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Justice League

What's more powerful than Superman? Try Superman teamed up with some of DC Comics' other superheroes like Green Lantern and the Flash. That's why we suggest teaming up with your friends and dressing in our Justice League costumes this Halloween. Our collection of officially licensed DC styles will make sure that you do each of the characters justice. Buy Justice League costumes today!

Women's Justice League Costumes

The DC Universe is a great place to go if you are looking for powerful women characters. Not just Wonder Woman, although she's amazing, but just about every traditionally male costume has an officially licensed female interpretation that is a sure-fire way to turn heads and bring some action to your Halloween. As the first lady of the Justice League, there are many different Wonder Woman costumes that will show off your individual taste. If you would prefer to spend your time beating up bad guys in Gotham, a high quality replica of Batman's iconic suit is waiting for you with a comfortable fit that will keep you kung fu fighting all night long. Get your Halloween off on the right foot with a female Flash costume that will dominate a costume contest in the blink of an eye. Don't forget to choose your hero’s perfect arsenal of signature weapons from our entire selection of officially licensed Justice League accessories!

Men's Justice League Costumes

Ever since you were a kid you wanted to be a superhero, and now's your chance! Choose from one of our comfortable and durable officially licensed Justice League Halloween costumes for men and you have a solid attack plan, whatever your plans might entail. Take to the streets as The Batman, or watch from above as Superman, the Man of Steel. If you were really taken in by the Justice League movie, show your love of water with an Aquaman costume that will make you the star of everyone's Instagram. Whichever hero you choose, deck them out with the very best weapon accessories you can find!

Boy's Justice League Costumes

Your little hero is ready to save Halloween when they step into one of our comfortable and versatile Justice League costumes for boys. If your kid can't get enough of Batman's adventures in Gotham, you will find a Halloween costume that will make them feel like they are in the middle of the action! For your unstoppable little ball of energy, there is a Flash replica costume that can make them look as fast as they feel. This colorful collection of heroes is not short of compelling, interesting and downright awesome characters for your child to choose from. Then you can have fun choosing from all our Justice League accessories to create a look no one has ever seen before.

Girl's Justice League Costumes

Put some girl power into your daughter's Halloween when you choose from one of our officially licensed Justice League Halloween costumes for girls. With a selection of different styles of fan-favorite female heroes, your little girl will love to wear her costume all day long. You will love watching her fly up and down the trick-or-treat route, or just watching the Justice League movie dressed as her all-time favorite hero. Our Justice League costumes for girls are a terrific way to show that super heroics is no longer just a boy’s game!

Justice League Group Costumes

No group personifies the ideal of teamwork and togetherness better than DC Comics legendary Justice League. You and your friends or coworkers can share in that camaraderie when you choose to make the Justice League your group costume theme this Halloween. Choose from our super-powered selection of different designs for all your favorite Justice League heroes. Even cinematic newcomers like Flash and Cyborg have eye-popping designs that will help you create Halloween memories that will last a lifetime. If you are a hit at Halloween, you all can even take your act on the road to any movie screening or comic book convention!

Kids DC Comics Batman Costume Deluxe
Stop the Joker in his tracks in the DC Comics Deluxe Batman Child Costume. Batman gained tons of new fans thanks to the silly, action-packed LEGO Batman film. This particular item is loosely modeled on the LEGO Batman design. It comes as a padded jumpsuit with muscular features. There are 3D gauntlets and boot tops as well as Batman?s symbol. You receive a yellow utility belt with bold lining to appear like the real thing. Complete the look with a long cape and face mask and you?re ready to enjoy that lobster. This Batman outfit is great for kids to wear during comic conventions and Halloween parties. Take a look at some of our toy weapons, accessories, and other clothing items to see what can be included.
Big Dogs' Superman Pet Halloween Costume
What is even more fun than dressing up as the quintessential superhero of all time? Dressing up man's best friend as the powerful Superman! Your dog will be one amazing pet when you slip him into this sensational Big Dogs' Superman Pet Halloween Costume (XXL) for Halloween!
The Batman Costume
Jump into the role of the protector of Gotham City in our classic Batman Costume. The snug-fitting costume is made of comfy polyester, making it easier for you to save the day. The jumpsuit of the costume is gray and black with yellow belt, Batman's logo across the chest, and black gauntlet arms sewed in. The costume also includes a headpiece with ears and black cape with blue interior. This Batman will have you looking the part of the goodhearted vigilante and feeling like a super hero. The Joker won't have a word to say when he sees you in this costume, no villains will even be attempting to threaten your city. If you're one of the comic fans that likes to go all out, we also have gauntlets, batarangs, and grappling hook available for sale separately.
Baby/Toddler Justice League Batman Deluxe Costume
Gotham City needs Batman, especially on the dark day of Halloween, when the villains come out to play, albeit catastrophically! Your little guy will be the city's hero, when he dresses up in this adorable Batman Deluxe Toddler Costume! Halloween is complete with a mini Batman!
DC Comics The Flash Muscle Chest Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume
Speed over to grab this DC Comics The Flash Muscle Chest Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume. He is the fastest man alive and has appeared in many comics, cartoons, shows, and even films. Kids can now become as quick as this superhero! Orders come as a red jumpsuit featuring built-in muscle padding. There are yellow boot tops and a matching lightning belt. Complete the look using a face mask which is red and has attached bolt features on the sides. Don't waste time thinking how cool this Flash costume would be for your child. Order it now along with all sorts of other DC Comics products!
Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Costume
Pants, Top, Jacket, Belt, Tiara, Gauntlets, and Lasso. Does not include boots.
Wonder Woman Movie Sword
Complete all kinds of costumes by adding the Wonder Woman Movie Sword. This item measures 28 inches in length and is an exact copy of the version used by Wonder Woman in the film. It has engravings along the blade and an entwined hilt. It makes for a great weapon to use for knights, gladiators, and Medieval outfits.
Adult Wonder Woman Movie shield
Arm yourself with the Wonder Woman Movie Adult Shield. This item measures 23 inches across and is a replica of the one used by Wonder Woman in the film. There is an engraved design of the sun centered on the shield. Equip even more toy weapons and accessories from our Wonder Woman collection to prepare for battle.
Adult Batman Mask
Save Gotham as the hero it needs, not the hero it deserves, when you put on this Adult Batman Mask! Youre going to love looking in the mirror and seeing your favorite Dark Knight when you stop in a restroom on Halloween, so take up the mantle of Bruce Wayne in this grim and gritty mask. Youre going to love how this mask keeps you comfy for the whole night while still letting the Joker know that you mean business.
Adult Wonder Woman Movie - Wonder Woman Costume
Show everyone that your favorite superhero cares a lasso of truth this Halloween! Buy the Wonder Woman Movie - Wonder Woman Adult Costume and truly become a superhero for a day! This officially licensed ensemble features a gold, red, and blue dress with attached shorts, a gold belt, silver gauntlets, and boot covers. Finish this look with boots or sneakers. Add a toy sword and a lasso of truth as accessories. All accessories are sold separately. Form your own team of Amazons with your friends.
Aquaman Movie Adult Aquaman Beard and Wig Set Accessories
Youre going to look almost as hot as Jason Momoa when you have on this Aquaman Movie Adult Aquaman Beard and Wig Set Accessories! When you put on these gorgeous, flowing locks of Aquaman hair youre going to feel like youve just stepped out of the makeup trailer on a Marvel movie set, and youre going to look about as good as a Marvel star, too! When the girls see you in this merman wig set, theyre sure to want to take a swim with you this Halloween.
DC Super Heroes Adult Wonder Woman Jumpsuit
Eat, breathe, and sleep your favorite Marvel superheroine while wearing our DC Super Heroes Adult Wonder Woman Jumpsuit ! Your toes will be warm and your powers will be at their peak when you go about your everyday superhero duties while wearing this comfy and empowering Wonder Woman pajama set. Kick butt as the coolest member of the Justice League without leaving the comfort of your bed in this onesie. Why hasnt Marvels casting department called you yet?!
Big Dogs' Wonder Woman Pet Halloween Costume
Mankind's best friend is set to transform into the companion of the superheroine known as Wonder Woman! Dress up your dog this Halloween in this sensational Big Dogs' Wonder Woman Pet Halloween Costume (XXL)! Your pooch will amuse the trick o' treaters any which way she wags her tail!
Batman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit
Go from Bruce Wayne to Batman in seconds with the Batman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit! This 100% cotton gray t-shirt has a black and yellow Batman logo and printed yellow belt. You'll love the way the black cape flaps in the breeze as you keep watch over Gotham City. The black mask will keep your identity a secret?all anyone will figure out is that this mystery man knows how to be comfortable while fighting crime. Be the Caped Crusader this Halloween in the Batman t-shirt costume kit for adults!
Batman Cape and Mask Adult
Dash through the streets of Gotham City in true Batman style! This Halloween, you may be far from the Gotham city limits, but you'll be frequenting the Halloween celebrations as the awesome superhero Batman! Transform your existing Batman look into a complete one with this fantastic Batman Cape and Mask Adult!
Boys Deluxe Justice League Flash Costume
Speed up a little bit, take on the big baddies in speedy fashion. Your kid loves watching the Flash run around like the speed of light. We've got everything that your little guy needs to run back and forth at the speed of sound with our Boy's Deluxe Flash Costume. Officially licensed by DC comics, so you know that we've captured the essence of speed and crime fighting. It'll be a blast for your kid to wear this bold muscle jumpsuit that is etched to perfection. Molded after the flash himself, it'll be the role that your kid has been looking for the entire time. It comes with a pair of 3D gauntlets, boot toppers, and of course his signature mask. Your kid will have the aura of his favorite hero when he wears this Boy's Deluxe Flash Costume.
Infant Superman Costume
Your little angel will be taking on villains with his cuteness alone this Halloween when you pick up our Infant Superman Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your special tot into the Man of Steel himself. While all decked out in this fun costume, not even Kryptonite will be able to get to your little one this Halloween. Buy your Superman baby costume today, and go make this Halloween a heroic one!
Wonder Woman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit
Become a new superhero this Halloween. With the Wonder Woman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit, you are sure to take the bad guys on in style. Looking for a Wonder Woman costume without the tight skirt? This costume kit is for you. It comes with a shirt, headpiece, and cape. Combine it with out Batman or Superman T-Shirt Adult Costume Kits for a powerful look for your squad.
Wonder Woman Wig
Superman is sure to take a second look when you put on a Wonder Woman Wig! Each black-brown wig is bursting with body and bounce. It falls to the shoulders in a waterfall of loose curls. Also great for Rockabilly and 80s costumes.
Deluxe Aquaman Adult Costume - Aquaman Movie
Become the King of the Sea this Halloween when you put on the Deluxe Aquaman Adult Costume - Aquaman Movie! Swim into the party wearing this glorious superhero get-up, and you'll send Black Manta running for the door. With your purchase, you will receive a fun muscle chest jumpsuit with attached gauntlets, as well as a pair of matching boot tops. Team up with Mera and the rest of the Atlantis gang this Halloween and go make this your best night yet!
Baby/Toddler Justice League Wonder Woman Dress Costume
Wonder Woman is the Goddess of Truth, and she is one of the most amazing superheroes to hit the theaters in the history of all superheroes! With her lasso of truth, she can command anyone to speak honesty without hiding behind any lies. With her indestructible braces and shield, she can deflect bullets back at her enemies. And with her golden tiara and magic sword, she can swipe and slice her foes with ease! Simply put, Wonder Woman is not somebody to mess with. She's like the equivalent of Thor (if not stronger), and she can pack a real punch and kick. Nobody can take her down. This Halloween, welcome your baby daughter into the amazing world of Wonder Woman when you buy the Wonder Woman Dress and Diaper Cover Set Costume for Babies. This adorable get-up will have your little angel ready for action in no time! Be extra cute and buy a Wonder Woman adult costume from our site, so you can match your daughter this Halloween as the most powerful female superhero on Earth. Nothing is cuter
Adult Wonder Woman Justice League Costume Top
DC Comics Superheroes Wonder Woman Adult Deluxe Cape
Rise to command the entire Amazon legion when you have our DC Comics Superheroes Wonder Woman Adult Deluxe Cape to waft behind you in the breeze! When youre decked out in this cape, youre going to look like a princess descended from a God, so no matter who comes your way on Halloween youre going to be able to serve up a good beating. You can kick butt with the Justice League or strike out on your own when youre playing Diana in this cape!
Deluxe Superman Costume For Kids
It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's your little one wearing the Deluxe Superman Costume For Kids. This Superman costume for kids is perfect for your little comic book lover. The over the top jumpsuit is padded to let your tyke show off his muscles. Screen printed and designed,m the jumpsuit includes attached red belt and iconic Superman cape. Watch out for Lex Luthor when you pull on the 3D boot covers, for an extra authentic look. Save Metropolis this year and order the Deluxe Superman Costume For Kids online!
Mens Deluxe Muscle Chest Green Lantern Costume
Hal Jordan has the power of the ring and lantern, and you can harness his energy in this Men's Deluxe Muscle Chest Green Lantern Costume. This outfit is officially licensed by D.C. comics so you can be sure that you'll capture the exact green aura from Green Lantern's latest movie rendition. Outfit includes green and black muscle bound jumpsuit with Green Lantern applique in the center that gives you the imposing and dominant figure from the movie. Accompanying the outfit are green boot covers so you can make sure any pair of shoes match the outfit, and of course Lantern's signature green face mask. Be sure to add on Green Lantern accessories such as light up green ring, or even a light up sword! Make sure to know your oath by heart when you wear this Men's Deluxe Muscle Chest Green Lantern Costume.
Mens Batman Adult Muscle Chest Top Costume
It's obvious why the people of Gotham City trust Batman to get things done because he's got the body and physique that makes everyone feel safe. The Men's Batman Adult Muscle Chest Top Costume features a shirt, headpiece and cape. The gray shirt has the black and yellow bat symbol across the rippling chest. The chiseled abs pop out and the shirt even includes Batman's yellow gadget belt printed around the waist. The black cape is removable but it's perfect for capturing this vigilante's look. Top this whole look off with signature black face mask. The eyes and mouth are opened and it includes the pointy ears Batman is depicted with. You'll look equipped to save the night in this Men's Batman Adult Muscle Chest Top Costume for Halloween or at the next comic book convention.
Women's Red Glitter Boots
When planning your Sexy Superhero Costume this Halloween, don't forget these Women's Red Glitter Boots! In sparking ruby red, these knee-high boots also feature a 3-inch heel that'll keep your costume the topic of conversation. Add a Superhero Mask and Cape to build a look that's more powerful than a locomotive! Visit Costume Supercenter's giant selection of Sexy Halloween Costumes and start putting together your perfect outfit today! Order your Women's Red Glitter Boots today!
Wonder Woman Adult Leggings
You are a dedicated fan of all things Wonder Woman! This Halloween, show off your allegiance to the superheroine with these amazing Wonder Woman Adult Leggings! The brilliant blue leggings are soft and comfy, so you'll be cozy and warm all Halloween long! Wear these Wonder Woman Adult Leggings stylishly not only on Halloween but throughout the year!
Aquaman Adult Movie Aquaman Trident
Youll have all the power of Aquaman when youre dealing damage with this Aquaman Adult Movie Aquaman Trident this Halloween! Just wield this royal weapon and Black Manta doesnt stand a chance against you in the climactic aquatic battle. This trident is the ancient heroic weapon of Atlantis, so you can wield it knowing that as the prince of this undersea city, this power is your birthright! Take your place as your favorite DC hero when you pick up this trident!
Batman Trunk-Or-Treat Car Kit
Hop in the Batmobile for a cosplay night you'll never forget when you have our Batman Trunk Or Treat Car Kit! Alfred will be happy to help you get all the Batman themed car decorations up on your trunk, and then you'll be ready to go out and save Gotham with a car even cooler than the one Bruce Wayne drives. Make your next night out into a gritty superhero adventure with our simple car kit!