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Wig Cap
Transferring to a new school is rough, but when you are a zombie being transferred to a new suburban high school, its even rougher for both the new kids in the school and the students already enrolled. Good thing there is a lot of music and dancing! Order the Z-O-M-B-I-E-S: Kids Wig so you can be well coifed for the first day of school, or for Halloween.
Womens A League Of Their Own Rockford Peaches Costume
There's no crying in baseball! You'll be the cutest peach baseball player in a Rockford Peaches Adult Costume for Halloween! A League of Their Own is still one of the most popular baseball films to date. The Rockford Peaches outfit for women includes a character dress, belt, hat, socks and inflatable bat. Order your Rockford Peaches Adult Costume online and hit a home run!
Child Flannel Santa Suit
The Child Flannel Santa Suit is a great boy's costume if you want to dress like a Christmas character. Make us your source for party supplies and costumes for all occasions. You'll find everything you need at a low price with fast shipping too. It's time to get the party started!
Car Hop Girl Child Costume
You have the burger, the fries, the cream soda...oh no! What about the milkshake? Be the cutest waitress anyone has seen when you put on this Car Hop Girls Kids Costume! The black polyester top has short sleeves and a patch that reads, Junior's Diner. The white lapels and cuffs match your bright white apron, the black ruffle running along the edge adding a cute flair. The A-line skirt is sewn from blue satin that will shine as you're skating out to talk with your customers. A small blue cap comes with the set, its string of sequins matching that on the cuffs and apron. Pop it on to finish your Car Hop Girls Kids Costume and you're sure to have a great shift! Wear it with black shoes, bobby socks, and 50s jewelry (sold here) to look like you stepped out of America's past.
Wig Cap (Black)
If you're wearing a wig for Halloween, don't forget to buy a wig cap! Before you put your wig on, tuck your hair underneath the Wig Cap (Black) to prevent your real hair from showing. Besides keeping your hair in place, a wig cap is essential for making your wig fit smoothly. Wigs can be itchy too and a wig cap helps with that problem so you can enjoy yourself instead of scratching your head all night. If you're planning to wig out this Halloween, make sure you get the black nylon wig cap!
Mens Plus Size Bleeding Killer Clown Costume
Fear of clowns in very common. And if people are afraid of fun circus clowns, imagine how they will feel when they see you in the Men's Plus Size Bleeding Killer Clown Costume. Included in this fearsome set is a black and white jumpsuit, collar and mask. The jumpsuit is split down the middle, with one side featuring black and white vertical stripes, while the other side features black polka dots on a white background. The shoulders are covered by a layered black collar trimmed in white. The creepiest piece in the white mask, which covers the entire face. It is accented with black around the lips nose and eyes and has a large red cut on the forehead. Highlighted on top is a mini top hat. Also available in children's sizes. Gloves and shoes are not available.
Fake Cigarettes for Adults
If you're going for a dapper look this Halloween, then you've gotta look like the part all the way. Accessories are the best way to liven up any costume an they're the stuff that really takes an outfit to the next level. Look cool and pretend to smoke a few with the Fake Cigarettes for Adults! These faux cigarettes are just the accessory to pair with a cool costume. Order it online today!
Adult Red and Green Elf Hat with Bells
Complete your traditional Christmas elf costume with this adult red and green elf hat with bells! This cute and adorable polyester hat gives you the instant identity of one of Santa's Little Helpers and can be worn as part of a complete costume or just to put a little holiday cheer into any existing outfit! Features bells to really let you ring in the Christmas season! Add a toy tool belt to really make your elf look productive! Find even more great ideas when you look through our full selection of holiday costumes and accessories for the entire family! Order your adult red and green elf hat with bells on line now for a terrific price and fast shipping!
Skeleton Hot Hands Halloween Lightshow
Your neighbors are going to be dazzled when they walk by your house in October and see our Skeleton Hot Hands Halloween Lightshow making your home into the most sensational Halloween destination in the neighborhood! With this light show out on your lawn, you can fill the imaginations of your trick or treaters with spooky scary skeletons, giving them Halloween memories that will stick with them for years to come. For a whole new level of decoration, give them a light show!
Reindeer Kit
Complete your reindeer costume this Christmas with this fun reindeer kit! Made of high-quality and durable material this antler headpiece, red nose and red collar with bells gives you an instantly recognizable look on its own but look absolutely incredible as part of a full reindeer costume! Perfect for any Christmas celebration all season long! Check out our entire selection of holiday costumes and accessories for the entire family! Order your reindeer kit online today for a great price and fast shipping!
Paw Patrol: Marshall Classic Costume for Toddlers
What's cuter than puppies if not toddlers? The cute mesh of toddlers dressed as adorable puppies will be a fun sight this Halloween for your little one's first (or second) Halloween! Get your little ones the Paw Patrol: Marshall Classic Costume for Toddlers! Try it out this year and get it online today with fast shipping!
Star Trek Spock Wig
You can ensure that the rest of the party will live long and prosper with you serving as the senior science officer overseeing that all the planning and events go precisely as they need to. Our Star Trek Spock Wig gives you all the brains and style to pull of this iconic character from Star Trek. Balance out the wild antics of your crewmates with a cool and calm intelligence that makes just that much cooler. If you had to describe this mask with only one word, we'd suggest ?fascinating.?
Mixed Media Elf Animated Inflatable Airblown Decor
80's Womens Accessory Kit
Channel the magic of the 80's this Halloween when you pick up our 80's Womens Accessory Kit! If you're dressing up as an 80's star this Halloween, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this special kit. Complete with a pair of lacey black fingerless gloves and an 80's black lace head scarf, you'll look like you just stepped out of a portal from the 1980's. Buy your kit today, and then scan our site for the rest of your 80's costume and accessory needs!
From scary stories to scary movies, there is always a weapon of destruction from the antagonist. How about an axe? Complete your scary look this Halloween with a high-flying, terrifying axe. Everyone will believe you're a serial killer or maniac of the night with this unique weapon to accompany you this year.
Mens 10 Piece Santa Suit Set
Ho ho ho! Here at Costume SuperCenter, there is nothing better than having an item that makes you feel like Saint Nick in the flesh! Gather up your reindeer when you rock this Men's 10 Piece Santa Suit Set. Watch all of the kiddies love your ensemble that will be totally complete from head to toe. If there is one thing you need to make the holidays the most wonderful time of the year, it's totally this ensemble.
Adult Jason Hoodie
Halloween Treat Bags
LED Nutcracker Lightshow Inflatable Airblown Decor
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Inflatable
If you really want to lighten up your Halloween, you can put this Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Inflatable decoration up on your lawn! With this larger than life pumpkin inflatable, you can make your next trick or treat night into the most magical Halloween the neighborhood kids have ever experienced. Perfect for entertaining kids, you can make any haunted house friendlier when you have this Jack O Lantern inflatable out on your lawn to greet them.
Girls Ever After High Apple White Costume
Your daughter can show everyone how much she loves Ever After High with this Apple White costume! Apple White is the daughter of Snow White, and she's eager to play her mother's role and become a beloved queen. Apple is the leader of the Royal movement at Ever After High, comprised of students who believe that everyone must fulfill their destiny and play their part in their respective stories, whether good or bad. This costume is officially licensed and includes a glitzy red dress with black trim, a white bolero shrug, and black tights. Add our separate Apple White wig for a complete Ever After High costume, and get one of your daughter's friends to dress up as Apple's frenemy Raven Queen for a fun group costume!
Girl's Scurvy Pirate Costume
Some girls want to be princesses for Halloween and that?s okay. Other girls want to be awesome for Halloween, and that?s even better! Our incredible Girls? Scurvy Pirate Costume offers the perfect blend of festive and fun that your kids will absolutely love. Gather a hearty crew together and prepare to set sail this season with our classic favorite! Featuring all the parts you?ll need to transform your little girl into a hardened sailor, they?ll fall in love with the detail and color of our celebration of the maritime tradition, the bad one of course. Pair up your little one with plenty of swords and prop guns as they fight to defend their hard earned treasure and explore the vast ocean in a never ending quest for treasure. Keep your car keys on hand this Halloween, your little pirates will need a trusty vessel after all! So prepare to be boarded this season with our Girls? Scurvy Pirate Costume and get ready for a season full of adventure and sword slinging enjoyment for the entire f
Gold Pom-Pom Set
You'll make captain of the cheer squad for sure when you lead the pep rally with this Gold Pom-Pom set! These gold pom poms will get everyone on their feet for the big game. You'll be the most admired girl in the school when you walk into a Halloween party carrying these essential cheerleader accessories.
Celestial Moon Hairclip Accessory
Call upon the power of the moon this Halloween to help pull your costume together in time for your big debut and pick up the Celestial Moon Hairclip Accessory. This product brings with it a small but distinctive flourish that will help pull your hairstyle together while providing a welcome boost to your costumes celestial aesthetic. Featuring the moon, several small chains hang free with star-shaped ends that help give it the visual oomph you want to steal the show.
Child Sublimation Elf Shirt
Make all of your child's Christmas dreams come true this year when you pick up our Child Sublimation Elf Shirt! If your little one loves to imagine him or herself as a hard-working elf in one of Santa's North Pole shops, then you know for sure they're going to love this festive shirt. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your tot into a magical little snow elf. Buy your shirt today, and go fill this holiday season with lots of toys!
Villainous Leisure Suit Costume for Men
Dressing up as the Joker or a colorful and vibrant villain this Halloween? Then don't miss out on our Villainous Leisure Suit Costume for Men! With your purchase, you will receive a bright red suit jacket with an attached golden yellow vest, a green dickie, and a pair of matching red pants. Pair this fun costume with a Joker mask or some face make-up from our site and you'll be ready to wreak havoc wherever you go. Buy your villain suit costume today!
Christmas Classic Pet Bowtie
You'll make your dog feel like part of the festivities during your holiday party when you dress him up in this Christmas Classic Pet Bowtie! The red and green color scheme of this bow tie is going to make your dog want to hang out under the Christmas tree all day long on the big holiday. Santa is sure to leave your furry friend a dog treat or two when he sees your pooch wearing this accessory!
6ft Giant Grim Reaper Decoration
We all fear death, and whether you want to admit it or not, we are also afraid of the reaper that comes with it. Bring everyone's fear to life this Halloween with the 6ft Giant Grim Reaper Decoration. Hang this bad boy from a tree or post and watch as your friends and neighbors look on in fear.
Queen of the Dance Hall Costume for Women
Ready to dance all night long this Halloween? Then don't forget to pick up our Queen of the Dance Hall Costume for Women! With your purchase, you will receive an absolutely stunning blue dancer dress, as well as a matching choker and a black headpiece. While donning this gorgeous get-up, you'll be tearing up the dance floor in no time. Buy your dancer costume today, and go make this Halloween a night filled with tons of dancing fun!
Adult Freddy Krueger Mask and Printed Shirt