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Horror & Gothic

What would Halloween be without scary costumes? The whole purpose of the day is to scare people with horror themed costumes. Long before there were princess costumes and superhero outfits, there were ghosts and ghouls. It is believed that on this day, all souls, good and evil can move from their realm into ours. The tradition of wearing spooky disguises was for two reasons. The first was that if you were dressed as a horror character, the real ghosts and demons would think you are one of them and make you safe. The other reason was that if you could look scarier than the evil spirits and ghosts you would be able to frighten them away!

Scary Costume Accessories

Details are the most important part of any look or costume, and now you can create scary Halloween costumes that draw the eye and hold other party guests rapt with wonder, fear, and delight when you browse our selection of fun accessories! Finding an outfit is simple, but what does it really take to complete a costume? How about items like masks or wigs, which cover the head? People tend to look at the face and hair the most, so they're important to making a look right. You can also use makeup for a lighter touch, a little bit of beauty, or costumes like a Day of the Dead, or a clown. Gloves add to the smoothness of a costume, are great for those chilly Halloween nights, and – as hands are what you “act” with most of the time – help you put your scariest foot forward first. There are weapons for extra scares, jewelry for extra charm, and much more!

Adult Scary Costumes

Scary Halloween costumes are one of the original themes that have engaged and delighted costume fans and trick-or-treaters for decades, and now there are some grand collections of scary costumes you can use to make your night of fun perfect! Adults should take the chance to let out a little bit of inner demon this Halloween with some of these wonderful costume styles, or clatter around as a skeleton, float into a party as a ghost, and many more.

We offer everything you could need to get a truly scary costume, no matter what kind of outfit you're looking for or want to build. A few have been around for time immemorial: skeletons walking like a xylophone, ghosts floating through the yards, vampires presiding over parties with centuries of knowledge. They're classic and great for the discerning horror fan. A few are newer: clowns, horror movie monsters, and more. They add a dash of new fear to the night!

Kid's Scary Costumes

If your child wants to find a scary Halloween costume that's perfect for whatever kind of fun you have planned, this collection is sure to please! Kids love pushing the boundaries of society, and Halloween is the perfect time to let silly things like “fear” fall away. There are lots of choices for young horror fans, like pretty witches or wizards, spooky vampires, rotting zombies, dark jesters, bony skeletons, werewolves, devils, ghosts, and much more.

When else can they dress up as a genteel blood-drinker or a rotting corpse? The choices are slim. So, if they see a costume that lights up their eyes, know that there will be no better time than Halloween. It doesn't matter if it's for trick-or-treating, going out to costume parties with friends or family, or a spooky performance, this collection of scary costumes is sure to send a thrill through your child!

Vampire Costumes

While vampires had been around for centuries in one form or another, they never really entered the cultural zeitgeist until Bram Stoker published “Dracula” in 1897. Since then, their blood-sucking, night-ruling ways have captivated and frightened millions in books, movies, and more. Vampires have expensive-looking outfits with lots of layers, fine fabrics, and accessories. Whether you vant to suck our blood or not, there's nothing as classic as a vampire costume for Halloween!

Zombie Costumes

How do you defeat an enemy you can't kill? That's the real fear behind zombies – even if you kill them, they might just come right back! Their rotting forms shamble around like clockwork on Halloween, and there are tons of different zombie costumes to choose from. Dressing up like a zombie takes a little bit of know-how, but if you have some clothes you don't mind getting tattered and torn, anybody can make their own creepy look this year!

Scary Clowns Costumes

Clowns. Are. Terrifying. We all know it. Scare your friends, neighbors and anyone you cross paths with. Get a scary clown costume for your next costume party from Costume SuperCenter!

Werewolf Costumes

Howl at the moon and transform into something terrifying this Halloween with a werewolf costume from Costume SuperCenter! The moon is full and so are your chances of rocking an awesome look!

Jason Vorhees Costumes

It. Is. Aliiiiivvveee! Come to life this Halloween with a fresh-from-the-grave Frankenstein costume! But don't limit yourself, though. The Bride of Frankenstein outfits will electrify your couple's look!

Michael Myers Costumes

You don't have to be a silent killer to silently kill it this Halloween! Zip up your jumpsuit and sharpen your knife with a Michael Myers costume this year.

Freddy Krueger Costumes

Turn dreams into nightmares with a brand new Freddy Krueger costume for Halloween! There's no safe dream and no clawed glove left unused! Make sure to use a catchphrase!

Jason Vorhees Costumes

Skip the drowning as a child and jump right to the murderous zombie-camp hunter phase! This year, you can don the mask and the machete with a Jason Vorhees costume for Halloween!

Adult Carrie 1976 Costume
You'll be scaring the daylights out of all your old high school friends this year when you show up to the party wearing our Adult Carrie 1976 Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to seek your revenge on all those cruel and nasty teenage bullies. Featuring a blood-stained printed red dress, a matching red sash, and a silver prom tiara, you'll have everybody running for the door when you come in sporting this spooky attire!
Glowing Phantom Costume
Wield some dark powers this year with our Glowing Phantom Costume! Don the robes and glowing eyes of a shadowy demon this Halloween and scare your friends and family with this dark presence and scary design you're certain to love! This horrifying costume features all the dark details that you'd expect a phantom to have, completely covering the wearer in a scary black construction that'll let them blend into the darkness, perfect for ambushes on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters and family alike! However, this spectacular costume comes with a fun twist; red eyed glasses are featured as well allowing for a glowing effect to put the ultimate scare into the season. Adjust the brightness of these red eyes for maximum scares and use them against anyone who dares cross your paths and sending them screaming into the night. Take advantage of this adjustable scary and camouflaged costume for the night and the forests of your neighborhood. Become this deathly phantom for Halloween and enjoy this co
Grim Reaper Deluxe with Vinyl Hands Child Costume
Harvest souls as the scary and terrifying Grim Reaper. Let people know that their time has come this Halloween as you stand behind them breathing down their neck. A traditional symbol of Halloween, the Grim Reaper is very common amongst costumes and decorations. Blend in at any Halloween party or event as him and spook guests with the scary and haunting look! Better yet, the vinyl hands add a certain level of terror and originality that might really raise hair on the back of peoples' necks. Costume includes robe, hood, and gloves.
Girls Mysterious Mummy Costume
Tweens, this Halloween ask your mommy to buy you a Girl's Mysterious Mummy Costume. Offered in Large (fits 10-12) and extra-large (fits 12-14), the ensemble includes pants, a top, neckpiece, glovelettes and head tie. All are made of white fabric that looks brown and tattered from age. Mummies are essentially dead bodies that have not naturally decayed. The most common method of mummification is quick drying the body - using the sun, fire/smoke and chemicals- since bacteria and fungus cannot live without water. Many famous mummies were created purely by accidents, but Egyptian mummies were created purposefully. Ancient Egyptians believed the life force left the body at death, but it could be lured back and then the body and life force would enter the nether world. It is perhaps this belief that lead to stories of reanimate mummies that stalk the living. Who will you haunt this Halloween?
Adult Women's Evil Doll Costume
Who said Chucky costumes were just for the guys? With our Adult Women's Evil Doll Costume, you can go out as the most memorable evil doll in horror history just the same! These creepy overalls and undershirt are going to make you feel like you're the ghoul that gave you and your friends nightmares when you were kids. None of your friends are going to be playing with dolls anytime soon when they see you in this costume!
Hazard Hazmat Costume
Uh oh. We?re busting out the Hazmat suits. That means danger is afoot! This Halloween, become a chemical expert when you put on the Hazard Hazmat Costume. These yellow air tight suits are usually thrown on whenever a dangerous airborne chemical is present, so nobody breathes in any toxic fumes. When you purchase this costume, you?ll receive everything you need to look like someone about to enter an alien experimentation zone. Airborne diseases, toxic fumes, foreign chemicals? these are all perfect instances to throw on a Hazmat suit. Head to the party in this fun costume, and you can tell everyone all about the dangers in the air which you?re trying not to breathe in. While wearing this costume, you?ll look like a brave scientist, entering the dangerous elements of the world for the sake of a better future. Pick up your Hazard Hazmat Costume today, and this Halloween, you?ll be breathing in nothing but fresh air all night.
Adult Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter Costume
Nobody will be asking you what you want for dinner this year when you show up to the party wearing our Adult Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to become the spookiest cannibal horror villain to ever hit the screen. Featuring a haunting straight jacket top, as well as a matching Hannibal mask, you'll have everybody keeping their distance from you this year when you're donning this scary look.
Bloody Weapons Knife
Give everyone an extra scare this Halloween when you brandish the Bloody Weapons Knife. Although this knife is fake, it holds a spooky trick that will make anyone's skin crawl. The plastic blade can go with any killer costume, with a silver blade and black handle. The real magic in the encased blood inside the weapon, giving the illusion of a bleeding knife. Handle with care this Halloween and order the Bloody Weapons Knife today!
Girls Bad Spirit Cheerleader Costume
"We've got spirit, yes, we do. We've got spirit; how about you?" Ok, so we didn't mention what kind of spirit, though. Rooting for evil may not be the most popular way to go, but it sure can be a lot of fun. If your little yell leader prefers the goth dark colors to the peppy pastels, then this dark-themed costume may be for her. Outfit includes everything she needs to make the squad?pleated skirt, shell with glitter skull screenprint, knee socks, arm piece and pom-pom. She can cast a spell that'll make the other team lose. Because the game is not always fair, right? Sporting a pout or smirk on your face helps intimidate the opponents too. Rah-rah for sneaking candy on Halloween in the neighborhood. It'll be fun to emulate the bored, uninterested, too-cool-for-school hipster with this getup. Try practicing cheers in a monotone voice for extra effect. It'll be a blast?just don't show too much emotion. You don't want anyone to think you're having fun or that you care too much.
Black Witch Boots
Sail through the night sky in style with these coven classics. No broom rider should be caught dead without a pair of Black Witch Boots. When combined with a black hat, dress, and some nasty makeup, these boots will build the perfect witch costume! Shop from our online catalog for big savings!
Witch's Broom
Every witch needs her broom to fly, and you will be ready to soar the night sky with our Witch
Adult Witch Broom
Lost your keys? No big deal. Just hop on your 41 Inch Straw Witch Broom and head off to work! Each broom is just about three and a half feet long and has a long wooden handle. An attached loop lets you hang it on the door when you don't intend on heading out for a while. Great for Halloween.
Monster Adult Boots
You grow into most shoes. But with these Monster Adult Boots, YOU will grow! These awesome boots feature a huge, platform sole over four inches high! You'll make a larger-than-life entrance to your Halloween bash! Whether you'll be disguised as Frankenstein or other marvelous monster, these Monster Adult Boots will officially complete your Halloween look!
Grim Reaper Scythe
Ask not for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for thee. The Grim Reaper's calling to get his scythe back! Give him his favorite Four Piece Sickle and he'll be pleased as punch, the lightweight plastic body perfect for carrying during trick-or-treating and parties. Has a long curved blade.
Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume
Sink your teeth into this Halloween classic! Inject the right amount of fright into your look this Halloween with the Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume. This costumes includes a black silk cape that's red on the outside and has a large, menacing collar. The front of the cape is held together with a gold chain. The costume includes a black and red patterned vest fastened with golden buttons and completed with attached silk white shirt. Black pants are included, as well as a gold medallion hung on a red necklace. You won't find a better full vampire costume package! For added mystery and theatrics, pick up a pair of our Fangtastics Carded fake fangs and Tri Color Palettes Vampire makeup. White Gloves are sold separately in our store for you to complete the look.
Retractable Vampire Fangs Adult
Ready to take your Vampire costume to the next level? Then pick up the Retractable Vampire Adult Fangs! These fancy fangs work at your command, with only a swift lift of your tongue. If you want to appear like an unassuming guy or gal, with a whole set of regular teeth, then you totally can. Nobody will have to know you're secretly Count Dracula if you don't want them to. However, if you're ready to feast on a fresh meal, then protract those fangs and become the vampire you truly are. These sharp plastic teeth pop out only when you want them to, giving that extra mysterious vibe for your vampy get-up. Pick up your Retractable Vampire Fangs today, and this Halloween, spook everyone you know with your fresh new teeth!
Girl's Little Miss Candy Corn Classic Costume
Your little girl can dress up as her favorite Halloween candy when you give her this Girl's Little Miss Candy Corn Classic Costume! In this candy corn costume with its trademark stripes, she's going to look like she's one of the pieces of candy waiting to be given out to kids on Halloween! When she comes home with a whole bag full of the same candy she's just dressed up as for the whole night, she'll be able to look back on her best Halloween ever!
Friday the 13th Jason Mask & Machete Set
When the counselors said there would be a surprise during the camp fire, nobody expected this! Wear a Jason Mask and Machete set to knock 'em dead. This package gives you a bright white hockey mask with red marks and a long, rust-colored machete. Great for fans and costumers alike.
Witch Hat Adult
Brew up a traditional look in your cauldron. Top off any outfit using our Witch Hat Adult. This item is made of black taffeta material. It is in the familiar pointed style with wide brim. This comes in a large size meant for adults. Come up with your own appearance using this Witch Hat. We offer all sorts of makeup kits, costumes, and accessories to match!
Lady Midnight Costume
Embrace the night with elegance and grace with our Lady Midnight Costume. Transform yourself into a poised and powerful temptress of the season. Our beautiful dress is the perfect way to become a gorgeous dress that?ll turn you into the owner or host of your own haunted mansion. Styled after a dark gothic but still sexy and still classy dress, you?ll love the huge variety of applications ready for your own brand of hauntings and parties this season. Grab a ghoul of your very own this year to pair alongside our exceptional dress and become the haunted power couple you?ve always wanted to be. Or fly solo as a powerful heiress and host lavish parties while looking out over your guests mysteriously, you?ll never be out of options with this beautiful costume. So tempt some do-gooders this season and make the house as scary as you can with our Lady Midnight Costume.
Purple Adult Hat with Feathers
Look your best next time your toil over a cauldron. The Purple Adult Hat with Feathers is a must have for any fashionable witch. It features an old fashioned purple witch hat with tall pointed top and large brim. It is accessorized with black mesh and a plume of feathers. Use it to transform one of your everyday outfits into witch's garb or wear it with a witch costume (not included)
Girl's Rebel Rock Witch Classic Costume
If your little girl wants to put on a show and put a spell on everyone at school, she can wear this Girl's Rebel Rock Witch Classic Costume to show everyone that magic is punk! In this set of witch robes and matching hat, she's going to feel like she's about to go onstage at the most magical Battle of the Bands she's ever imagined. Her band is sure to have fantastical hits when she's the lead singer in this rockin' witch costume!
Wired Witch Hat Adult
Hop on your broom and fly across the night sky on Halloween as a witch! Witches are seen as classic symbols of Halloween, which is why you see them on decorations, Halloween stickers, etc. So if you plan on going to the party as an evil witch, you definitely need this hat to upgrade your look. Banal witch hats are the same year after year, but not this one! Pointy and crooked, it adds a bit of originality and flavor to your new look and makes you unique. Arrive to the party in style and mesmerize guests with your new spells!
Freddy Krueger's Glove
Haunt everyone's dreams this Halloween when you dress as Freddy Krueger. And where there's a striped sweater, there's a knife covered glove. This brown glove fits on a right hand and is adorned with four vinyl blades fitting on each finger.
Mens Plus Size Bleeding Killer Clown Costume
Fear of clowns in very common. And if people are afraid of fun circus clowns, imagine how they will feel when they see you in the Men's Plus Size Bleeding Killer Clown Costume. Included in this fearsome set is a black and white jumpsuit, collar and mask. The jumpsuit is split down the middle, with one side featuring black and white vertical stripes, while the other side features black polka dots on a white background. The shoulders are covered by a layered black collar trimmed in white. The creepiest piece in the white mask, which covers the entire face. It is accented with black around the lips nose and eyes and has a large red cut on the forehead. Highlighted on top is a mini top hat. Also available in children's sizes. Gloves and shoes are not available.
Adult Witch Of Darkness Costume
You'll be looking enchanting as ever this year when you get all dressed up in our Adult Witch Of Darkness Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to brew potions, conjure spirits, and cast spells like a natural-born sorceress. Featuring a beautiful dark dress, a matching belt, and a witch hat, you are going to be soaring through the sky on your broom in no time when you're wearing this one.
Vampire Kit - Blood, Teeth & Fake Skin
You'll have everything you need to get out there and start feeding when you have our Vampire Kit - Blood, Teeth & Fake Skin! No matter what the rest of your costume looks like, you can get all the classic hallmarks of a vampire with this kit of vampire accessories. The teeth and blood will make you look like you just had a filling meal, and the fake skin will be perfect for getting that classic vampire pallor.
Frightening Ghost Make-up Kit
If you?re haunting a house or going out trick or treating, you costume has to look ghoulish! With the Frightening Ghost Make-up Kit you?ll look like you just came from the spirit realm! This kit has all the colors you need to create the most terrifying ghost face from ghoul to banshee! Shop for a Frightening Ghost Make-up Kit online!
Adult Witch Shoe Covers with Gold Buckles
Don't spend a fortune on expensive footwear when you can add these adult witch shoe covers to your favorite shoes! They're black with curled up toes and feature gold buckles with a bewitching spiderweb pattern.
Lipstick Black
Every Goth and vampire must have black lipstick, so order a tube now. The package includes .4 of cream lipstick. It goes on easily and can be washed off with water. Other costumes that can have black lips include steam punk, zombie, witch and many more.