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Child Flannel Santa Suit
The Child Flannel Santa Suit is a great boy's costume if you want to dress like a Christmas character. Make us your source for party supplies and costumes for all occasions. You'll find everything you need at a low price with fast shipping too. It's time to get the party started!
Reindeer Sweater Classic For Kids
If you're looking for the perfect holiday outfit for your little angel, give him this Reindeer Sweater Classic For Kids! The reindeer on this sweater are going to make you child look forward to opening his presents on Christmas morning more than ever, so you can rest assured that he's going to enjoy the holiday style of this sweater as much as you will. Take him to relatives' homes or send him to school in this cute holiday sweater!
Girls Doe the Deer Costume
Your daughter will be the prettiest girl in the forest this Halloween when you pick up our Girls Doe the Deer Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful brown deer dress with an attached tail, a pretty brown deer ears headband with attached antlers, as well as a matching pair of furry deer hoof wristlets. Pick up yours today, and go make this Halloween a celebration of nature, the forest, and animals everywhere!
Burgundy Wiseman Child Costume
This Burgundy Wiseman Child Costume will look great on stage during a Christmas play. It includes a long red robe with a V-neck trimmed in a red pattern, a waist sash that matches the trim and a rolled burgundy headband. The Gospel of Matthews mentions wise men who followed a star to the baby Jesus. King Herod hears of this and instructs the wise men to tell him when they find the king of the Jews, but they defied him and did not. They followed the star to Mary and her son and presented him with three gifts. While the gospels never mention the number of wise men, because Jesus was given three gifts tradition says that there were three wise men. Buy this for your child to wear to a live Nativity scene or Halloween. We also offer purple and blue Wiseman costumes. Gift, facial hair and shoes are not included.
Childrens Nativity Donkey Costume
The best time of year is upon us, and your little one is excited to participate in the next big production of the season. Make sure that they're in our Children's Nativity Donkey Costume to have an authentic style to them that will look great in the play. Our jumpsuit has a comfortable yet chic design that is sure to keep your child content, and ready to keep the show alive. The outfit is finished with an adorable donkey inspired headpiece that matches the cute furry tail on the backside! You'll love the way the look, and they'll be a great addition to any showing of the Nativity scene. Make sure that your kid looks as great as they can in our attire!
Girls Elf Girl Costume
Make this Christmas season a fun and festive one for your daughter this year when you pick up the Girls Elf Girl Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little angel into a magical hard-working elf. Your daughter is going to love dressing up as one of Santa's favorite toy-making elves. Buy your costume today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Christmas costume and accessory needs!
Baby/Toddler Lil Xmas Tree Costume
Get a giggle out of your little one with this adorable yet hilarious Children's Kiddie Christmas Tree costume. Pick it out as their party wear or just use it for a perfect outfit for a holiday photoshoot. The costume includes a little fleece jumpsuit and a matching green headpiece to make your child look like a little Christmas tree, all decorated and ready for the season! Enjoy compliments, giggles, and fun with it!
Deluxe Lace Girls Angel Costume
Descend from the heavens this year in our Lace Girl's Angel Deluxe Costume! These exceptional costumes will serve your children well during Christmas events as well as Halloween if you wanted to be a little unusual. With a style and comfort that can be described as heavenly, they'll love the simple yet fun design of these elegant costumes. Featuring a gown, waist piece, and headband, your little angels can save the innocent and punish the wicked with our signature quality! So take advantage of these great outfit for your needs this season and don't get caught underdress ever again.
Childrens Santa Jumper Costume
Here comes Santa Clause's sleigh! When you're tucking your little ones into bed, don't skimp out on the Christmas cheer this year! Your child will be ready for jolly ole St Nick when they're in a Children's Santa Jumper. Make those cold winter nights a little more bearable when you're little ones are wearing this snugly fit outfit. Great to wear for day and night Holiday cheer!
Santa Boy Kid's Costume Classic
Your little guy is going to look ready to give all his little friends some presents this Christmas when he puts on this Santa Boy Kid's Costume Classic! In this red and white suit your precious little angel is going to be able to step into the boots of Saint Nick himself, so if you find a few extra presents under the tree they might just be from him! Enchant all your relatives by dressing your son up in this costume on Christmas!
Angel Toddler Costume
Toddlers are just as cute and innocent as angles. Show that to others this Halloween as your toddler transforms into a radiating angel. Shine bright through all the scary creatures and grizzly monsters that will roam the streets during the holiday. With its angelic and pure look, they are certain to have a change of heart! Let your toddler spread love and joy all over the place as a caring and sweet angel. This outfit comes with a leotard, tights, tutu, wings, and halo.
Child Santa Claus Beard
He sees your kids when they're sleeping, but he didn't imagine that they'd want to mimic him! If your kid has a love of all things Santa and they want to get involved in the holiday spirit, make sure that you snag this Child Santa Claus Beard. With this authentically inspired beard, your kids will be on their way to being Santa in no time!
Green Elf Classic Sweater For Kids
Your child can really help Santa out when he puts on this Green Elf Classic Sweater For Kids! He's going to feel like he's at work in the toyshop at the North Pole when he sees himself in this sweater in the mirror. This green sweater is a perfect outfit for him to wear to holiday parties, or you can send him to school in this sweater to show all his friends that he's one of the little elves who are helping Santa out for the Christmas rush!
Glittery Christmas Tree Girl Costume
Make the Christmas season a truly magical time this year when you pick up our Glittery Christmas Tree Girl Costume for your daughter! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little angel into a fun and festive green Christmas tree. Complete with a gorgeous green layered ruffle dress as well as a matching pointy green hat, this costume is a true Christmas gift. Buy yours today, and go make your holidays merry and bright!
Boys Ride On Camel Costume
This Ride On Camel Costume for Kids is one of the very best Christmas Pageants Kids Christmas Costumes. Holiday parties are always better when you have high quality items at low prices like this. Get yours today!
Purple Wiseman Child Costume
Your child will look royal when dressed in the Purple Wiseman Child Costume. The three-piece set includes a robe, waist sash and a purple headpiece with gold accents. Featured on the long purple robe is a gold trimmed V-neck collar and complementing gold sash. The three kings- also called magi or wise men - visited Christ in Bethlehem and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, an incense used by Jews of the time, and myrrh, which was also used as an incense and has medicinal uses. In the Gospel of Matthew, it says that the kings came from the East to worship Jesus and were the first religious figures to do so. Your child will look stunning performing on stage in a Christmas play. Blue and burgundy outfits are also available. Shoes and gift for baby Jesus are not included.
Child Sublimation Elf Shirt
Make all of your child's Christmas dreams come true this year when you pick up our Child Sublimation Elf Shirt! If your little one loves to imagine him or herself as a hard-working elf in one of Santa's North Pole shops, then you know for sure they're going to love this festive shirt. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your tot into a magical little snow elf. Buy your shirt today, and go fill this holiday season with lots of toys!
Angel Deluxe Kids Costume
Your child is going to look like the angel they are when you give them our Angel Deluxe Kids Costume to wear on Halloween! When you take them around to trick-or-treat, all their neighbors are going to fawn over them and how cute they look in this white robe. These feathery white wings are an extra adorable touch, and when people see this halo theyre going to be speechless! Give your child a heavenly Halloween with this costume.
Boys Elf Boy Costume
Make this winter season a special one with the kids when you pick up our Boys Elf Boy Costume! Children love dressing up, and when it comes to Santa Clause and his elves, it's even more fun. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little tot into the cutest elf to ever live and work at the North Pole. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Christmas season costume and accessory needs.
Child Angel
This three piece set is called the Child Angel and includes the dress, angel halo headpiece, and wing set. This costume is great for productions and parties. The Child Angel ensemble features an all white, floor length dress with sheer fabric at the neckline and making up the sleeves. The flowing dress and open sleeves add to the angelic look of the costume. The headpiece is an important piece that gets you in character and the halo and wings are the real highlights of this fun costume. The Child Angel outfit set can be worn on Halloween and Christmas pageants alike. Everyone dresses up for Halloween, so choosing an angel themed costume can stand apart as a unique and fun choice. We also carry a ton of fun accessories and props you can add to your Child Angel outfit to make it even more eye catching!
Girls Angel Costume
Grant a Wish or Make Miracles Come True in our Girls Angel Costume. Heavenly white full length gown with sash belt, angel sheer sleeves and wings, grant you a halo so your presence sings. Enjoy divine good fortune as you generously share the gifts you bear. Girl's sizing.
Angelic Girl Costume
Your daughter will look just like a heavenly miracle this Halloween when you pick up our Angelic Girl Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous white dress and waist sash as well as a matching silver halo. While wearing this magical attire, your daughter will be spreading light and celestial love all Halloween long. Buy your angel costume today, and then check out our site for the rest of your angelic accessory needs!
Santa Head Christmas Sweater Classic For Kids
Let your child show off how big a fan he is of Santa Claus when he puts on this Santa Head Christmas Sweater Classic For Kids! With this sweater on, your child is ready to either open his presents under the tree on Christmas morning, or fly around the world on Christmas Eve to give all the kids like him their presents. The reindeer are sure to be glad to see him when they see he has this sweater on!
Fleece Classic Santa Romper With Belt
You can have all your friends sit in your lap and tell you what they want for Christmas when you put on this Fleece Classic Santa Romper With Belt! The romper and belt that come with this costume will get you ready for a whole new Santa experience, and you can show your friends what a millennial Santa looks like when you show up to a holiday party in this outfit. Dasher and Donner are going to be glad to take you around the world on Christmas Eve wearing this romper!
Angel Halo and Dress Girls Costume
Your little one will be absolutely beaming this year on Halloween when you pick up our Angel Halo and Dress Girls Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your daughter into the magical angel she truly is inside. Complete with a beautiful white dress as well as a matching white halo, she is going to look and feel divine all day long. Buy your angel costume today, and go make this Halloween a celestial one!
Snow Angel Child Costume
Who needs Frosty when you're around? Make it a Winter Wonderland by showing up to the party in a Snow Angel Child Costume! This beautiful long dress is made of white polyester that will billow around you like a sheath of clouds. Its long, sheer sleeves are decorated with silver sparkles and have furry white cuffs. Matching fur runs along the neckline and outlines the included mesh wings. Silver tinsel is sewn into the fur to give it a mystical feel. The included halo is stuffed with tinsel--put it on and you'll be ready to answer their prayers! It will take a miracle to get everything you need before your friends come over. Put on your Snow Angel Child Costume and get to work! Add on white flats, a white wig, and wand, all available on this site.
Kids Santa Beard and Mustache
Bring some extra cheer to your kid's ho-ho-holidays when you get him this classic Santa Claus beard and mustache accessory. Whether your youngster wants to try out his method acting chops as he distributes the Christmas presents or you merely want to muffle the screams of joy brought on by the sugar rush of holiday treats, this Kids Santa Beard and Mustache is the perfect prop. It's easy to put on, usable for years to come and is sure to earn hearty laughs from all your guests. Order yours before this merry deal is gone!
Lamb Child Costume
Turn your little one into a magical little creature this Halloween when you pick up our Lamb Child Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to make all of your child's animal dreams come true. Complete with a white and pink lamb tunic with an attached lamb face hood, you can't go wrong with this special get-up. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and accessory needs!
Kids My Angel
Sweeten up your little one's appearance using the My Angel Baby Child Costume. They are life's precious joys and can only look more angelic! You receive a dress made of a light colored mesh material. The upper body features gold ribbons and a 3D flower piece. A pair of golden wings can be worn along the back. The final part is the pretty headband to match. Bless their little heart as they appear so full of grace in this My Angel Baby costume. Look around to include other accessories or props to the order.
Boys Deluxe King of the Kingdom Costume
Boys love to be in charge, so what boy wouldn't love to be dressed in the Boys Deluxe King of the Kingdom Costume? Offered in large, medium and small, the set includes a long blue cape, full length robe and a belt. The blue robe features decorative black and gold panels of fabric on the chest, wrist and the bottom of the skirt. It also features gold rickrack trim and the regal belt has gold accents. Featured on the long cape is an animal print collar and side trim. The king is the ruler of a country or empire. He is often an important character in fairytales so this makes a fun outfit for pretend play. Crown and scepter do not come with the set, but they are important parts of every king's wardrobe, so be sure to purchase some from our accessories section.