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Wig Wear & Care

We want you to get the most out of your wig at this year’s costume bash, so please review the instructions below before you don your disguise and head out on the town!


Wear & Styling:


  • With a static-control brush, gently brush your wig starting from the neck and carefully moving toward the top of the wig. If you experience any tangling while brushing, use a detangler spray to gently remove the brush. For curled wigs, gently brush each curl individually to prevent the curls from unraveling.
  • If you wish to restyle your wig, never use any hot styling tools or blow dryers, as excessive heat can damage the fibers in your wig. Instead use cool rollers, pin curls or gentle brushing to achieve your desired look.


Care & Cleaning:


  • Place wig in cool or tepid water mixed with a mild shampoo and wash by gently pressing it into the soapy water. Rinse the wig thoroughly and gently towel dry, then place in a shaded area to air dry. If you wish to condition the wig, wash the wig following the instructions above, and then apply conditioner using the same method.
    • Caution: Never wash your wig in hot water.
  • You may notice a faint chemical smell when you first remove your wig from its package. To remedy this, we recommend airing out synthetic wigs prior to wearing.




  • Store your wig in a cool, dry place in a wig storage net or on a wig stand, in its styled state. For the best long-term care results, be sure not to store longer wigs in a folded state for long periods of time.



Mask Wear & Care


We want you to get the most out of your mask at this year’s costume bash, so please review the instructions below before you don your disguise and head out on the town!




  • Before you wear your new character mask for the first time, try it on for correct fit. If the mask fits loosely, adding tissue or foam inside of the mask may bring the eye holes closer to your face, improving vision and perfecting your look.
  • If mask shows creases or folds, remove it from the packaging and form over crumpled papers or cloth to aid in retaining its original form. Your mask should be looking great and ready to go in no time!


Care & Cleaning:


  • After wearing, a damp cloth may be used to clean your mask. Using water only, gently wipe down desired areas inside and out.
  • Once the mask is completely dry, lightly dust the inside with unscented talcum powder. This will absorb moisture, aid in keeping your mask fresh and help preserve it for future use.
  • If your mask features attached hair, you can keep it groomed by gently brushing it, layer by layer, with a dog brush. Some hair may pull out with each brushing, but careful, gentle brushing will minimize hair loss.




  • To maintain your mask’s realistic look and shape, fill it with clean, crumpled paper. Cover your mask with a plastic bag and place it inside its box. Avoid displaying or storing your mask in bright light, excessive heat or near ozone-producing air cleaners. Extended exposure to harsh elements may significantly reduce the longevity of your mask, but with proper care, your mask can bring you many years of enjoyment.


Health and Safety Concerns:


  • Please keep safety at the forefront of your mind while wearing your mask, as it can somewhat reduce hearing and visibility. Do not wear your mask while driving, sleeping, swimming, crossing streets or using stairs. Never smoke while wearing a mask or wear in the presence of an open flame. Wearer assumes all risk and responsibility. Not recommended for use by children under 10 years old.
  • Caution: If your mask contains Latex, please note that this material has been known to cause allergic reactions. If you experience any discomfort or a rash appears, discontinue use. If rash continues to develop, please consult your physician.