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Hats & Headpieces

Nothing completes a costume like a hat. Whether it is for a full outfit or you just want to have an entertaining lid for a party, there is something about tops that can truly change the entire way you look. This way, you are always able to have an incredible look, without going out and spending all sorts of money. From a fancy fedora to an oversized cowboy hat, we carry a wide range of awesome hats that will be sure to add something truly great to your costume.

Hats & Headpieces Accessories Ideas and Tips

From pirates to pharaohs, gangster and even Victorian bonnets, there are so many fun costume accessories in our hats and headpiece collection it will make your head spin! Spice up every costume with one of our beautiful themed hats, headdresses or headgear.

Perfect for adding the fishing touches to your pirate captain, or making your presence even more royal as an iconic Egyptian ruler, these accessories will make every costume more complete. Whether it is for a full outfit or you just want to have an entertaining lid for a party, there is something about tops that can truly change the entire way you look. This way, you are always able to have an incredible look, without going out and spending all sorts of money. From a fancy fedora to an oversized cowboy hat, we carry a wide range of awesome hats that will be sure to add something truly great to your costume.

Black Fireman Adult Hat
With a hat such as this, no one in town has to worry about any fires or other accidents happening! Introducing the Black Fireman Adult Hat! Turn yourself into a courageous fire fighter for Halloween, or for any costume party of the year. But, even if there is a flame or anything else, you will put that fire out in a blink of an eye! Turn yourself into a unique hero and impress others at the party. Combine the hat with any firefighter costume for a complete and realistic look. No fire is going to be too hot to handle!
Deluxe Colonial Tricorn Hat
The Adult Unisex Airline Pilot Hat is a great accessory for any great aviator. The navy hat features a gold and black band with wings applique, and adjustable snap closures in the back. Pair with a leather bomber jacket for an incredible look perfect for Halloween.
Purple Adult Hat with Feathers
Look your best next time your toil over a cauldron. The Purple Adult Hat with Feathers is a must have for any fashionable witch. It features an old fashioned purple witch hat with tall pointed top and large brim. It is accessorized with black mesh and a plume of feathers. Use it to transform one of your everyday outfits into witch's garb or wear it with a witch costume (not included)
Spanish Hat
Need something special to top off your Spanish-inspired Halloween costume or just want to celebrate your Spanish heritage? The Spanish Hat is a stylish way to do just that! The brim of the black hat measures 22.5,? and the hat is made of polyester for comfortable wear. Pair it with a Zorro costume and watch over the neighborhood as a masked vigilante. Wear it with a flamenco outfit and impress the ladies with your dance moves. The Spanish hat looks great with everything, so order yours pronto!
Brown Adult Cowboy Hat
Throw on your spurs and ride off into the sunset this year! Hard to be a cowboy without a hat though. This sturdy hat is a wonderful compliment to your western-themed costume! It'll be high noon at the costume party this year. Two-step your way over from house to house when trick-or-treating. Does not include cowboy costume.
Witch Hat Adult
Brew up a traditional look in your cauldron. Top off any outfit using our Witch Hat Adult. This item is made of black taffeta material. It is in the familiar pointed style with wide brim. This comes in a large size meant for adults. Come up with your own appearance using this Witch Hat. We offer all sorts of makeup kits, costumes, and accessories to match!
Adult Red and Green Elf Hat with Bells
Complete your traditional Christmas elf costume with this adult red and green elf hat with bells! This cute and adorable polyester hat gives you the instant identity of one of Santa's Little Helpers and can be worn as part of a complete costume or just to put a little holiday cheer into any existing outfit! Features bells to really let you ring in the Christmas season! Add a toy tool belt to really make your elf look productive! Find even more great ideas when you look through our full selection of holiday costumes and accessories for the entire family! Order your adult red and green elf hat with bells on line now for a terrific price and fast shipping!
Deluxe Pirate Hat Adult
Set a path for your own ship to sail while wearing the Deluxe Pirate Hat Adult. Use one of the oldest pirating accessories around to complete your look. The hat is made to fit most sizes. It has a dark brown coloring and a tricorne design. It has an authentic appearance to it which makes it a great prop for various purposes. Top off any pirating ensemble using this Pirate hat! Pick out some of our other items and costumes to use as well.
Adult Freddy Krueger Hat
With the Adult Freddy Krueger Hat, you can top off a look that is so classic, teens have seen it in their dreams. Krueger's hat is almost as famous as he is. Complete your Freddy Look with this old, wretched brown hat tattered with the souls of his victims. Sweet dreams...
Wired Witch Hat Adult
Hop on your broom and fly across the night sky on Halloween as a witch! Witches are seen as classic symbols of Halloween, which is why you see them on decorations, Halloween stickers, etc. So if you plan on going to the party as an evil witch, you definitely need this hat to upgrade your look. Banal witch hats are the same year after year, but not this one! Pointy and crooked, it adds a bit of originality and flavor to your new look and makes you unique. Arrive to the party in style and mesmerize guests with your new spells!
Adult Jeepers Creepers Hat
If you're planning on dressing up as an ancient demonic monster who feasts on human flesh this year, then you definitely are going to want to add the Adult Jeepers Creepers Hat to your look. With this item, you will receive just the hat you need to scare any human from a mile away. Featuring the classic Jeepers Creepers hat that looks like it came straight out of the horror film, you're going to love donning this spooky look.
White Gangster Hat
Roll up on the rival gang in a stylish way. Introducing the White Gangster Hat! Look intimidating, yet clean and professional as you wear this hat with dignity and pride. Add a nice, white suit and matching pants to complete your costume and look something amazing and spectacular. Make a grand entrance at your next 1920's themed party, or even Halloween party as a respectable mob boss or henchmen. People are sure to respect your look, meaning that they are certain to respect you as a whole!
Crown of Thorns
Want to have a holy Halloween this year? Get the Crown of Thorns and emulate the son of God. Lay this brown crown of thorns upon your head and look just like Jesus Christ. Pair it with a robe and brown beard and mustache for a look worthy of the Messiah. This Biblical accessory is also great for Easter and church plays. Be the Savior of Halloween in the Crown of Thorns!
Flapper Hat w/ Flowers
You'll look and feel just like a gorgeous 1920's flapper girl this Halloween when you put on our Flapper Hat w/ Flowers! With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful gray hat adorned with pretty black and maroon flower designs as well as a matching black ribbon and flower bow. Pair this stunning hat with any number of our elegant flapper costumes from our site, and you'll have a night of pure fun. Buy your flapper girl hat today!
Deluxe Native American Headdress Adult
The rustic yet calming nature of the Native Americans can be found in their garb and decor. When you finish your traditional costume off with our Deluxe Native American Headdress, you'll bring that bucolic aura to your attire perfectly. Our hat has the perfect look to it with it's garish feathers and faux leather band. Make this the finishing piece to your outfit today!
Lady Buccaneer Adult Hat
When you go out to find your treasure on Halloween, youre going to need a hat to let your crew know youre the captain this year! Youre going to make Jack Sparrow himself envy your style when you put on this Lady Buccaneer Adult Hat, since its a Pirates of the Caribbean worthy piece of costuming that will give you the vibes of a swashbuckling adventurer. When you show up to Tortuga wearing this youre sure to turn some heads!
Brown Suede Child Cowboy Hat
Whether your little one is dressing up as a gunslinging cowboy or Indiana Jones, you definitely don't want to miss out on our Brown Suede Child Cowboy Hat! With your purchase, you will receive a fun and stylish brown cowboy hat which will pair perfectly with any western or adventurer get-up. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your cowboy costume and accessory needs!
Celestial Moon Hairclip Accessory
Call upon the power of the moon this Halloween to help pull your costume together in time for your big debut and pick up the Celestial Moon Hairclip Accessory. This product brings with it a small but distinctive flourish that will help pull your hairstyle together while providing a welcome boost to your costumes celestial aesthetic. Featuring the moon, several small chains hang free with star-shaped ends that help give it the visual oomph you want to steal the show.
Deluxe Yellow Fedora
Fedora-able is your style and you're not afraid to show it! When you throw on our Deluxe Yellow Fedora you'll harness the spirit of class and sophistication. An eye popping yellow hue on our chic yet hip fedora, you can bet that it's the ideal way to finish your attire. Make this apart of your wardrobe today.
White Satin Mini Sailor Hat Adult
Set sail on a private cruise this Halloween with this adult white mini sailor hat. Everyone will want to make that a cruise for two when you add this fun item to your sexy sailor costume.
Adult Mini Black Steampunk Top Hat
Adult Mini Brown Steampunk Top Hat
Adult Brown Mountie Hat
Are you scouring the Australian outback or are you a dedicated mountain ranger? Whatever you choose to be for Halloween, make sure you have the Adult Brown Mountie Hat! This Adult Brown Mountie Hat is perfect for drill sergeant, park ranger, or police trooper Halloween costume. The possibilities are endless when you don the Adult Brown Mountie Hat!
Black and Silver Deluxe Flapper Headband
You've got the perfect party outfit for a roaring twenties themed gala. Now you need the perfect finish to your costume. That's where this Black and Silver Deluxe Flapper Headband comes into play. It has a beautiful black design with a silver trim that's sure to complement your attire and look fantastic at the same time. Bring it all together with this headband.
Tropicalia Fruit Hat Adult
Your festive costume needs an extra special hat to top it off! The Tropicalia Fruit Hat Adult features a variety of colorful wild flowers, green grapes hanging from the side, and a huge green feather sticking out from the hat.
Wild West Hat
Time travel back to the days of the Wild West by wearing the perfect accessory. Choose the Wild West Hat to complete your costume. Every cowboy or cowgirl needs a hat to protect him or her from the sun! Also use this hat to look more menacing. Or, use the hat to portray yourself as a well-meaning sheriff!
Astronaut Helmet
Can you hear me, Major Tom? With our Astronaut Helmet, you'll be ready to contact Ground Control, or float away among the stars! Your Astronaut Helmet has a NASA logo on one side and an American flag on the other, letting any aliens you meet know that the USA is winning the space race! You can flip up the visor of your helmet when you're in oxygenated areas, or seal your helmet to make repairs to your spaceship out in the void. We also have plenty of other great space related items in stock, that will provide you with the best astronaut costume in the galaxy! The stars look very different today, with our Astronaut Helmet!
Plastic Viking Helmet Adult
Conquer your Halloween costume with the Plastic Viking Helmet Adult! The rounded helmet is gold with black studs around the bottom rim. Each side features a protruding white horn with a black tip. Your viking costume won't be complete without the Plastic Viking Helmet Adult, so don't hesitate to buy your very own.
Day of the Dead Veil with Headband
Adorn your head with a crown of rosettes any time you put on the Day of the Dead Veil with Headband. This stunning accessory will place a row of alternating red and black roses at the top of your head. Behind these flowers are tall, green leaves. Hanging gorgeously from the back of the headband is a veil made of black lace.
Light Up Horn Unicorn
If you're dressing up as a unicorn this Halloween, the you of course are going to need a magical horn to complete the look! Lucky for you, the Light Up Horn Unicorn Accessory will certainly have you feeling enchanted as ever. With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful white light-up horn that will have everyone admiring you wherever you go. Spread your unicorn magic and grace the world with your presence this Halloween, all while donning this celestial horn. Buy yours today!