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Creepy Girl Window Decor - 2'
Seeing somebody outside your window is terrifying enough as it is, but when you see the Creepy Girl Window Decor - 2' looking in, the scare factor gets taken to a whole other level! With your purchase, you will receive a truly spooky possessed girl prop to suction to your window. Just wait until your kids and guests see this demonic figure looking in at them when the lights go out. Talk about scary! Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween decorations.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Spooky Cheesecloth Banner (36" Long)
Show your friends a truly fun decoration with The Nightmare Before Christmas Spooky Cheesecloth Banner. Inspired by the hit movie, the cloth is decorated with little Jack Skellington heads making a whole bunch of expressions straight from the film. A great way to show off your fandom, this is the perfect item to spruce up your home this Halloween. This banner is 36? long and is made out of paper and Polyester. Get them before Oogie Boogie comes knocking!
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington 17" Wreath
Transform your little village into Halloweentown with this out-of-this world item straight from here. If you grew up in the 90's then you know all about this awesome movie. What better way to do ring in the ghlouly holiday than with this The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington 17" Wreath. You'll be looking for your very own Sally all over the bash just because you have this party supply.
Fortune Telling Fake Window Sign
You can make the trick or treaters think they're about to get their fortune told when you put up this Fortune Telling Fake Window Sign! If you're dressing up as a fortune teller for Halloween, this is the perfect way to welcome people to your palm reading costume party, and the trick or treaters will know to cross your palms with silver before they get their candy from you! A classic way to bring some magic to your neighborhood.
Scary Stone Wall Backdrop
Create a spooky ambiance for Halloween with this Scary Stone Wall Backdrop! The backdrop can easily be hanged on any open wall space. It features a scary stone design that will turn your space into a room fit for a Halloween party! Order a Scary Stone Wall Backdrop online and save on shipping!
3 Piece Warning Tape - 90'
Decorate your house with the 3 Piece Warning Tape - 90' and you'll let all your neighbors and trick or treaters know that this house is one to be wary about. With your purchase, you will receive three different sets of tape, each one displaying a different type of Beware or Caution warning. Perfect for the porch or the lawn, this warning tape is sure to keep your guests on their toes as they approach the door. Buy your Halloween warning tape today!
Ghostly Spirits Jumbo Decor
When Halloween night approaches, you'll be ready with a fright of your own! This spooky Ghostly Spirits Jumbo Halloween Décor is eerie enough, making your home a haunted space and perfect for some delightful terror! The large ghosts are easily noticeable! Who wouldn't notice a jumble of ghosts in the front yard!
Hanging This Way Sign
Help people find your Halloween party with the Hanging This Way Sign! This 12.5? x 7.5? sign is attached to a chain, so it?ll be easy to hang. ?This way? is written in blood, and a severed hand, which has been nailed to the sign, points the way. This creepy sign ensures that your guests will start having fun before they even enter the party.
18" Wreath w/ Skull, Hands & Roses
Who says that Halloween can't have a little beauty? This holiday has lots of creepy pieces, but this 18 Wreath w/ Skull, Hands & Roses lets people know that life can spring from death. It's a great way to set the mood for a classy, fun Halloween party, and it's also a nice option for the Day of the Dead. Plus, it's easy to hang up anywhere, such as on your front door or inside on a wall that needs a little bit of decoration.
Photo Poster - Skeleton
If you're hosting the Halloween party this year, then don't forget to pick up the Photo Poster - Skeleton! Everybody loves a spooky photo shoot on Halloween. With your purchase, you will receive an excellent set of skeleton photo posters to stick your face into for hilarious snapshots with all of your friends. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween decorations and props!
20ft Fright Tape
All of your guests will know what they're getting into when you mark off the party area with this 20 foot length of fright tape! It features a warning to only enter if you dare so that no one will be unprepared for all the spooky props you've set up around your home or yard.
Bloody Window Posters
Warn trick-or-treaters of the horrors to come using our Bloody Window Posters. Decorating your home for Halloween is a lot of fun especially if you want to scare everyone who shows up. This order comes as a pair of large posters measuring 3 feet wide and 5 feet high. They each depict shadowy figures leaving bloody handprints. There are also words spelled in blood which leave a terrifying message. Place these on windows, walls, or doors to scare guests before they even show up!
Machete Killer Curtain
Commemorate your favorite bloodbath movie series with our Machete Killer Curtain as a decoration for your next spooky party! When people walk into your bathroom and see this curtain hanging in your shower, you won't have many guests who want to pee a second time. Hang it up in any season, and especially around Halloween to make everyone remember that there are serial killers like Jason around everywhere. Start spooky season on a killer note with this Friday the 13th curtain!
Metal Sign - Butcher Shop
Use this sign and add some body part props for a terrifying scene. Includes (1) 15.5" x 24.5" Butcher Shop Metal Sign.
Mini Happy Halloween Sign
Decorating your house for the annual Halloween party? Then why not wish all guests a happy Halloween? Introducing the Mini Happy Halloween Sign! Not everything has to involve zombies and monsters. A friendly message displayed on a sign is just as effective, if not more effective than a generic monster sign. Set this sign in front of your porch, or somewhere on your front lawn! That way, everyone will be able to see and read the sign.
Mini Boo Sign
Ghosts? Who doesn't like ghosts, especially when it's Halloween! Ghosts are one of the most classic symbols of the holiday, so it's only fair that you incorporate some as part of your decorations. Put this mini sign somewhere noticeable and so that all guests will be able to see it. Not only does it blend in with the Halloween holiday, but it adds a nice spooky theme to your house as well!
Pirate Fabric Door Topper
Jason Wall Decal
Skull & Roses Wreath
Why should Christmas be the only holiday that gets wreaths? You can make our Skull And Roses Wreath a fixture of your Halloween decor and make all the trick or treaters look forward to the spookiest night of the year a little early. Put it up as soon as the weather turns crisp to make your haunted house welcoming to everyone who stops by during the autumn season. Then the trick or treaters will get one more treat when they see this wreath!
Beetlejuice Sign
Light Up Animated Beware Sign - 18.5"
Place the Light Up Animated Beware Sign - 18.5" on your front door this Halloween and all the trick or treaters will know right away that this house is haunted. With your purchase, you will receive an 18.5" hangable sign featuring a spider and spiderweb design, glowing lights, and the word "Beware" written across the front. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your spooky Halloween decorations and lawn props!
Halloween Gel
Everyone likes to watch sticky goo gel drip down from a mysterious or unique decoration! Spice things up at this year's Halloween party by using this Halloween Gel with the rest of your props and items. Place these Halloween themed gel stickers next to your other decorations so that they compliment them and take your event to new places. Depending on the decorations themselves, the gel stickers might go very well hand in hand too!
Day of the Dead Wall Art Decoration
Take your home's Day of the Dead decorative theme to the next level with this awesome Day of the Dead Wall Art Decoration! Brightly printed on high-quality material and easy to hang, you are well on your way to a complete party theme that will have people talking all year long! Don't let an empty wall ruin an otherwise spectacular theme! Find everything you need to throw your perfect Day of the Dead party when you take a look around our huge selection of Halloween home decorations!
Black Out Wall Background Roll
Set the stage for a sleek party by covering the room in a roll of this Black Out Background wallpaper. This dark wallpaper is the quickest and easiest fix to unwanted white or light colored walls around a dance floor or in a haunted house. Each roll measures out at 48 by 100 inches. Pick up a few rolls of this black wallpaper for larger rooms and surface areas. This is perfect for black light parties, murder mysteries, or anytime you want to make a room a little more dark and spooky. It's removable, so you can decorate and redecorate again in black whenever you'd like!
Hanging Skull Border Decoration
Complete a dungeon setting in your own haunted house plans by using this Hanging Skull Border Decoration. It adds just a bit more to the already terrifying experience. It comes as a wall border to place along the top near the ceiling. The printed images show evil skulls attached to chains. The decoration is great for giving any room a horrifying appearance. If youre in need of even more Halloween and scary props or decorations, we have plenty to choose from at great deals.
IT Movie Pennywise Wall Breaker Decoration
Youre going to love watching people walk into your Halloween party this year and freak out when they see this IT Movie Pennywise Wall Breaker Decoration! This decoration is going to make it look like the killer clown from IT is breaking into your house right through the wall, so youre going to be able to give some people a real fright with it! When people see Pennywise creeping his way into the party, they wont be able to stifle a shudder!
Rotted Wood Wall Covering
The house creaking is going to be even creepier with this Rotted Wood Wall Covering. Design your own haunted house without changing a thing. This item comes as a large backdrop printed with rotten wood panel designs. Set it up in hallways, living rooms, and other places, even outdoors! It will make for a great spot to take photos with creepy characters. Look around for other Halloween party supplies and decorations to complete your plans!
Witch Wall Art Decoration
Entertain party guests or startle trick-or-treaters with this Witch Wall Art Decoration! Durable and made of high-quality materials, this unforgettable home Halloween decoration is attention-getting and easy to hang! Complete a decorative theme that will make everyone feel like they just walked into a mystical dungeon! Check out all of our Witch and Wizard themed Halloween decorations to find all the brooms and fake spider webs you need to build a haunted experience that will be talked about all year long!
Halloween Forest Wall Decor