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Deluxe Child Elvis
Boogie to the groove and rock out with the Deluxe Child Elvis size Small. Your little rocker will become the king of rock and roll with Elvis' signature suit. They can kick up their feet and dance to the music of this historical figure as they become one of the best musicians of all time.
Pink Patent Gogo Boot Child
Our Pink Patent Gogo Boot Child features a glossy and eye catching light pink color. The knee high boots feature a 1.75 inch heel. Our Pink Patent Gogo Boot Child can accessorize many different costume selections well.
Dora (Silver) Child Boots
Need the right touch to a classy costume for your girls? For this Halloween you can't go wrong with the Dora (Silver) Child Boots. These silver boots are an easy fit and the go go boots can really match with any outfit. Watch your girls strut their stuff! Order your pair today!
Child Elvis Wig
The King would definitely approve of this Child Elvis Wig! The wig features classic black Elvis hair that is gelled to the side. Prominent side burns are present as well. This goes great with any Elvis costume that your child could possibly dress in, so make sure you buy it today.
Elvis Costume for Child
Turn your kid into the Disco King himself this Halloween when you pick up our Elvis Costume for Child. With your purchase, you will receive a super fun Elvis jumpsuit, a matching belt, and a red scarf. Your little one will be dancing through town this Halloween while trick-or-treating as the one and only Elvis Presley! Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Elvis themed gear and accessories.
Child Saddle Shoes
A wonderful way to enhance your daughter's 50's costume is to pair it with the Child Saddle Shoes. These black and white shoes will look incredible with a poodle skirt and matching socks. She will be the sweetheart of the sockhop wearing these saddle shoes with her outfit.
Fuchsia Swirl Disco Diva Costume for Girls
With this costume's fuchsia colors gracing it, it's the perfect costume for any disco party , event, or dance party in general. Not too bright, but also not doo dark. Introducing the Fuchsia Swirl Disco Diva Costume for Girls. The costume's pattern and colors certainly ring back to the time period when disco was alive, and was one of the hottest, if not the hottest things ever. But now that many years have passed since, disco is not as popular as it used to be. But why not revive the good old times and dress as a funky disco diva for the dance party. Learn some classic disco moves that will go very well with this costume and impress others by giving them a show. Hit that music and play some of the greatest disco songs from the past, as you dance to them all night long. With so much excitement in the air, you are the life of the party in a costume like this!
Red Sweetheart 50's Costume
In the 1950's, long skirts with sewn on symbols like poodles and records were the big fashion trend for women, much like girls today love their patterned rompers, their tight jeans, and their denim shorts. While our preference for skirt length has certainly evolved over the years, these sewn on symbol skirts are still a big hit! This Halloween, become a beautiful 1950's girl yourself when you buy the Red Sweetheart 50's Costume. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to show off your love for the culture of the 50's and celebrate yourself as a beautiful young woman in red. The 1950's decade was also the time of cool cars, leather jackets, white T shirts, and bad cigarette habits. Just think of Grease, the T-Birds, and the Pink Ladies! The 50's were certainly a cool time to live. Pick up your Red Sweetheart 50's Costume today, and this Halloween, have a magical 50's night!
Car Hop Girl Child Costume
You have the burger, the fries, the cream soda...oh no! What about the milkshake? Be the cutest waitress anyone has seen when you put on this Car Hop Girls Kids Costume! The black polyester top has short sleeves and a patch that reads, Junior's Diner. The white lapels and cuffs match your bright white apron, the black ruffle running along the edge adding a cute flair. The A-line skirt is sewn from blue satin that will shine as you're skating out to talk with your customers. A small blue cap comes with the set, its string of sequins matching that on the cuffs and apron. Pop it on to finish your Car Hop Girls Kids Costume and you're sure to have a great shift! Wear it with black shoes, bobby socks, and 50s jewelry (sold here) to look like you stepped out of America's past.
Greaser Child
Ayyy! You know that catchphrase from a time when rock and roll music was a new sound, girls wore circle skirts, and the cars were a lot bigger. Those years are long gone, but you can relive your childhood and living vicariously through your own kid by dressing him up in the Greaser Child costume. During the 1950's, the guys were way cooler and wore something like our awesome black slacks with a glossy black faux leather jacket with gold zipper and accents and a far out pair of wayfarers also in black. Throw all of this over a white t shirt, grease up your hair, and roll down your bobby socks for a classic 1950's look that will make people think your little man came out of an episode of Happy Days wearing this Greaser Child costume.
Kids Silver Glitter Gogo Boots
What kid wouldn't want these fantastic sparkly boots? With shine from all angles, these Silver Glitter Gogo Boots are a must-have for any disco diva in your house. There are so many options for adding these to your child's Halloween costume?70s groovy chick, astronaut, drum majorette, dancer or pop star. Just imagine the shimmer these beauties will produce when under the lights. Trick or treating will be quite the feat when these almost knee-high boots are on her feet. Adding these to her costume will really send it over the top. So, if you're looking for the last-minute accessory, let these all-over glitter boots steal the show!
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Aren't you the littlest hunk of burning' love! Wear an Infant Toddler Elvis Romper Costume and sing the night away. Each fullbody jumpsuit is cut from soft white fleece. The bell sleeves and pant legs will make you look good on the front page of Rolling Stones. A faux red undershirt is sewn into the V-cut top, matching the panels in the long pants. Red, blue, and gold dots outline wings on the chest and American eagles on the belt so you can show off your American spirit. Look nice and professional with the standing collar and the press won't be able to get enough of you! The suit closes at the back and is large enough to wear thin layers beneath. When the whole world knows your name, you have to live up to it. Suit up in your Infant Toddler Elvis Romper Costume and impress your fans! Have your mom and dad dress up in their own Elvis costumes (sold here) and turn it into a family business.
Boogie Girl Child Costume
Light up the dance floor like a disco inferno dressed in this Boogie Girl Child Costume! With the flashy style of the biggest disco stars of the 1970s, this outfit is a great choice for Halloween. You'll love doing the hustle in the collared black jumpsuit decked out in sparkling iridescent sequins. The jumpsuit zips in the front and features big flared bell bottoms. It comes with a pair of matching glovelettes. Check out our fabulous selection of 70s accessories to find disco ball jewelry and glamorous glitter makeup to complete your look. After the peace loving hippie trends of the 1960s went out of style, the 1970s were all about glitz, glamour, and disco. Young people flocked to dance halls and nightclubs to strut their stuff and show off their best moves, and you're sure to be a dancing queen when you step out in this Boogie Girl Child Costume!
Flower Power Child
Everyone is so caught up in what they're doing! Remind them how important peace and love is when you put on a Flower Power Child costume! This outfit is sewn from a soft polyester material that will keep you cool and can be hand-washed for later use. The sleeveless vest is decorated with a psychedelic rainbow pattern, covering you with multicolored flowers and checkered patterns. Bright red fringe hangs from its edge. The high-waisted pants are covered in the same flower pattern as the top and have large red bell bottoms. Pull them on and the elastic band will stop them from slipping down! A black belly top comes with the set. Wear it with the rest of your Flower Power Child Costume and you'll be the cutest Granola Girl around! Add on an afro and hippie jewelry, sold here.
Sweetheart 50's Costume
This Halloween, bring back the 50's when you put on the Sweetheart 50's Costume! In the 1950's the biggest fashion trend for girls were these long draping skirts with leashed poodles sewn onto them. Almost anyone with a sewing machine could sew these cute poodles onto their skirts, and instantly turn their skirt into a big hit! This Halloween, you're going to look absolutely beautiful while wearing this amazing 50's get-up. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to feel and look like you belong in the culture of the 50's. Sure, the skirts have shortened a bit since then, but the poodle style has definitely stayed the same. I suppose poodle skirts are comparable to our obsession with rompers and tight jeans these days! Either way, poodle skirts are a beautiful style, even for today. Pick up yours today, and this Halloween, show the world the doggy beauty of the 50's!
Black Patent Go Go Boot Child
Our Black Patent Go Go Boot Child are a fun accessory to wear along with your costume. The high boots have a glossy and fun look thanks to the patent leather material. The boots also feature a 1.75 inch heel for a stylish touch. The Black Patent Go Go Boot Child can look great with a number of different costumes and themes.
Baby/Toddler Rock Stars Elvis Costume
Not even one and already asking for blue suede shoes. Put your tiny heartthrob in a Newborn Elvis Jumper Costume and he'll be the most popular guy there! Each package starts with a long-sleeved jumper. Its bright white body is decorated with colorful patches, filling the body with red, blue, and gold wings! The red shirt and standing collar sewn into the top will help you stand out on stage. You don't want to start a controversy--pull on the included white pants to cover him up! The black booties are inscribed with the words Elvis Lives. Keep cozy by popping on the black cap and let all your friends know that you're The King! People say that Elvis is gone, but do you think a legend could die that easy? Bring back the spirit of the 50s when you get this Newborn Elvis Onesie Costume for your future musician! Show up wearing your own Elvis costume (sold here) for a cute theme.
Hippie Child Costume
If you?re looking for a costume to make your little child adorable and stylish, then this is the one for you. Look no further, when it comes to your next outfit that you will dress your adorable little child in. Watch them groove on the dance floor and bring back all of the Hippie era moves. These floral bell-bottom pants and matching fringed vest make this costume far out! This could work for any themed party, or even any 70?s themed presentation that your child might be heading to! Your child could be a real flower child this time around with the addition of this costume. The free-spirited hippies were all about spreading peace, love and positivity and this is your time to teach your kid about these things and let him spread the love too. Get ready to take pictures all night long and have your adorable child be the star of the show. See you at checkout! Peace!
White Patent Gogo Boot Child
Go Go Boots match the style of the 70's and are a great selection for your costume. The White Patent Gogo Boot Child is a solid white costume boot with a glossy appearance. The boot features a raised heel as well and a side zipper. Order your White Patent Gogo Boot Child today!
Wild Child Costume for Girls
Your daughter will be looking like a real free spirited rebel this Halloween when you dress her up in the Wild Child Costume for Girls! With your purchase, you will receive just the outfit you need to transform your angel into a little devil who listens only to herself. Featuring a black "I love the 80's" top, a pink belt, black fishnet glovelets, a pair of black and pink zebra pants, and a matching headband, she's going to love this look. Buy your rebel child costume today!
Boys 70's Disco Fever Costume
Do you or your son, or maybe even your grandson, have the boogie fever? If so, he needs to wear the Boy's 70's Disco Fever Costume. Included in the set are white pants and a white jacket with attached vest and attached black shirt with collar. The white suit became stylish when John Travolta wore one in the classic movie, Saturday Night Fever. In the film, Tony Manero (Travolta) is a teen from Brooklyn who spends his nights dancing at the disco. If you are planning a 1970's themed party, then you should play music from the soundtrack. The Bee Gees Staying Alive is probably the most iconic song from the film. Other Bee Gees songs from the movie include Night Fever, Jive Talking and How Deep is Your Love. KC and the Sunshine Band's Boogie Shoes and The Trammps Disco Inferno are also on the soundtrack. Purchase this now for a themed party or for trick-or-treating on Halloween.
Space Jam 2 Bugs Bunny Child Costume
If your child wants to save the world in cartoon style, he might be looking for our Space Jam 2 Bugs Bunny Child Costume! In his new Tune Squad basketball outfit, he's going to feel like he's about to hit the court with Daffy and Lebron James to keep Earth from falling into the hands of the aliens on the other team. Whether he's more into the first Space Jam or the reboot, he'll want to come on and slam in this costume!
50's Girl Kids Costume
Your daughter will be looking like a star this Halloween when you pick up our 50's Girl Kids Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a stunning pink dress featuring a light pink poodle on the skirt, as well as a matching pink jacket adorned with silver trim, and a pretty black belt. Buy your 50's Girl costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your fashionable costume gear and accessories!
Kids Donut Waitress Costume
Time to make the donuts Make quick friends in this Donut Waitress Costume. Costume includes dress and mini-hat headband. Does not include donuts, donut tray, socks or shoes.
Gangster Suit Costume for Kids
The Roaring 20s was a time of flappers, bootleggers, gangsters and mob molls. The gangsters of that era had lots of style. Men like Al Capone, Bugs Moran, and John Dillinger dressed in outfits like the Gangster Suit Costume for Kids, which is the bees knees of costumes.
Girl's Twenties Flapper Dress
Step back and make the decade roar with our Girl's Twenties Flapper Dress. Don this iconic and stylish dress as you show off your legwork this year in the most dynamic decade of American history! Join the jazz clubs this year and roam from party to party with nothing else but your dancing skills and this eye-catching dress that might get the attention of some unruly gangsters this season. Absorb yourself into the opulence of the decade as you partake in lavish parties from money all over the world. If you?re tired of living your life that way, then take up a weapon and join the gangsters as they serve bootleg alcohol and battle with police like the old serials of old! This costume gives you everything you need to live in the greatest decade, or defy it! So slip on some nice shoes when you wear our Women?s Twenties Flapper Dress and get ready to see the twenties in a whole new way. Just remember to bring your crew in case the cops show up!
Poodle Skirt 50's Costume
Do you love poodles? And do you love the 50's? Then you're going to love the Poodle Skirt 50's Costume! Head to the party in this adorable poodle skirt costume, and you'll have everyone turning heads. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to channel the energy of the 50's back to the present! These poodle skirts today remain to be one of the most powerful symbols of the 1950's culture. Although we have shortened the skirt a bit from then, the poodle design is still in line with what people in the 50's used to wear back then. Team up with some other friends this Halloween, and you all can rock out your poodle skirts and feel just like 1950's women. Whatever you do this year, you're going to have a blast while wearing this special skirt. Pick up yours today, and this Halloween, go have an absolute blast!
Silver Go-go Boots for Children
Show your child the fun and fashionable aspects of the Seventies this year! Buy the Silver Go-go Boots for Children and let the disco dancing begin. The silver boots will give your child?s costume extra sparkle. Teach her your favorite disco era dance and record fun dancing videos so she will always remember the fun!
Baby/Toddler Diner Costume
Go back in time to when the sock-hops ruled and diners were the meeting place for many. The Baby/Toddler Diner Baby Costume INFT is a cute costume that any child can pull off easily. Leave the roller skates at home - this infant costume won't need it when this crowd favorite enters the room.
Girls Poodle Skirt
Take your child's throwback Halloween costume to the next level with this amazing Girls Poodle Skirt! This iconic and timeless symbol of bygone fashion is ready to become your child's favorite thing to wear, with its high quality materials and dependable comfortable fit! Give them a trip back in time with a consistently popular and adorable look that just gets better with age. Find everything you need to create a 1950s character all their own when you explore all of our accessories from different decades!