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Black Costume Ideas and Tips

Give your Halloween look some added fright and edginess when you choose from our selection of black costumes, costume pieces and accessories! Whether you are in need of a complete costume, a witch's wig, just the right black gloves or black colored hair spray, you will find everything you need to take your outfit into the night. Find a cape that is perfect for finishing off your Dracula costume, super villain outfit or professional wrestling uniform. Go with an afro wig that will send you on a time traveling adventure back to the days of Studio 54. There is no limit to the books that can be accomplished with the variety of items to choose from. Take any existing costume and personalize it with pieces of dark flare that will take that look in a completely unexpected direction. Have a look around and discover the inspiration for the Halloween costume of your dreams. Let your imagination run wild and make the very most of every costuming occasion.

Women's Vixen Pirate Coat
No pirate costume is complete without this Women's Vixen Pirate Coat. It's a sexy rendition meant to turn a few heads. Build your best pirate costume with this piece front and center. Add a tricorner hat, stuffed parrot, and a swashbuckling sword for effect. You and your friends can go out dressed up as a group in search of booty, or you can take the kids trick-or-treating for the sweetest treasure there is: candy! Either way, you'll be ready for adventure.
Black Industrial Fishnet Hose
Add some punk chic to your look when you slip on Black Industrial Fishnet Hose! Each pair of fishnets is made out of black nylon netting and has close-toed feet. A dress-up staple, these work great for rock, Gothic, dominatrix, and de Vil costumes.
Black Nylon Fishnet Stockings Adult Queen Size
A rocker staple. Wear our Black Nylon Fishnet Adult Queen Size Stockings and strut your stuff down the stage! These daring tights are full of dense fishnet and have close-toed tops. Perfect with rompers, short skirts, minis, and corsets.
Lipstick Black
Every Goth and vampire must have black lipstick, so order a tube now. The package includes .4 of cream lipstick. It goes on easily and can be washed off with water. Other costumes that can have black lips include steam punk, zombie, witch and many more.
Black Cowboy Hat
If you're going out as one of the bad guys of the Old West this year, you can't leave home without your Black Cowboy Hat! You'll love how this hat immediately makes you look like an antihero. If you're dressing up as a character from Westworld, everyone will know to watch out for your guns!
Plus Size Fishnet Tights for Women
Add an edgy and seductive layer to any outfit or costume when you are wearing these Plus Size Fishnet Tights for Women! Versatile and comfortable, this is the one costume piece no woman's costume closet should be without! Turn any outfit into a costume with the help of these attention-getting and jaw dropping tights! Check out all of our costumes for adults to maximize your Halloween look! Don't wait until the last minute! Order online today!
Face Paint Black
The Face Paint Black is a handy item to have when Halloween comes around. You can add great finishing details to your character with our solid black face paint. Skeletons, zombies, witches, and more all require black face paint details that can make your character look complete. This tube holds one ounce of black face paint.
Black Long Nylon Adult Gloves
Want to class up your Halloween costume? The Black Long Nylon Adult Gloves are all you need! Wear them with a witch or vampire costume for a touch of spooky sophistication. Put them on with a fancy gown and be a sultry starlet. The Black Long Nylon Adult Gloves look great and will keep you warm on a chilly autumn night, so get yours today!
Pirate Vixen Adult Coat
With a Pirate Vixen Coat, you can kill with your deadly arsenal or your stunning good looks. Even sirens and mermaids will envy your grace and elegance. No man can match your ferocity. Keelhaul the scurvy dogs who rub you the wrong way. Buy a Pirate Vixen Coat from Wholesale Halloween Costume!
Black Fashion Boa
Bring fashion and seductive wear into one accessory, our Black Fashion Boa. It's a beautiful and fun feathered accessory that will tickle your fancy easily. Make it apart of your next seductive attire and shock everyone.
Womens Black Fishnet Stockings
Black Satin Domino Mask
Nobleman by day, vigilante by night. Leave the mark of Zorro all around town when you slip on a Black Satin Domino Mask! Treated satin cut into an oval shape makes up the body of this mask, the nose molded to stand. An elastic band keeps it on your head. Add on a black hat, black cape, and sword so you can dish out some justice.
Black Cascading Adult Skirt
No matter what you're dressing up as this Halloween, you can't go wrong with our Black Cascading Adult Skirt! With your purchase, you will receive an elegant black skirt to pair with the rest of your costume this year. Whether you're dressing up as a dancer, a vampire, or a sexy ghoul, you don't want to miss out on this one. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and attire needs!
Black and White Makeup Kit
From mimes to French painters, creepy ghouls to zombies, the Black and White Makeup Kit is here to make sure your look comes together. Enjoy safe and easy to use makeup to create the look you want. Transform yourself into someone you don't even know with cool makeup looks!
Short Black Dress Gloves
Some outfits just need Short Black Dress Gloves for any purpose. You can come up with plenty of ideas to put these to good use. Orders come as a pair of black gloves. They are short and end at the wrist area. Stagehands during plays need to wear all black when handling backgrounds. Ninjas need to blend in with the shadows on missions. Dresses at fancy events may look even classier with this pair. There are so many uses for these gloves you might as well have them ready for anything!
Girls Long Black Satin Gloves
Appeal to any man that comes in contact with you after wearing a pair of these Girls Long Black Satin Gloves on. Step out in your own gorgeous black dress and pair it with these satin-like, shimmering black opera gloves.
Long Black Crushed Velvet Cape
Sleek and sly - that's what this cape is all about. The Long Black Crushed Velvet Cape is the way to go when wanting to be vampy or villainous this Halloween. Look amazing no matter who you want to be when you have this awesome cape to take your look to the next level.
Adult Zombie Leggings
Black Top Hat
How is your son supposed to put on the ritz without his Black Top Hat? He'll look like a dapper little gentleman when he puts on this essential accessory. Whether he's dressing up as an old school gent or as one of his favorite characters from a musical, this top hat will give him all the panache he needs to make Halloween special!
Black Gloves Child
Nothing beats the basics. Get a pair of Black Gloves for Children to complete your little one's Halloween get-up! These stretchy gloves come to the wrists and have a simple cut. Perfect for skeleton, vampire, Grim Reaper, and foam suit costumes, all sold here.
Black Durashape Top Hat Kids
If your little one is trying to look classy and sharp this Halloween, make sure they accessorize with the Black Durashape Top Hat Kids! The solid black hat is that perfect finishing touch to your child's costume this year.
Send a shiver down the spines of those who engage in chatter with you on Halloween! This Gaping Black Wax Tooth Accessory will deliver a chill to all those you speak with! Invent a spooky story about how your teeth managed to get broken in the most unobvious places! Complete your Halloween disguise with this Gaping Black Wax Tooth Accessory!
Adult Black Fluffies Accessory
Adult Wet Look Leggings
Adult Black Lace Trimmed Petticoat Accessory
Black Face Paint Stick
If you're putting on makeup this Halloween, you can get out of the house faster with our Black Face Paint Stick! You'll be able to apply this makeup quickly and get to the fun parts of your Halloween. You can also check out our other colors so you can get the rest of your face done just as fast!
Women's Sultry Pirate Lady Jacket
Take to the high seas with a little bit of flourish. This Women's Sultry Pirate Lady Jacket can help. It's a gorgeous black jacket swirled in silver sequined patterns. Add it to your current pirate costume or build one completely from scratch with the Women's Sultry Pirate Lady Jacket as the centerpiece. Whatever you decide to do, one thing is for sure: you'll look like the most fashion savvy pirate in all the seven seas.
Boys Black I'm Invisible Skin Suit
Does your child like to spook people on Halloween? If so, then you must order the Boys Black I'm Invisible Skin Suit. It includes a full body jumpsuit, gloves, attached socks and hood. If you are planning a Halloween party or turning your house into a haunted attraction, then make sure you get your child involved. Have him put on the outfit and hide in the shadows. When an unsuspecting guest walks by, he can jump out and startle them. Get a hooded cloak and scythe and create a grim reaper look. The special fabric allows your child to see and breathe through the mask but keeps everyone else guessing at his identity. While his vision is not obscured, he does blend when it is dark out so be cautious if he is out at nighttime, especially in areas with vehicle traffic.
Black Patent Lace Up Boots
The Black Patent Lace Up Boots are a stylish black boot that come up to just below the knee. The patent material has a sleek and glossy appearance. The Black Patent Lace Up Boots feature a lace up front all the way up to the top and a very high heel for added sex appeal. Place your order for our Black Patent Lace Up Boots!
Black Makeup Stick
Whether you're looking to spice up your costume or show your team spirit, this 0.21 oz Black Makeup Stick will get you from funny to frightening in minutes.