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Yellow Costumes & Accessories Ideas and Tips

Yellow is such a fun color, bright and bold there is no doubt that when you are wearing some of the Yellow themed costumes and accessories from our Yellow costume collection you are bound to be noticed. Gearing up for game day? we have the perfect colored paint for you! Superhero in need of a yellowcake? We have that too! Everything you need in the color of the sun is here for you in the Yellow themed collection. Whether you are building your own set of costumes and need some fun accessories, or planning on being a rainbow a part of a rainbow with all of your friends, you will find everything you need and more in this Fun, yellow collection. You never know when you might need more beads, and it never hurts to have a spare feather boa lying around. Be ready for the party and so much more with this bright collection!

Deluxe Yellow Fedora
Fedora-able is your style and you're not afraid to show it! When you throw on our Deluxe Yellow Fedora you'll harness the spirit of class and sophistication. An eye popping yellow hue on our chic yet hip fedora, you can bet that it's the ideal way to finish your attire. Make this apart of your wardrobe today.
Yellow Skin Suit Child Costume
This Halloween, put on this Yellow Skin Suit Child Costume, and go trick-or-treating in all yellow! This bright yellow spandex jumpsuit will have you looking like a sunshiny superhero, who radiates all the power of the sun. I know it seems like you may not be able to see clearly while wearing this costume, but we promise you outward visibility in this jumpsuit is all clear! Yellow is the color of happiness, and while wearing this get-up, you'll bring happiness to everyone you're with. Come up with your own cool yellow superhero name, and tell everyone what your secret powers are. Pick up your Yellow Skin Suit Costume today, and this Halloween have a real shiny Halloween!
Deluxe Yellow Cowboy Hat
Outshine the midday sun when you slip a Deluxe Cowboy Hat onto your head! Each felt top has a lightly bent brim and robe neckband threaded through the top of the hat. Wear it for a silly Halloween get-up or to celebrate your team's big win.
Adult Bee Tutu Accessory
Women's Yellow Tutu
They'll slow down to get a good look at you in your Women's Yellow Tutu! Each skirt rests at the low waist and is made of several layers of ruffled tulle. Slip it on under firefighter, Snow White, and Big Bird costumes (sold here) to add bounce and body to the look.
Women's Yellow Bob Wig
Aren't you the chipper one today? Our Women's Yellow Bob Wig will brighten up any party, its cropped cut falling only to the bottom of the chin and styled with long, straight bangs. Cute for college games and Halloween raves.
Yellow Long Wig
You'll look like a ray of sunshine on Halloween when you're wearing our Yellow Long Wig! These long tresses will make you brighten up everyone's holiday, since you'll be a cheery sight with this yellow hair flowing down your back. In this Yellow Long Wig, you'll be the center of attention on Halloween!
Mens Yellow Hero Pants
Yellow Body Paint
Bring every color of the rainbow into your Halloween costume this year, with the help of our Orange Body Paint! Whether you're going out as a pumpkin or a traffic cone, you'll be all the more colorful when you're wearing this easy-to-apply makeup. You'll love how fast this makeup gets you out the door with its user-friendly application!
Deluxe Yellow Top Hat
When you're looking for the best way to add high fashion to your costume, look no further than this Deluxe Yellow Top Hat. It's got a beautiful yellow hue that's sure to garner plenty of attention. Done in garish fanciful style it'll be sure to heighten your class immediately and be the perfect finish to your outfit.
Girl's Yellow Cheerleader Kit
When you're part of the Cheer Squad, it's your job to be happy. Brighten up the game with a Girl's Yellow Cheerleader Kit! This set gives you a pair of yellow pom poms with white handle and a yellow megaphone that says, Go Team!
Neon Yellow Body Paint Make-Up
Youre sure to stand out on Halloween this year when you have our Neon Yellow Body Paint Make-Up to bring some extra sunshine into everyones holiday! While everything else is going to be black and orange, you can do you in this bright yellow body paint. Whether youre going out as the sun or as another eye-catchingly bright character, everyone is going to want to know where you got such long-lasting and quality yellow body paint.
Yellow Bandana
Bring some color to the ranch when you slip a Yellow Bandana around your neck! Each piece is made out of lightweight cotton and is decorated with paisley print. A must-have for any cowboy costume, college game, or Halloween bash.
Yellow Bead Necklaces-Multipack
You'll be a ray of sunshine this Halloween, when you go out in the jewelry from our Yellow Bead Necklaces Multipack! Get ready to shine when you walk into a Halloween party wearing this bright selection of necklaces. You can also mix and match with other colors, since we have beaded necklaces for the entire rainbow!
Womens Yellow Hero Shirt
Yellow Face Paint Stick
Make your makeup easier this Halloween by using our Yellow Face Paint Stick! This face paint stick will let you get out the door faster by cutting your preparation time in half. It's easy to put on face paint with this makeup stick, so check out our whole palette of colors and make this Halloween simpler!
Inflatable - Yellow - Adult Costume
Who is that in shadows? Defending the night? It's Yellow Man! This hilarious Inflatable - Yellow - Adult Costume makes a fantastic stand-alone costume or can be combined with our costume accessories to become a personalized ensemble. Hood, gloves, jumpsuit, and socks ? you'll be covered from head-to-toe.
Orange Boa
Our Orange Boa is a classic Halloween costume item that will make your little girl's Halloween costume all the more stylish! Any costume that requires a show stopping touch of glamour will benefit from these sparkly orange feathers, so don't hesitate to get this essential accessory for your little vaudeville actress this year!
Yellow Makeup
Look like one of the Simpsons when you use Yellow Makeup! This 0.7 ounce tube is packed full of creamy makeup great for any Halloween costume. The tube is resealable so you don't have to worry about wasting it.
Yellow Afro Wig
Honk honk! Turn any situation into a three-ring circus wearing this silly Yellow Afro Wig with your clown get-up. You'll be the sunniest clown in the bunch and it'll make your big red nose really shine.
Yellow Beads
Hand these beads out as party favors or layer them with beads of different colors to get ready for Mardi Grad! Each pack includes six strands so there's enough for you and your friends.
Yellow Tinsle Wig
This Yellow Tinsel Wig will make you look like a ray of sparkly sunshine this Halloween! Top off your Halloween costume with this eye-catching accessory to make your Halloween costume all the more glamorous. You'll love how heads turn at the sight of your glimmering hair when you're wearing this shimmery wig!