top and a floor length skirt, as conservative style was common back then. The solid black outfit features bow accents at the neckline and chest for a nice touch and the open and ruffled lace cuffs were a common element of dresses in the 18th century. Don't forget to visit our accessories section for Colonial style wigs, themed jewelry, and other fun props to add to your Colonial Woman costume. Decade themed outfits are always a fun choice for costume parties and our Adult Colonial Woman Costume can be the highlight of any party. Order yours today!
Colonial Pilgrim Man Adult Costume
Step off of the Mayflower and into the new millennium wearing this Colonial / Pilgrim Man Adult Costume! This historical ensemble is inspired by the simple dress of the Puritans that settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It's the ideal choice for a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving, or for a historical Halloween. A simple black shirt features a round white collar and wide cuffs for authentic colonial style. The shirt comes with a pair of black knickers, as well as a black faux leather belt with a gold buckle and a pointy hat with a white band and a decorative gold buckle accent. Socks and shoes similar to those pictured here can be found elsewhere on our website. Be sure to check out our great Native American inspired ensembles to perfectly complement this Colonial / Pilgrim Man Adult Costume.
Unisex Adult Fleece Turkey Costume
Gobble, gobble, gobble! What has two legs, lots of feathers, a long, dangling neck piece, and people hunt them by the thousands during Thanksgiving season? A turkey, of course, and there's no better way to show how thankful you are and make everybody laugh at the dinner table than to gussy yourself up and put on this Unisex Adult Fleece Turkey Costume. Strut around in this disguise made up of a brown jumpsuit with orange panels and red accents representing turkey feathers and the turkey wattle under the chin, along with red shins that go into the yellow shoe covers that come included. Big, fan-like tail feathers can be seen behind a turkey headpiece that makes you look like a real walking pheasant. Don't become the centerpiece of a giant feast once you put on the Unisex Adult Fleece Turkey Costume this season.
Colonial Gentleman Costume
Show off your genteelism, your courteous manner and your good taste when you wear this Colonial Gentleman Adult Costume to your upcoming Halloween bash! The rich, chocolate brown jacket and pants add a classiness to your look! The crisp, white vest adds delicious contrast to this remarkable Colonial Gentleman Adult Costume!
Tricorn Hat
Feel like you are fighting for the freedom of your land with this Tricorn Hat from a Costume SuperCenter. There is nothing better than ensuring that you win best dressed, as well a throw out some history knowledge out there with just a few clicks of your mouse. Watch your friends and family wonder where you bought such a cool party supply and you will never let them know. After all, do you want anyone looking exactly like you at the next bash?! We didn't think so.
Colonial / Pilgrim Hat
You don't have to spend months sailing to the New World to look like a pilgrim for Thanksgiving or Halloween! This solid black hat features a black band and a silver buckle. It's a great prop for Thanksgiving dinner or a school play!
Women's Pocahontas Costume
Help bring together natives and settlers with this Women's Pocahontas Costume. You can play a key role in history as this pioneering Native American figure. Orders come as a brown dress made with fringe cuts. There is a belt and neck piece included to make it complete. Use this to recreate historic moments.
Colonial Man Wig
The colonial era was an important one in American history; commemorate that by dressing up in this Colonial Man Wig! The wig consists of white hair that is curled on the sides. This is great for any sort of historical reenactment or Halloween costume.
Women's Colonial Adult Wig (White)
Going as Martha Washington for Halloween? Have a play set in the Colonial times? Then, this White Colonial Adult Wig is for you. With allover rolled curls and ringlets down the sides, this wig is old-fashioned, just as you need. This hairpiece will enhance your costume portrayal of an elite woman in the Colonial era. Highly regarded, she would've had her hair done up for an important event. And, the costume party you'll be attending is definitely important. Show off your high-society manners and elaborate dress; you're sure to receive compliments.
Adult Black Colonial Knickers
If you're heading off a tipsy Boston tea party, you're going to need our Adult Black Colonial Knickers to make your tumbles look natural. When people see these old fashioned sets of underwear under your colonial outfit, you're going to remind everyone of what was funny about the year 1776. Dress up as George Washington in these knickers and everyone will remember not that his famous river crossing but the design of the President's underthings!
Martha Washington
The Revolutionary War brought America its freedom and it also brought us the first president of the United States, which everyone knows is George Washington. And as they say, behind every great man there is a great woman, and that woman is you at the costume gala dressed in this Martha Washington costume. A blue striped and floral print full length gown is lined up the middle with glossy blue ruffles that match the hem of the petticoat in the same glossy fabric. Covered from neck to toe, the top of the best does feature a small patch of white lace trim and there is a bonnet matching the dress to cover your head. George Washington knew he had an awesome wife and you know it too and think everyone should, so you'll bring her greatness out dressed in this Martha Washington disguise.
Mens Pilgrim Costume
You'll be on your way to pioneering America this year when you pick up our Mens Pilgrim Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to look and feel just like one of America's first colonists. Team up with some pilgrims and Native Americans and you can really make this Thanksgiving a time of gratitude and history. Buy your pilgrim costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your costume and accessory needs!
Prairie Lady Adult Costume
Even when they were traveling through uncharted territory in stagecoach caravans, women in the 1800s had impeccable style. This Prairie Lady Adult Costume authentically recreates the fashions of the American Frontier for your Halloween party or historical reenactment. With gigot sleeves, a full floor length skirt, and a fitted bodice, this grey dress captures the feminine silhouette of the time period. It features a high collar, a white belt, and white lace trim on the bodice, cuffs, and skirt. This dress comes with a coordinating lace trimmed bonnet. We carry wigs with elegant curls as well as old fashioned lace up boots to help you complete your historical look. This Prairie Lady Adult Costume is perfect for any woman who wants to capture the adventurous spirit of the families that bravely settled the American Frontier in the 19th century.
Adult Colonial Woman Gray Costume
Feel like you just jumped right into a history book when you put on this Adult Colonial Woman Gray Costume! Perfect for Halloween and school plays, this multi-piece dress costume gives you a historic style that is a consistent favorite year after year. Great for any costumed event. Go with an outfit that can be played for drama or horror when you just add makeup pieces and other items from our huge selection of accessories! When you customize your look it automatically becomes more powerful and memorable!
Mens Co-founding Father Costume
It's definitely safe to say that many of the founding fathers have an impressive history. These men changed the world with how they thought even though it was a little outside the box. If you have what it takes to perform the way these men did, then the Mens Co-founding Father Costume is for you! Although it's no George Washington you will look like you mean business and not have to do much of anything. Buy this authentic costume for your next Halloween or event now!