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Skulls & Skeletons

Add some scary decorations to your event with our skeleton props. Bones and monsters are a fun and spooky part of Halloween. Whether outdoors or indoors, a creepy skeleton decoration can add some classic holiday fun to your home. The Halloween horrors start outside your home on the front lawn and your porch step. A crawling zombie bursting from the ground or other groundbreaking props will look great scrambling over your yard. These monsters are designed to sit on top of the grass and look like they are clawing out of the ground.

Skulls & Skeletons Props & Decorations Ideas and Tips

No bones about it, our collection of skull and skeleton props are perfect for your Halloween costume … or a pirate themed soiree! With affordable prices like these, who needs buried treasure? Mark the spot with your favorite props like the officially licensed Pirates of the Caribbean skeleton prop or a convenient bag of bones. Create your own undead zoo with a menagerie of skeleton animal props like dogs, cats, cobras, flamingos, owls, and more. Add a creepy twist to a traditional Fall prop with our wreath of skulls. Or go for a full tableau with our pallbearer skeleton ensemble. Mix and match your favorite skull and skeleton props with our horror props or indoor decorations. Use them for themed party decor, or make your home’s aesthetic a unique one and leave them up all year long! Shop our affordable collection of skull and skeleton props and decorations online now.

60" Posable Skeleton
Searching for a simple Halloween decoration that you can use for years to come? You can't go wrong with the 60" Skeleton! This posable skeleton is 5 feet tall and incredibly realistic. Whether you're having a costume party or just want to decorate your house for the upcoming holiday, this spooky skeleton will bring Halloween spirit to anyone who sees him.
Realistic Plastic Skull
This Realistic Plastic Skull is a simple perfect touch for your Halloween decor. Includes (1) 6" x 6" skull.
Zombie Flamingo Prop
You've seen tacky flamingos stationed in front of your neighbors house, but you want to bring a deathly glow to their lame idea. That's where our chic Zombie Flamingo Props come into play. They've got a skeletal design to them that's sure to make your guests gasp in awe when they lay their eyes on them. They prop up perfectly on the lawn and greet your party goers with a glowing red eye that's sure to send a few shivers down their spines. Our flamingos are the perfect way to welcome your guests into a terrifying party that's sure to surprise them even further.
Skeletal Flamingo Prop - 3'
Take Halloween out to the tropics this year when you decorate your lawn with the Skeletal Flamingo Prop - 3'. If you're looking for a unique and somewhat unusual Halloween prop, then you can't go wrong with this one. Featuring a flamingo skeleton with attached stakes on one of the legs, you can plant this prop on your lawn with ease. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the matching skeletal octopus, spider, and unicorn too!
Skeletal Spider Prop - 20.5"
Spiders are creepy enough as it is, but when you see a spider made of bones? Well, that just takes it to a whole other level. Your house will be looking super spooky this Halloween when you decorate with our Skeletal Spider Prop - 20.5". Perfect for the porch, the living room, or anywhere else you want to add a little extra scare value, you can't go wrong with this one. Buy your skeleton spider prop today, and go make this Halloween a real haunted night to remember!
Bag 'O Bones
If you need an accessory that will really creep people out this Halloween, check out our Bag O' Bones Accessory (10)! When you go out with this bag of bone pieces, you'll be able to do magic tricks, show off your character's backstory, or anything else you can imagine. This Bag O' Bones has all kinds of uses, and you can discover them all!
Light-Up Risen from the Grave Skeleton
Any kids traipsing through the cemetery will feel like grave fools when they encounter this Light-Up Risen from the Grave Skeleton! If you're decorating your lawn with tombstones and ghouls, this spooky skeleton will make a fantastic addition to your haunting scene. The grim skull features eyes that glow to scare away trick-or-treaters. A set of forearms with hands and a pair of legs with bent knees and feet accompany the skull. Using the included stakes, arrange the body parts on your lawn and it will look like the skeleton is clawing through the ground! This Light-Up Risen from the Grave Skeleton is a spectacular prop that is sure to chill visitors to the bone!
6 " Foam Skull
A classic absolute must have for any homes Halloween decoration box is the 6-inch foam skull! Turn your living room into a creepy Halloween fun zone when you start with this high quality 6 inch styrofoam replica skull with aged and injured detail! Add some fake spider webs or full skeleton replicas to really amp up this standard look of Halloween decor! Have fun shopping our entire selection of Home Halloween decorations and avoid the crowded stores when you order your 6" foam skull online now!
Large Rotting Skeleton Torso Prop
If you're really looking to scare the trick-or-treaters this year, then don't miss out on picking up our Large Rotting Skeleton Torso Prop for the lawn! With your purchase, you will receive a truly terrifying rotten corpse prop to place on your lawn with your other decor. When the little ones come to your house for candy, they'll be screaming their heads off when they see this creepy prop waiting for them. Buy yours today!
Zombie Cat Prop
Want a purr-fect prop to put in your yard this Halloween? With the Zombie Cat Prop,you can stand out amongst your neighbors. Zombie children, step aside! The Zombie Cat Prop can take the show this year as the original prop that everyone will want. Hiss your way into an amazing haunted house or yard look with this cute item. Pefect for indoor and outdoor use!
Staked Skeleton Set (3)
Searching for Halloween decorations that will delight all the trick-or-treaters? They?ll love the Staked Skeleton Set (3) so much that they?ll still be talking about it months later! Each set comes with 3 16? skeletons on stakes. Buy a few sets and line your walkway with them to give the neighborhood kids the ultimate Halloween experience!
Light-Up Skull Wreath
Deck the halls with wreaths of horror! Nothing spells a frightful night like a Light-Up Skull Wreath. Ghoulish looking skulls cover the circle frame in terrifying delight. Sure to stir the senses this Halloween. Grab a Light-Up Skull Wreath for your Trick-or-Treaters!
Skeleton Dragon
Don't believe the people who say dragons aren't real. We have a Skeleton Dragon right here that proves they are. The creature stands on all fours as if he is standing guard. Dragons were known to covet treasure and kill anyone foolish enough to steal it from them.
Skeleton Vulture Prop
A picture is worth a thousand words--so a skeleton must be nearly a book. Amaze your friends and neighbors with this vulture skeletal prop. Versatile enough for indoor or outdoor display. Just wear your eyes to believe and tell your tallest tales.
Skull Wall Backdrop Classic Decoration
Welcome people to your haunted house with this immersive Skull Wall Backdrop Classic Decoration! When you put up this bony backdrop, you're sure to make all your trick or treaters want to check it out to see if these bones are real. Thankfully for you they're not, but the kids are going to be amazed at how real they seem! Leave this backdrop up for the whole spooky season to make your loved ones feel like they're visiting a vampire!
3 ft. Hanging Skull with Light-Up Eyes
Put up some bone-chilling decorations up for all your guests to enjoy courtesy of your new 3 ft. Hanging Skull with Light-Up Eyes. It is a must-have item for the decorator looking to enhance their partys spook factor with some truly terrifying props. This product features a ghoulish looking monster skeleton with a light-up feature that makes it eyes glow. The hanging skull is an excellent fit for the seasons more sinister side and should get you plenty of frightened guests.
22" Bone Chilling Skeleton Bat
Run! Don't walk far from the 22-inch bat summoned from the land of the dead. This bat was more than frightening during its life. Dark pits are where its eyes used to be. Its wingspan, though nothing but bone, is fiercer than your average fruit bat. The skeletal ears still allow it to hear your blood running cold.
Hanging Skeleton Torso and Chains Decoration
If youre looking for a new companion to spice up your house on Halloween, this Hanging Skeleton Torso and Chains Decoration is the perfect thing. When this guy greets your trick-or-treaters youre sure to make an impression on the kids, and your neighbors are going to want to know where you got this realistic skeleton! You could teach a whole anatomy class from this eerily lifelike skeleton, or reenact your favorite horror movies creepiest scenes!
Bag of Skulls (12 count)
Turn your home and front yard with these 12 plastic skulls to turn your place into a haunted ghost graveyard! You'll find tons of places to put these frightening little goodies to catch your Halloween guests off guard! Made of high-quality plastic these 12 skulls come in a net bag and are ready to put some serious terror in your Halloween! Check out our entire selection of Halloween home decorations and beat the Halloween Rush when you order your bag of 12 skulls online today!
36" Standing Bone Skeleton Light Up Eyes
If you don't want to greet the trick or treaters yourself, you can put out this 36" Standing Bone Skeleton Light Up Eyes to make their first impression into a scream! When they see this skeleton standing out on your lawn, they're going to have to steel themselves to run past it and come get their candy from you on the porch. Put out this scary obstacle to see who has the guts to walk by it!
Skeletal Owl Prop
Decorate your home with the Skeletal Owl Prop, and you'll really set the spooky vibe this year for Halloween. With your purchase, you will receive a bony owl prop with big black beady eyes! Whether you set this skeletal bird outside on the porch or on your dinner table is entirely up to you. Wherever is going to get the most shocks and scares is our recommendation! Buy your owl prop today, and go make this Halloween your best one yet!
15-inch Spooky Skeleton Cat
If you?re decorating a haunted house, don?t settle for typical skeleton when you can have a Spooky Skeleton Cat! This Spooky Skeleton Cat gives lawn décor a whole new meaning. Play creepy Halloween sounds in the background to give trick or treaters a fright. Order the Spooky Skeleton Cat and you?ll have the scariest house on the block!
Bone Prop
Win the prize for the best haunted house by purchasing the best props! Buy the Bone Prop today and get ready to decorate. Place the bone prop in your yard, on your dining table, or in a hidden place to bring out your guests' horrifying expressions. Give everyone a good scare with this prop!
Rotten Light Up Skull with Base
Skulls are a common sight at any Halloween party, but go with something out of the ordinary and get the Rotten Light Up Skull with Base! This rotten skull puts other skulls to shame?there is a bright green light in the mouth, and the eye sockets emit a hellish red glow. Your guests won?t be able to look away even if they want to!
60" Hanging Skull Prop
Looking for a Halloween decoration that will chill your neighbors to the bone? You need the 60? Hanging Skull Prop in your life! This spooky skeleton wears a sinister smile, lifeless straw-colored hair, and long, flowing robe. Hang this skeleton prop on your front porch and it?s sure to be a bone-afide hit!
Skull Lace Tablecover Decoration
Your guests are going to wonder what they're eating when they see you've put out this Skull Lace Tablecover Decoration! With this tablecover setting off your spread, you're going to get vampires, ghouls, and werewolves alike ready for a festive Halloween dinner. Host a party with this tablecover laid out for your friends and you're sure to make the snacks look creepy, even if they're just the standard chips and salsa you serve at all your parties!
Bush Breaker - Skeleton
Looking for a hilarious Halloween decor item for your lawn this year? Then don't forget to pick up our Bush Breaker - Skeleton! With your purchase, you will receive a fun set of skeleton parts to stick into one of your lawn bushes this year. When this prop is all set up, it will look just like a skeleton came running through your yard! Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween lawn decorations and props!
Small Skull
T Rex Skeleton Prop
Beware the tyrant king of the dinosaurs. The T Rex Skeleton Prop may be all bones, but he is still pretty fierce. He stands upright on two feet and has a large mouth with sharp teeth. Order today using our easy online ordering and we'll shop it to you promptly.
60" Rotting Skeleton Full Body Prop
You'll have the scariest house in town this year when you pick up our 60" Rotting Skeleton Full Body Prop! When you set this full bodied corpse out on your lawn, don't be surprised when all of the trick-or-treaters hesitate before coming to your door. Spooks and scares is what it's all about on Halloween! Buy your prop today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween decorations and prop items!