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Justice League

What's more powerful than Superman? Try Superman teamed up with some of DC Comics' other superheroes like Green Lantern and the Flash. That's why we suggest teaming up with your friends and dressing in our Justice League costumes this Halloween. Our collection of officially licensed DC styles will make sure that you do each of the characters justice. Buy Justice League costumes today!

Women's Justice League Costumes

The DC Universe is a great place to go if you are looking for powerful women characters. Not just Wonder Woman, although she's amazing, but just about every traditionally male costume has an officially licensed female interpretation that is a sure-fire way to turn heads and bring some action to your Halloween. As the first lady of the Justice League, there are many different Wonder Woman costumes that will show off your individual taste. If you would prefer to spend your time beating up bad guys in Gotham, a high quality replica of Batman's iconic suit is waiting for you with a comfortable fit that will keep you kung fu fighting all night long. Get your Halloween off on the right foot with a female Flash costume that will dominate a costume contest in the blink of an eye. Don't forget to choose your hero’s perfect arsenal of signature weapons from our entire selection of officially licensed Justice League accessories!

Men's Justice League Costumes

Ever since you were a kid you wanted to be a superhero, and now's your chance! Choose from one of our comfortable and durable officially licensed Justice League Halloween costumes for men and you have a solid attack plan, whatever your plans might entail. Take to the streets as The Batman, or watch from above as Superman, the Man of Steel. If you were really taken in by the Justice League movie, show your love of water with an Aquaman costume that will make you the star of everyone's Instagram. Whichever hero you choose, deck them out with the very best weapon accessories you can find!

Boy's Justice League Costumes

Your little hero is ready to save Halloween when they step into one of our comfortable and versatile Justice League costumes for boys. If your kid can't get enough of Batman's adventures in Gotham, you will find a Halloween costume that will make them feel like they are in the middle of the action! For your unstoppable little ball of energy, there is a Flash replica costume that can make them look as fast as they feel. This colorful collection of heroes is not short of compelling, interesting and downright awesome characters for your child to choose from. Then you can have fun choosing from all our Justice League accessories to create a look no one has ever seen before.

Girl's Justice League Costumes

Put some girl power into your daughter's Halloween when you choose from one of our officially licensed Justice League Halloween costumes for girls. With a selection of different styles of fan-favorite female heroes, your little girl will love to wear her costume all day long. You will love watching her fly up and down the trick-or-treat route, or just watching the Justice League movie dressed as her all-time favorite hero. Our Justice League costumes for girls are a terrific way to show that super heroics is no longer just a boy’s game!

Justice League Group Costumes

No group personifies the ideal of teamwork and togetherness better than DC Comics legendary Justice League. You and your friends or coworkers can share in that camaraderie when you choose to make the Justice League your group costume theme this Halloween. Choose from our super-powered selection of different designs for all your favorite Justice League heroes. Even cinematic newcomers like Flash and Cyborg have eye-popping designs that will help you create Halloween memories that will last a lifetime. If you are a hit at Halloween, you all can even take your act on the road to any movie screening or comic book convention!