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Wigs & Facial Hair

Instead of shaving your face or having to grow hair out for your next costume, look through our listing of facial hair for a much more convenient process. We have everything from goatees to muttonchops and everything in between. There are beards, moustaches, and more for all kinds of occasions. You can look like a rough and tough biker sporting a handlebar moustache or quite the opposite with a Santa Claus beard. Perhaps you could combine them both into one! It is your own costume and completely up to you. Take a look at our huge listing of facial hair to see what you can add to the look.

Wig & Facial Hair Accessories Ideas and Tips

Already have your next costume picked out but it needs a little extra something? Nothing makes a costume stand out from the rest much like the perfect wig or facial hair to go along with it! Let’s face it, not everyone wakes up with a flowing mane that’s ready for action, and sometimes it’s much easier to just throw on a wig and head out the door rather than tangling with hairspray and curling irons.

If you are looking for specific wigs or facial hair accessories, we have mustaches, beards, goatees, curly hair, straight hair, troll hair and much more. Perfect for Halloween costumes, theatrical performances and so much more, there is no limit to what these wigs and facial hair can do! Imagine, having flown hair or the classic cut of a bob all without changing your hair! Take your next costume to the next level with one of these stylish wigs or facial hair sets!

Auburn/Red Wigs & Beards Ideas and Tips

Red is a color that can prove difficult to maintain. The vibrant red color is something that is going to wash out easily and is not going to stay the color you want it unless you continually dye it. Thankfully, there are ways around this color problem, as you can simply get auburn and red wigs.

From Strawberry Shortcake for the little ones to the classic I Love Lucy hairstyle, there is no doubt that this vast collection will make your next costume a hot hit! It takes a special kind of individual to be able to sport red hair in the movies, and if you want to emulate them, you can do just that with the perfect auburn or red wig and facial hair options. Just imagine spending less time on your next hairdo and more time on finding the perfect costume or outfit. Now that imagination can become a reality with this amazing collection of wigs and facial hair.

Black Wigs Ideas and Tips

If the costume calls for something dark then go for a black wig. Wear a black style to transform your appearance at the next Halloween party. Is your Morticia costume missing a little something? Or maybe you’re Sonny and Cher costume feels just a bit off this Halloween. Well, good thing we’ve got plenty of black hair wig styles to choose from. You can transform yourself into just about anyone!

Check out our long, curly, locks for a Slash from Guns N Roses, or our short, curly, locks if your goal is to emulate the king of pop. Cleopatra’s gorgeous hair is yours, braided and all, and you don’t have to do any of the work! Maybe you and your partner are doing a 50s tough guy and his wife thing for Halloween. We’ve got the perfect set of wigs for that. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our large selection of black wigs, because from Clark Kent to Frank Furter, we’ve got you covered.

Blonde Wigs & Facial Hair Ideas and Tips

You don't have to be a natural blonde bombshell to have a head of flowing golden locks. Deck yourself out in a blonde wig and instantly be transformed into the gorgeous blond whether you are a man or woman. Any woman can put on one of our short or long blonde wigs and turn their costume into a completely new identity. If you are a natural brunette or redhead, being a blond for a day will be an adventure, especially when you are wearing it in conjunction with a fun Halloween costume.

Is your costume missing a little something? Maybe it’s your hair! Change it up with one of our many different styles of blonde hair wigs. Check out our long, curly, locks for an 80s look, or our short, curly, locks if your goal is to emulate a disco type. Maybe you and your partner are doing a 60s hippie surfer and his beach bunny thing for Halloween. We’ve got the perfect set of wigs for that. Take a look at our large selection of blonde wigs, because everyone knows that blondes have more fun.

Brunette/Brown Wigs Ideas and Tips

Is your Aqua Man costume missing a little something? Well, good thing you’ve come to our brunette hair wigs sections. There are plenty of styles here to choose from. You can literally transform yourself in to just about anyone!

Check out our voluminous, locks for an 80s disco party afro, or our short, braided, locks if your goal is to emulate a little Dorothy on her journey through Oz. Jesus’s gorgeous hair is yours, crown of thorn and all, and you don’t have to do any of the work! Maybe you and your partner are doing a 60s ladies’ man and his seductive lady friend thing for Halloween. We’ve got the perfect set of wigs for that. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our large selection of brunette wigs and prove once and for all that blondes aren’t the only ones who know how to have fun.

Ultra Premium Santa Adult Beard Wig Set
If you want to blow all the other Santas out of the water this Christmas, youre going to want this Ultra Premium Santa Adult Beard Wig Set! This beard and wig are going to shower your head and shoulders with curly white hair, and youre going to find that all the kids want to play with this lifelike facial hair accessory! Youll love sitting kids on your lap and asking them what they want for Christmas when youre wearing this beard and wig set!
Multicolor Witch Black Purple And Green Wig Adult
Brewing up some trouble? Make sure that you maintain your devilish attire with our Multicolor Witch Black Purple And Green Wig. Long flowing hair with streaks of green, purple and black all throughout. Our wig can accent not only a witch's attire, but make a punk outfit even tougher! Have this wig be a fantastic addition to your costume.
Child Elvis Wig
The King would definitely approve of this Child Elvis Wig! The wig features classic black Elvis hair that is gelled to the side. Prominent side burns are present as well. This goes great with any Elvis costume that your child could possibly dress in, so make sure you buy it today.
Mens Premium Santa Beard and Wig
Complete your Santa costume this Christmas with this mens premium Santa beard and wig! Made of high-quality and comfortable polyester, this convenience set gives you the final two components you need for a Santa Claus suit that will keep people smiling all Christmas long! Add a pair of eyeglasses to further develop your merry Santa! For even more great ideas shop our full selection of holiday costumes and accessories for the entire family! Order your Men's Premium Santa Beard and Wig online today for a great price and fast shipping!
Adult Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard & Wig Set
You can't join the Fellowship of the Ring this Halloween until you accessorize with the Adult Lord of the Rings Gandalf Beard & Wig Set! The set includes long white hair and a matching beard with a moustache attached.
Beetlejuice Wig
Man...just because you hang out with dead people doesn't mean you have to look like them. Pop on your Beetlejuice Wig and you'll have a head full of wild, crazy white locks that stick straight out. A forehead is attached to the wig to make it look like you're balding. A must-have for any Burton fan.
Raggedy Ann Wig
Engage in some serious nostalgia this Halloween with the Raggedy Ann Wig. You'll love this bright red hairpiece, which has been made to look like the doll's famous string-like hair! It also has a pigtail on either side. This product is made from Polyurethane Foam, and Polyester Fiber. Pick up this great headwear for your very own Raggedy Ann costume.
Women's Flirty Fantasy Blonde Wig
Whether your costume comes from the days of the 70's or recent years, any costume has more fun with this wig. The Women's Flirty Fantasy Blonde Wig proves that blondes really have more fun - but you really don't have to dye your own hair. This wig goes perfect with any costume that you want to put together. Complete a look that's fit for a hippie or a 50's chick with the Women's Flirty Fantasy Blonde Wig. Let your hair down with this awesome accessory!
Wig Cap
Oh my gosh, who's your stylist? Fool any friend when you wear a Wig Cap under your favorite topper. This nude-colored top is made out of mesh and has an elastic band running around it. Tie your hair into braids or pinwheels, pin them up, and slip on the cap to stop them from slipping out from under the wig. Add on wig tape as well, sold here.
Deja Vu Wig Blonde Wig Costume Accessory
Step back in time to when glamour and sexiness took the cake! You will appear breathtaking in this dazzling Deja Vu Wig Blonde Wig Costume Accessory! The golden locks gracefully add a gorgeous luster to any Halloween outfit! Each strand of wavy hair brings a gleam to your face, as this Deja Vu Wig Blonde Wig Costume Accessory frames it beautifully!
Elvis Deluxe Wig
Your Elvis Presley costume needs some flawless hair if you want to be convincing, so buy the Elvis Deluxe Wig! The wig is composed of black hair that is slick and shiny. The large sideburns featured on each side of the head finishes off this look.
Adult Addams Family Gomez Addams Wig & Moustache Kit
You need the Adult Addams Family Gomez Addams Wig & Moustache Kit to create a successful Gomez Addams Halloween costume this year! The kit comes with a slick black wig and a matching black moustache so you can look just like this famous patriarch.
Inga from Sweden Wig (Blonde)
This Inga from Sweden blonde wig will have you feeling like you just stepped off a box of hot chocolate! Made of high-quality, durable and comfortable material this classic headpiece gives you the eye catching and can't miss Swiss braids that are great for any old world or clog dancing Halloween costume! Carefree and fun, this wig will keep you the life of the party this Halloween or any other costumed occasion! Add a peasant dress and wooden shoes for a cute and traditional costume that everyone will love! Check out our entire selection of fabulous costume wigs to take your outfits to the next level! Order your Inga from Sweden adult wig online today, while supplies last!
Mrs. Santa Wig
Hopefully you didn't really think that Santa Claus did all of the Christmas work by himself because he certainly has a full team with him and you could play the part of Mrs. Claus as long as you're wearing the Women's Miss Santa Wig. A crinkly white wig with a low bun and center part will make you look the part of jolly old Saint Nick's beloved.
Men's Gandalf Beard Kit
Gandalf is famous for having long, grey hair and beard. You can look just like the great wizard by wearing the Men's Gandalf Beard Kit. This set looks so realistic you may find yourself embarking on a magical journey through Middle Earth.
Economy Santa Beard and Wig
Give yourself that luxurious mane and hair of Santa, but without any of the work. Put on our Economy Santa Beard and Wig Set to delve into the world of everyone's favorite holiday mascot. It has an epic style that looks like it came straight out of a storybook! Make sure that your spirit matches your jovial attire this year!
Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory: Oompa Loompa Child Wig
The movie is a timeless classic, so we're sure that everyone knows about it! Introducing the Oompa Loompa Child Wig! Turn your child into Willy Wonka's worker and charm guests with its look. Better yet, if your child knows the song that the Oompa Loompa's sing after something happens, give everyone a show. Fun, creative, and original, you are sure to light up the place with its look and design. Great for Halloween parties, perhaps even birthday parties, or any other fun and festive event!
Santa Beard and Wig Accessory Set Adult
You may be clean shaven, but when it's time to deliver present, you'll need a thick, curly, kid-friendly beard! This lush Santa Beard and Wig Accessory Set Adult will make every child's holiday wishes a reality! This gorgeous, silvery white Santa Beard and Wig Accessory Set Adult adds the oomph every Santa needs when the gift giving season rolls around!
Santa Eyebrow Whitener
Ho ho ho! This eyebrow whitening stick will have you looking like the big guy from up north in no time! This whitener is easy to apply and easy to wash off. No matter what color your eyebrows are, this stick will turn them snow white!
Adult Pirate Wig With Beads
If you still think your pirate costume needs a little something extra, buy the Caribbean Pirate Wig! The straight brown hair has thin beaded braids in the front. The wig also comes with a brown faux suede bandana attached to the top.
Shag Man 1970's Black Wig
Hey ladies, are you prepared to see such a handsome hunk? The Shag Man 1970's Black Wig will have every guy looking like a Don Juan. The shaggy black hair reaches to the shoulders, and looks absolutely irresistible. Pair with a disco costume to look great for your Saturday night fever.
Bald with Ponytail Wig
This magical Bald with Ponytail Wig will make all your wishes come true! With an included bald cap, attached brown ponytail, and a golden ponytail holder, you'll feel just like a dashing genie in no time. Use this costume accessory to instantly transform you into whatever character you can imagine. Hide any of your actual hair under the latex bald cap and show off your luscious ponytail. You'll be granting wishes in no time with this wig.
Eight Is Too Much Karen Wig
Deluxe Santa Eyebrows
We believe that extras can help make or break a costume, so don't forget your eyebrows this season! With our Deluxe Santa Eyebrows, your kids will never be able to tell you apart from Father Christmas himself! These comfortable and detailed eyebrows will cover up ability for friends and family to recognize you and pair perfectly with a Santa costume. Featuring a set of eyebrows attached with an easily obtained spirit gum, these capable and fun pieces are a must-have for any Christmas fun this season. So put a twinkle in your eye this season and make sure the kids don't see you put the presents under the tree!
Dreadlock Voodoo Wig
Your witchy ways need a look to match. This Dreadlock Voodoo Wig is perfect for men and women who are masters of this mystical magic. The wig comes with long dreads in a mix of black and grey. It shows you are wise and a veteran of the arts. Find various voodoo skull accessories such as necklaces and masks to make your costume complete. You will play the character to perfection when Halloween and fright nights arrive.
Undead Creepy Wig
Stalk the streets this Halloween as a fashionable monster. Buy the Undead Creepy Wig and show off this unique wig. The grey, white, and green wig features blunt cuts and streaks. Pair this with pale make up and fake blood to master an impressive and ghastly appearance. Rule the block as this striking undead wig!
Tight Fro Blonde Wig Adult
Want your disco costume to be perfect but your hair isn't groovy enough? Solve that problem with the Tight Fro Blonde Wig Adult! The tight blonde curls will make you look like you're from a different era. Pair it with a wild polyester shirt and flared pants for an authentic 70's look. Get disco fever when you wear the tight blonde fro wig for adults!
Wednesday Tm Wig Child
You'll be sure to look just like Wednesday Addams when you supplement your costume with the Wednesday Tm Wig Child! The wig features long black hair that is parted down the middle. Two braided pigtails fall on the sides of your head.
Adult Deluxe Wig and Beard Set
Turn yourself into the man of the hour with this cool Adults Deluxe Santa Hat and Beard Set. This jolly red Santa hat with an iconic white beard and mustache to go with it are the perfect finishing touches to any Santa costume. Turn yourself into Santa with a bright red suit, a belt, and black boots or black boot covers. This set is perfect for the professional or stay-at-home Santa.
Mom Wig - Grey
Your mother warned you that one day you would look just like her. The Mom Grey Wig features lovely locks of grey curls. Wear this to your next Halloween party and keep the childish behavior to a minimum.